The Lightroom Show: The Lightroom Show: Episode #10 with Scott & RC


Join Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion as they provide weekly tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas using the Photographer's program of choice – Adobe Lightroom
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RC has a tutorial on Noise Reduction. Scott shares a short tip about the Pop­up Menu Advantage. Scott also talks about using LR Mobile to import and edit the images you took with your cell phone camera or your tablet camera. RC shares a keyboard shortcut on using the period key to toggle through basic panel adjustments, then use + and – to adjust.

The website to watch this week is Ken Kaminesky Photography.

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  1. Robert Fowles says:

    I was investigating some of the panels in lightroom and decided to see what the defringe eyedropper did. It kept giving me the message “cannot set green or purple fringe colour please sample an appropriate fringe colour again”
    can you explain what this means and when you would use the defringe eye dropper.

  2. Lee Calkins says:

    Guys, I have been trying all day to open LRCC after downloading…with no success. Then I was told to try logging out of CC account and then logging back in. It worked. I’m Sure I’m not the only one with problem. new tip? ;) and you can have it for free.

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