The Lightroom Show: The Lightroom Show: Episode #8 with Scott & RC


Join Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion as they provide weekly tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas using the Photographer's program of choice – Adobe Lightroom
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In this episode, Scott shares a short tip on how to prepare files for printing to a Lab. RC has a tutorial about a viewer-submitted question on landscape image fix. Scott talks about one of his favorite plug-ins: Athentec Perfectly Clear. Scott also shows viewers how to copy/paste features that aren’t even in LR Mobile. RC has a keyboard shortcut to jump to a 100% view anytime.

The website to watch this week is Rob Hammer Photography.

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  1. Art says:

    The word is not hacking, call it Lightroom mobil presets. (In picture form)

  2. Eduardo Cassus says:

    The tip about using an image adjusted on Lightroom desktop as a preset for Lr Mobile is great. It gave me an idea. The file that “carries the fix” does not need to be big or hi-res. You can use a low-res file, since it is just a preset, and save some precious iPad space.

  3. Keith R. Starkey says:

    I know Lightroom well, but I just don’t use presets at the moment. A question I’ve had, though, is for the Beauty preset, for example: how does a preset know what are eyes,what is skin, etc.? How can you create the same kind of a plug in LR that will distinguish such parts of the face?

  4. Keith R. Starkey says:

    Hmm. It didn’t post my comment. I’ll try again.
    I don’t use presets, but I’m wondering a) how does a preset like Beauty (used in the show) know what are eyes and what is skin, thus being able to apply the plugin’s adjustments? How would you create something similar in Lightroom itself; again, where LR will be able to know what an eye is and what skin is in order to apply the appropriate adjustments?

  5. Good stuff guys.
    Question: In bridges I can arrange photographs by filename, date modified, type etc.
    Can I do the same ting in LR?
    What does Metadata conflict mean and how can I fix it? Those files that display that cannot be added to a collection.

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