The Lightroom Show: The Lightroom Show: Episode #4 with Scott & RC


Join Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion as they provide weekly tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas using the Photographer's program of choice – Adobe Lightroom
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It's Friday, that must mean it's time for the Lightroom Show! We talk about when to use the Clone feature of the Spot removal Took; we do a basic introduction to Soft Proofing, and a whole bunch more in a very short time — just 12-minutes for the entire show).

Hope you all find it helpful (and thanks to everybody who has let us know what you want to see no the show — you'll see some of your ideas, once again, in this week's short episode). Have a great weekend everybody :)

The website to watch this week is - the photographic home of Zhang Jingna

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  1. Tobias says:

    As I switched to Lightroom from Aperture (not so) recently, it would be cool if you can show some stuff about backing up your photo library. Thanks for the great Videos!

  2. Jim says:

    No sure it it’s a problem with you servers…. When I watch it is constantly stopping for several seconds and then plays for a second or two and stops again. I tried hopping over to netflix and no problem… then hulu without problem. Also loading video from CNN…. WSJ…. youtube etc…..
    I have tried many other sites without issue.

  3. Jim says:

    btw…. followup from my previous post…. the 10 second add runs great without interruption…. but the show is not watchable.

  4. Rob Pullen says:

    Hello guys, love the show and its kind of a natural progression from watching Photoshop User tv, which I haven’t seen for quite a while, to this Lightroom show. I would love you to do something on workflows for time-lapse stuff in Lightroom, also I’m a user of Go Pro cameras and I know they shoot in Jpeg or their own form of RAW which is Protune, I would love to see you edit a photo using a Protune photo. Also any video stuff you can do in Lightroom. Great work as always, thanks guys

  5. eru gopu says:

    greatest lightroom show

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