The Lightroom Show: The Lightroom Show: Ep. 2 – Spot-Free Images and How Best to Print Them


Join Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion as they provide weekly tips, tricks, inspiration and ideas using the Photographer's program of choice – Adobe Lightroom
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Kicking things off, Scott gives a great tip on how you can remove sensor dust, and other flaws from your photographs before saving them in Lightroom. Also, RC walks through the important process of matching the quality of the printing paper to your printer, so you can get your spot-free images looking their best.

The website to watch this week is - the photographic home of Julian Calverley.

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  1. Chris White says:

    When I try to access the Lightroom show or the Grid I get Task Queue failed at step 0 Error #2032 and cannot view the video. This is a new problem…I could always watch before. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks

  2. John Scott says:

    Tips were GREAT!
    Server performance was DISMAL.

    There was way to much erratic stopping and starting. Hope you all will get this figured out quickly. Just trying to help with this feedback.

    Love your show!

  3. Marty Ginter says:

    Loved the tips lightroom tips today.
    Thanks guys

  4. eru gopu says:

    great show guys

  5. Pat McCabe says:

    I really enjoyed the show, however I have a question about printing images. If you have your pictures printed for you can you enter the printer and paper used by that company in the print section and then send the image to the company?

  6. Frank Furbish says:

    Great show! Like the shorter format with the quick tips. Obviousl there are TONS of subjects from file management to metadata, copyright, etc.

    Is there a way to apply a small watermark to each photo on an export for upload to the copyright office?

    Thanks for all you do!!

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