The Grid FAQ

Got a question about The Grid? Read the FAQ first.

We get a lot of questions about our live stream events. Please take a look at this FAQ before the Webcast.

  • Q: Will this be rebroadcast at a later time?

    A: Yes, every episode of The Grid will be available here on KelbyTV (and through iTunes) approximately 24 hours after it airs (Thursday afternoon, eastern time)

  • Q: What kind of connection do I need for optimal viewing?

    A: You need to have a broadband connection.

    If you have Broadband Light (under 1Mbps) you may have problems with buffering.

    If you have dial-up; God bless you since you have the patience of a saint; but you need to upgrade your Internet connection because you can't watch the video.

    If you're sharing your Internet connection with other people and the video stops and buffers - they are using all your bandwidth and you need to yell at them to stop using your bandwidth so you can watch the video.

    If you're downloading anything while trying to watch the video and the video stops and buffers - you need to stop your download so you can watch the video.

  • Q: Can I watch this on my iPhone or iPad?

    A: Yes, but you can only watch the replay, not the live show.

  • Q: My Broadband works fine but I can't see the video. What gives?

    A: Flash streaming video uses port 1935 by default. If you're in an environment where your Internet is censored or restricted (such as in China, or an office, or a public building) you may need to talk with someone to make sure that they open port 1935 so that the video stream will work or try to find a computer that is not restricted.

  • Q: My Broadband is fine and I'm on an unrestricted computer but the video still lags. Now what?!?!

    A: Make sure that you have the most current version of flash installed and that your JavaScript is turned on. Other than that, we can't see your computer or know your connections or settings so the only advice we have is, refresh. If anything doesn't load, refresh. If the video starts to lag, refresh. If the live blog doesn't work, refresh. If your dog is barking, refresh. If your house is on fire, refresh. If there are snakes on your plane, refresh. ;D

  • Q: I'm watching on my Mac Book Pro and the video is really shaky! It looks like a weird stop motion video. What gives?

    A: This problem only seems to happen on the Mac Book Pro (but if you're experiencing this stuttering video on another machine, here's the fix): all you need to do is left-click on the video and turn off the Hardware Acceleration. That should fix the problem.

  • Q: Wow! The sound is really LOUD!

    A: There's a volume control on the video.

  • Q: Wow! The sound is really QUIET!

    A: There's a volume control on the video.

  • Q: I wanna win something! How do I enter to win something? If I tell you how badly I wanna win something, will I win something?

    A: Nope. We already know you want to win something. Everybody does. ;) Since The Grid utilizes Twitter for comments during the show (in addition to the liveblog) we pick our winners randomly from Twitter. All you need to do is use the "#TheGridLive" hashtag in your Tweets about The Grid. Make sure you are also following @TheGridLive at!/thegridlive so we can DM you if you win.

  • Q: But I don't use Twitter! That's not fair! Why can't there be more than one way to win?!

    A: It's really easy to create a Twitter account, follow @TheGridLive, and write a tweet with #TheGridLive hashtag. Really, we swear it is. Besides, once you start using Twitter, you'll find out that it can be fun and it's a great way to keep up with the industry and things happening around the world. =) The Grid is a fast-paced live show and using Twitter is the easiest way to handle any giveaway that may take place, especially since some giveaways happen on the fly. We will give out a prize to a random liveblog comment here and there but seriously, try Twitter. We bet you'll like it. =)

  • Q: I can't catch the live show. I plan on watching the re-run. Can I still win?

    A: Yep! We also do post-show giveaways for those that catch the replay. You'll have to watch to find out what the prize is and how to win but it usually involves leaving a comment here on KelbyTV.

  • Q: I keep commenting but I don't see my comments.

    A: We experience a high volume of comments during The Grid so we have to moderate them for people to be able to read and follow along. Once the show starts, we try not to publish comments like, "Hi Scott!" "Test," "Why aren't my comments appearing," or any multiple comments about video or audio issues. In fact, we will probably refer you to this here FAQ. Rest assured though, we do see every post.

  • Q: So, what kind of comments do you publish?

    A: Anything that has to do with the show (natch). We encourage you to add to the conversation and we may even read your comment on the air. It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with the topic; we want to hear from you!

  • Q: What if I want to know how to do something in Photoshop?

    A: Whoops! Then, you're watching the wrong show. The Grid is a talk show where Scott, Matt and guests discuss industry topics… Things to do with Photoshop and photography, but not ~how~ to do things in Photoshop and photography. That's what D-TownTV, PhotoshopUserTV, NAPP,, Photoshop World, Photoshop User magazine,,,, Photoshop Killer Tips, and Ask Dave are for. =)

  • Q: Do I have to register on the liveblog to comment?

    A: Nope but you can choose to register with CoverItLive if you like.