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Scott and Matt are joined by fashion photographer Lindsay Adler for another blind photo critique. Viewers submit their fashion photography and the three hosts go through images and offer critiques of the images along with as suggestions on improving them.

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  1. Ken says:

    I really like Lindsay truly admire her work, I was really hopping to learn more about fashion Photographer and listen to her critique. This was a good show but it should’ve been better. The time wasted at the start with all the talking about Scotts trip, sorry i don’t think this was the forum. Because of all the time that was wasted talking they had to rush towards the end not showing all the pictures that were sent to them, I dont think that was fair people took the time to send them in and to see them rush through them was really wrong. I really enjoyed it dont get me wrong but I wanted to listen to Lindsay s ideas, and input not about Scotts trip.

    I did learn from listening to her and I hope they have her on again but next time cut all the chit chat down to maybe a few minutes and just get right into the show.

  2. steve Davis says:

    scott, Great show with Lindsay. Are you ever planning to do a seminar in Reno Nevada? I promise that you will not be held up by any customs agents. if you do. Would love to see a live seminar.

  3. Damian Slivinski says:

    Great show as always. Thanks to Lindsay Adler! As for the Canadian fiasco; as a Canadian – so sorry you had to go through that, doesn’t make sense that they did that. Please, please, please come back. How about a west-coast swing? If you like TO, you’d love Vancouver! Take care all!

  4. Lindsay Adler is awesome, great eye and very creative. I had the opportunity to see her teach live at WPPI On the Road Tour in Chicago, great instructor!

  5. Patrick Klages says:

    Great show.

  6. David Bridle says:

    This was a brilliant episode. I struggle sometimes to pose, or find the right pose.

    Lighting is one part of a great photo, without good posing the photo can easily be lost.

  7. Jerry Reuss says:

    Hi Scott,

    Enjoyed the show with Lindsay and learned quite a bit. Thanks for having her as a guest.

    The show would have been better had it just been a one-on-one with you and Lindsay. I watch everything Matt does but he really didn’t play a part in this episode.

    I like the show’s concept and look forward to the one.


  8. RON COMSTOCK says:

    This was by far the best critique Show you have ever done in my opinion.
    I would totally like to see more of that type of critiquing on all the shows.
    Wouldn’t that be so awesome if you had an episode with a person like Art Wolfe or the late Galen Rowell, to critique Landscape Photography the way Lindsay did. Like it was pointed out, she was explaining the details but also she was not say any shot was bad. She was actually taking the shot before her and explaining how to take the environment and conditions at hand, improve that particular image.

    She and Joe McNally show the passion not for shooting, but for the art of it.

    (Lindsay blew Joe out of the water on this episode)

    Thank you for the great show and would dig seeing that Landscape critique.


  9. William Chinn says:

    Canada: Give them Dave Cross back

    Ms. Adler: I was not a fan due to her earlier short videos on Kelby, but she nailed every critique and made it interesting for the viewer. Bravo!

    Easy to determine her book’s look. Will check out her recent Kelbys.

  10. Scott, you survived Canada, unfortunately you had to go through that, On the other hand Lindsay really knows her stuff about fashion, which was impressive.

  11. Larry Bye says:

    Great show, great tips, sorry about Canada issue.

  12. too funny about Canada, but Scott’s ebullience carried him through…

  13. Steve Masters says:

    Just to thank you Scott for a great day on Monday. You really do tell it like it is. Sorry you had such a hassle at customs. Some of them can be pretty anal. Anyway it was a great show. i really learnt a lot. You’re very entertaining.

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