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For this episode, Matt and RC are doing a live printing show. They'll be going over things like why you need to print (it's not the usual explanation), the state of printing today, online services, and choosing a print medium. Matt and RC also talk about papers and print live in the studio while sharing some tips and tricks on getting what you see on screen to look like what comes out of the printer. The Guys also answer some viewer questions on how to get a great print and even unbox some prints from their print lab (+Mpix).

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  1. David Rosas says:

    Great print show ! : ) The Grid Episode 113 – Live Print Show.
    Good job guys makes me want to go out and start printing ! Also find a place to put my prints locally .Thanks for the inspiration .


  2. You guys are my heroes.
    Notice that you not just sitting around, this is a +
    Usually when I watch the show i’m doing something else (moving around). It was awesome to learn about printers papers printing places etc.
    awesome great job RC & Matt.

  3. Mike Piper says:

    Great show! Really liked the discussion of the psychology behind the papers.

    I would like the Star Wars print if it’s available still!

  4. Eddie says:

    Great show guys. I have been on the fence for a long time about getting a printer. You guys helped a lot! I would love any of Matt’s waterfall photos and I would LOVE the storm trooper Star Wars photo RC. Those pictures are AMAZING!!!

  5. DaniLew says:

    An excellent show, Matt and RC! And just another reminder that I have some bare walls in the house and zero of my own photos hanging; I need to fix that now!

  6. Dennis Zito says:

    Hey Guys,

    Awesome show! Next time if you have time please go through Color Space stuff.

    Matt, I’d love to have your Water Fall photo the Portrait one.

    RC, I’d love to have your Star Wars Speeder photo!

    Thanks again, Guys


  7. Michael Mammen says:

    Finally got around to watch this episode, and as always it was packed with useful stuff. but do you guys know of any EU based alternatives to mpix and the other print providers mentioned in the show? Of course I can Google it, but Google don’t reveal actual experience with the finished product.

    /m :o)

  8. Anthony Corona says:

    awesome show! very informative for me. I just received my Nikon D3200. Can’t wait to go out and use it on my time also will use it at the local photowalk.

  9. steve Davis says:

    Awesome show on printing, I am looking forward to RC’s next class on printing. I would love one of Matt’s prints if I get picked. Keep up the great work guys !

  10. Michael Mammen says:

    Finally got around to watch this episode, and as always it was packed with tons of good stuff, but do you know of any EU based alternatives to mpix, and the other printing providers mentioned?

  11. James Harris says:

    I rarely print and thought I’d care for this show, but I must say this was a very enjoyable and informative episode. The Grid just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work guys.

    I’m still waiting to see RC Tango.


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