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If you are or know someone who is just starting out in photography and are looking for gear recommendations, RC Concepcion and Matt Kloskowski have you covered. They cover everything from cameras and lenses to small flash to tripods to printers and more! They kick things off with a discussion on the latest announcement about the Nik Collection by Google and the new pricing, then head into advice for beginners.

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  1. Juan Bautista says:

    Hi Guys
    RC what is a good brand o a card reader?

  2. Sherol says:

    I’m new to Photography and have really enjoyed watching the video’s.

    One thing that was forgotten was “what the heck do I carry all this stuff in”?

  3. Dipayan Jana says:

    Great episode, as always. You guys keep telling entry level cameras D3200 and then D7200 – you meant D5200 since there is no D7200.

    For beginners, the best lens choices are just one zoom (18-300 for DX or 28-300 for FX) and one prime (50mm or 85mm/1.8) probably better choices at reasonable prices for most work for most people than jumping into an expensive gem of 24-70/2.8 or 85/1.4. My two cents!

  4. Susan says:

    Kinda late, but wanted you guys to know this was an especially good episode. Of course I always enjoy The Grid’s humor and high jinks, and always learn something. The official topic provided lots of very useful info, but the best aspect of the show was RC and Matt sharing their personal opinions about Nik, onOne, etc., and what they see as the plugins’ pros and cons. Hearing the guys talk about the photographic and tech industries (e.g., RC talking about Google’s strategies and attitudes) was very worthwhile.

  5. “I can’t wait to get this into my tablet and make it harder for me …” QUOTE OF THE YEAR RC!!!

    On the google thing. Sometimes they make stuff that doesn’t make any sense. I agree with the Desktop Snapseed, never met anyone that used it … but together with it they killed Google Reader, the only real RSS collection system available. There are promises, but no suitable replacement up to now. As discussed on G+ “they just reminded us never to trust big corporations, like themselves” :-)

    Nice tips for beginners (at least useful for me :-) ).

    Any thoughts on remote flash for beginners that is not a 200 dollars (2×100 dollars) Pocket Wizard?

  6. Great recommendations for beginner gear.
    Will show this to my SLR class.
    Great to hear Photomatix is still tops.
    Slideshow app was not discussed. I like the ProShow Gold by Photodex.

  7. Freedy says:

    Great Show :) i Love ist

  8. Paul says:

    Hi great show can you talk about monitors for PCs. Thanks

  9. Steve U says:

    Great show. Would love to see more of this sort of thing where Matt and Scott talk about the gear and software that they use.

  10. Bryan says:

    I’m sorry RC but your sadly mistaken the 1DX kills the D4 in speed and low light, high ISO shooting.

  11. Paul Todd says:

    Great show guys and interesting the first bit about google. Remember the US has a great Internet structure unlike a lot of other places in the world. Clouds and editing online is only good if you have fast Internet. The average speed in Europe is 5 meg down and .5 up. Not that fast. Would love to see RC talk more about his storage setup . Paul

  12. David Levin says:

    Great, informative show! Thank you for sharing your equipment preferences with us.

  13. John Content says:

    Wow, just want I wanted to see. Great job guys.

  14. Great Show, as always.
    I do have NIK Silver Efex Pro. You mentioned that if one has a Nik product the whole bundle is free. Would you explain how I can access and download it? Thanks a lot. Michelle

    • Kenneth says:

      Posted on the Nik software blog 25. March

      If you’ve already purchased one or more Nik plug-ins in the past, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In fact: we’re going to upgrade you to the entire Nik Collection by Google for free. Just keep an eye out for emailed instructions in the next few days.

    • Tom says:

      It’s the same with me (like Michelle H.)

      I entered the Nik website today, but don’t see any upgrade link.
      How does it work?

      Thanks in advance

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