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Portrait photographer Zack Arias joins Scott in another series of blind photo critiques. Viewers can get some creative insight from watching the two hosts talk about images that stand out from the rest and which images do not.

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  1. I am really thankful to the owner of this site who has shared this wonderful post at at this place.

  2. Jon says:

    This episode raised an issue for me that I would love for you to address on a future episode, and that is finding the balance between being an artist and shooting what your clients want. You and Zack critiqued some photos which exemplified techniques that most of us as photographers find cliche and overused (selective color, HDR) but you also pointed out, in the case of selective color, that apart from photographers, everyone else seems to love it. I think this is very true with HDR as well. Some well known photographers have made a ton of money selling HDR images. Zack even made the McDonalds analogy. While I couldn’t agree more, the sad fact is that McDonalds sells more hambugers than anyone else in the world. As the 2 of you critiqued all of those pictures I found myself agreeing with most of your comments as an artist, but also thinking from a business standpoint that a client would love many of those images. I would really like to see you dedicate an episode to finding that balance, where a photographer can suspend some of their artistic judgement in the interest of satisfying the tastes and demand of the portrait photography buying public.

    Great show! I always look forward to each new episode.

  3. Glenn says:

    Love the show! I would love to win the copy of Shooting in Sh*tty Light, because that’s mostly all I end up shooting in. :-)

  4. Roger says:

    Good call on HDR.

  5. Audrey says:

    Love you guys!!
    Just a thought about sponsers and time spent on advertisments. Try telling us something about that company that I may not have known. Simply put–give me some new information or a bit of education about the company.

  6. Streaming problems with Kelby TV. Watching The Grid was like watching the Batman series from the 60’s; action would pause, voices would halt. I expected a “POW!” and a “BAM! to pop up between the stops and pauses. Rebooting my computer didn’t fix the problem. The only solution was pausing the video to let it buffer for a while and then let it play.

    Focus Issues? I occasionally have focusing issues with my Canon camera. But the focusing issues can be attributed to me because my camera, Canon A-1, and lenses, Canon FD mounts, aren’t automatic focus.

    The Sunflower pose: Was that to make it PG?

    Cello: Kelby nails it! It’s emotionless

    HDR! Overly processed. I agree! My opinion is that if this photo didn’t happen in nature, it’s not real.

    HDR, Selective Color, and adults… Agree. I have seen some HDR that is subtle. But if it screams HDR!, then you’ve lost me.

    Magenta-ie person: Sunburned by Photoshop?

    N49TT: HDR’ed!

    Trim eyebrows? Okay, you’re going into Vogue and Cosmopalitan territory.

  7. wayne Robinson says:

    Always learn a lot from The Grid

  8. Brian says:

    Tough love is the only way to improve.

    Keep it up!

  9. Peter Steeper says:

    I enjoyed Zack’s crititques. Great comments on capturing real emotions in images. I’ll have to learn to see more in the future.

  10. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Would love the shotty book!!!! haha great episode guys!

  11. TimR says:

    I’m guessing the first photog with the dust/flour flying off the dancer might have watched the Frank Doorhof classes as a number of those shots look like they were almost the exact set up as Frank’s. Would love to see a little less “It’s crap” and a little more one or two quick points of what would improve it, then move on. Maybe even a recap for each photo – overall you need to do this…boom so each photog ends on a goal to accomplish.

  12. Nice show.

    Zack has a nice way of putting his comments, a bit harder than the usual critique 😉

    In any case you can always learn from it!


    Tough love today. Would help to show some great photographs along with the snapshot submitted

  14. PD Taylor says:

    GREAT insight into evaluating photos.

  15. Robert says:

    Wow…good episode, I’m a new Zack fan….

    Also, I wasn’t expecting much that would blow me away concerning his wife’s music…everybody is a musician or singer….

    Well…color me surprised and pleased…she was very very good…If an album were available, I’d buy it for sure.

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