The Grid: The Grid: Episode 83 – Aircraft Carrier Shoot


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Westcott Platypod

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Join special guest Kalebra Kelby as Scott recounts his once-in-a-lifetime experience shooting aboard the George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier. With gear and composition tips, this episode is not one to miss!

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  1. Philip Martini says:

    Awesome show

  2. Tammy Steinbeck says:

    f-plate would be great, but anything would be much appreciated

  3. Dean Wittle says:

    Outstanding show. Great subject. Great choice for your guest.

  4. Tor says:

    Good show, Scott. Anybody ever ask you if you got ADD?? :-)

  5. Florian M. Cortese says:

    Great show. Thanks for sharing your experience. I was in the Navy in the mid-70s and spent extended time at seas on destroyers but also got to visit and explore subs and the aircraft carrier JFK while in port at Norflok. Your pictures of the interior of the ship (Scott, “boats” in the Navy refers to small vessels like subs; destroyers and bigger are “ships”) brought back many great memories. On the off chance of being selected, I’ll go APE.

  6. John Dabarno says:

    Great shots, wow what it must be like to get to do that, cool.

  7. Rusty Parkhurst says:

    Great show…cool experience. F-plate please.

  8. It must have been a great experience!

    I mean the shooting in a carrier part, not the loosing the luggage. For loosing luggage just fly Iberia or so :-)

  9. PD Taylor says:

    Much different carrier and planes from 57 years ago. Interesting!!

    • Sarah says:

      Just wanted to thank you for all you do! Your an angel to share all of your work and tatlens and ideas with us, and to do it for free is just incredibly kind. I have just gotten into photography and was spending countless hours doing the same routine post-processing steps to family portraits. Now I have a way to do it all in one!! Thanks so much! You are such a life saver!

  10. Stephen Foster says:

    Pretty awesome Scott!

  11. Earl Dodd says:

    f plate

  12. Ryan says:

    I notice this every week when I watch. The first little commercial that plays before the grid starts when you first launch the player is much louder than the grid stream so it always blows my ears so I quickly turn the volume down only to then not be able to hear the show and have to turn it back up 20 seconds later.

  13. Rodger Podlogar says:

    What end up happening with the luggage??

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