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Westcott Platypod

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In this month's blind photo critiques, Scott, Matt and RC offer up their honest feedback and constructive criticism of viewer images. Even if your photos aren't featured, there's still a lot to learn here!

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  1. Ralph Hightower says:

    500px does have some cool photos, I went over there to see if I could find any Space Shuttle photos; okay, they haven’t flown since July 2011.

    But in the Transportation category, I saw an overly-HDR’ed tractor that some John Deere historian may do for a magazine cover of antique tractors, ala LL Bean front cover catalog style or Norman Rockwell.
    Then there’s the “Ride Sally! Ride!” photo in Transporation; actually, her name is Haley, What’s a drop-dead gorgeous blonde doing in the Transportation category with no cars, trains, airplanes, etc,, whatever in the photo?

    I am fine with subtly HDR’ed photos, but overly processed HDR images? That’s just a freak of nature.

  2. Great show guys, love the critiques. Having watched a few of these now I find that when taking photos I’m asking myself a few questions before pressing the shutter. Do I have a clear subject, is this just a snap shot, do I have elements in the foreground, middle ground etc….

    Also did anyone else notice that the picture of the passenger jet is mirrored? Still a great looking image.
    Thanks for the shows.

  3. Joanne says:

    Is lightroom magazine only available for iPod? I don’t own an iPod, but have several Macs. I can’t find Lightroom Magazine in the app store when I search from my Mac.

  4. Vasanth says:

    Hi guys,

    You guys rock.
    Your shows are so inspiring.

    Good luck to my photography family.(kelbytv)

  5. Evan Rasmussen says:

    If the photo is good, a comment on why it’s good is important in your critiques. If the photo is bad, it’s important to know why it’s bad in your critiques. Make sure you select photos that you are able to point out the good and the bad. Obviously there are times when you just like it, but showing us those on the blind critique program doesn’t help us much.

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