The Grid: The Grid: Episode 74 – Blind Critiques


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Westcott Platypod

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Scott and Matt are joined by Terry White for another insightful episode of blind photo critiques.

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  1. Dear Scott K and team

    My name’s Julian, a London UK-based CTO at a start-up mobile/web business.

    A pal of mine, colleague at our London start-up and all-round photography nut was telling me about the Grid and how he figures it’s a great show online. So I’ve taken a look and though I’m no snapper myself I’m really interested in the tech you guys use to stream/record your shows, as mobile/web streaming/recording will play a big part in what we are planning to do ourselves (if we get this project off the ground!).

    Totally understand if you’d rather not share how you do what you do… but if you honestly don’t mind I’d love to know about all the kit you use, e.g. cameras, lighting, sound, mixing, hardware, software, services, etc. (I know NOTHING about video recording and broadcasting by the way!).

    I guess where we’re coming from is building a sort of “studio in a box” with all associated services that we can just take travelling with us to make live and recorded broadcast quality content.

    BTW I see you have B&H NYC as a sponsor – I’ll be dropping by NYC in the next few weeks and B&H have been recommended to me as suppliers of this level of kit, I guess if your recommendations lead to my purchases I’d of course be happy to reference you – hell, maybe there’s a commission in this for you if you can short-circuit my research and make my shopping a little easier! :-)

    Anyway, great show, would love to hear from you guys, but no drama is not… cheers!

    Julian Charles Ball
    +44 7737 123341

  2. Hey! Some very nice shots today, and some precious comments.

    BTW, you guys forgot to look at the jib after the “pointy-choppy” section! :-)

  3. james says:

    Great show guys! armpits! classic! 😛

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