The Grid: The Grid: Episode 73 – Editing Mistakes


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Westcott Platypod

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Matt Kloskowski and Pete Collins discuss 5 editing mistakes that occur somewhat frequently and give a few tips on how to avoid them. Plus, find out how to win a copy of Nikon Capture NX2 software.

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  1. Morten says:

    One of your best episodes of the grid so far!!!

  2. This was a fantastic show. Packed with very, very helpful tips. Will be bookmarking this one. Please do more shows like this one.

    Pete and Matt are a great pairing. Enjoyed the banter!

  3. Brian Mannax says:

    I have just gotten adobe premier pro for my pc, so I am hoping that by keeping in touch with these tips will rub off!

  4. Larry Robinson says:

    Love this type of show, thanks guys.

  5. Great set of tips on editing photos. Thanks !!! Let me know if I won the contest and I will send you my shipping info.

  6. Lawrence Whalen, Jr. says:

    Great show. I tried the levels trick with an adjustment layer and was pleasantly surprised to find it worked there as well.

  7. Larry Clay says:

    Great show guys. Pete, you’re right; you can’t explain your color-blindness to anyone else. There is no common reference. It is easy to tell someone that green looks grey but you and I know that is not quite true. An example for me is that I can tell that brown is a color, it does not look grey, but I can’t tell you if it is brown, green or dark red, unless of course, it actually does look brown…. Drives other people crazy but doesn’t bother me a bit.

  8. Nice show, nice “what do I do wrong” list!!

    Nancy, not really into posting my shipping information here, in a public forum, but I can do that very quickly by e-mail 😉

  9. Ron says:


    9 minutes and 35 seconds and finally you are ´jumping right into´ the topic… I am watching the recorded video. If I where watching the live session, I´d have been gone during the first minute…

  10. james says:

    Great show guys! 😛 love it!

  11. Rick Evans says:

    That’s for tell us how to fix these mistakes.

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