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Westcott Platypod

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Scott and Matt are back with another installment of their ever-popular "Blind Photo Critiques." If you want to submit your work, check Scott's G+ page at on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this time next month. Then, submit at

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  1. It was exciting to see my shots commented by Scott and Matt. Thank you for your suggestions!

  2. Mike Spivey says:

    Scott, on today’s Grid, you were talking about when you were first starting your business. You forgot an important factor – luck. Just think, you could have tied your future to CorelDRAW!.

  3. I love the critiques, but not so much when you just say “If you showed up with your cel phone, you would get the same shot” , because I see people take spectacular shots of tings I walk by with my cell phone camera all the time.

  4. Erna says:

    I am so glad that I found these critique episodes! I am learning so much!! Although I am kinds of scared to submit any of my photos…LOL! I am not really sure how to submit anyway. I love your honesty. I would like to know how to submit so I can when I get the nerve…. Love the shows!!!

  5. Great show as always. Do you guys have a compressor or limiter on your mics yet? A lot of your audio is distorted and blowing out my speakers no matter how low I turn it down.

  6. Tonia says:

    Hi Scott & Matt,

    I love the blind critiques episodes. I always learn so much from watching you talk about the works of others and apply it to my own. I really appreciated that you guys are really honest, and give the bare bones when giving advice. You guys don’t have to keep apologizing everytime you give a harsh critique. If people are feeling sensitive about their work then they just shouldn’t submit it for the show — that’s just my two sense. Keep the great critique shows coming!

  7. Nice critique!

    It’s really useful, since sometimes you see a picture you’d say … “I would have done that” and than think, “not anymore! :-)”

  8. Always love the blind critiques. Going to submit some of my work soon. Just getting started.

    If I win, I’d like Matt’s crash course.

    Thank you! Great show!

  9. Thomas Piepszak says:

    Enjoy the comments on the photos– you are right– It does help me extend my vision.

  10. Gary Meola says:

    Blind Critiques are so helpful to all us terrible photo-takers.. The Grid Rocks. Would love to attend Matt’s class in Orlando.

  11. Dave Moore says:

    Love the critiques! Thanks, guys! Lightroom course would be very useful!

  12. Kamran Aslam says:

    Thanks for the feedback. it was a great show.

  13. Bob Shear says:

    Would really appreciate a ticket to Matt’s Lightroom presentation in Orlando!

    But, seriously, I really enjoy the critiques on the Grid. Keep them coming!

  14. Walter says:

    What I found most interesting was how you were using Photoshop to edit the photos – there was one or two thing you did that I didn’t even know were in Camera Raw.
    I think it would make a good show would be if you did critiques of your own photos, with a (slow) step by step of how you take them from “meh” to “Wow”.

  15. Andy says:

    Good Show.

  16. John Content says:

    Loved all your comments.
    I would love to win a ticket to Scott’s seminar in LA

  17. james says:

    great show guys! love it! i really learned a lot 😛

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