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Westcott Platypod

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Scott and Matt return with another installment of their ever-popular "blind photo critiques." To submit a photo for possible inclusion in future shows, please visit Note to viewers who want to submit their work for these shows: Unless you want the entire viewing audience to know who you are, PLEASE remove all watermarks from your submissions.

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  1. David says:

    In this episode Scott said that watermarks are dumb – whist I agree the large ones slapped across the middle ruin the image, a small one in the bottom corner is a good idea in these days, especially with the social sharing sites like Facebook and Pinterest. I suggest you also go and watch the recent Chase Jarvis show about Copyright on You Tube:

  2. Marcel Bauer says:

    Me likey to win Scott’s Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photographers….Love the show guys, seriously addicted :)

  3. I have a great subject for ”The Grid” that almost started a war on Facebook yesterday (in Sweden though).

    Yesterday I talked to a journalist about fashion, moral and photography. In an irritated moment I was a bit quick in my answer, and a bit too honest. I said ”My job is to make great pictures, not to change the world. When the world changes, I will follow”.

    I later asked people in a forum for photographers on Facebook and for their opinions.

    A lot of women held very strong opinions that it is a photographer´s responsibility to take a stand for moral correctness, to be role-models, to be true, honest and kind to the world, rather then focussing on making money as a photographer.

    Several men, on the other hand, thought that as long as you stay within the boundries of the law, do what your customer wants you to do. Understand your customers needs instead of taking a private stand, even if the assignment is of a kind that you yourself do not totally agree with. This is your role as a photographer. Being an ”activist” should be pursued in your spare time.

    Almost all the men were commercial photographers, while all the women were wedding- and portrait-photographers.

    Why is it like this?

    Should we care as photographers or not? Is there a right and a wrong?

    Is it our responsibility to change the world?

    Are women more sensitive?

    Do men care more about money for their business, than about the life of a skinny model, who has had an eating disorders in order to fit as a model?

    I’m one of the male commercial photographers, but I still consider the issues should be raised.

    Best Regards
    Jonas Hellsén

  4. Patrik Grönfelt says:

    Love the show but due too live in Sweden i can’t go the the classes or Photoshop Wolrd..

  5. Adam says:

    I would love to get my photos on the show, I need the feedback. How do we do it?

  6. Lars Johansson says:

    Great show, would like Scott’s new Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photographers

  7. Ben Setzer says:

    love these shows. thanks

  8. Rob Pullen says:

    Great show guys, what about showing photos from you guys, Matt and Scott, what your thoughts and processes were etc, I think this would help a lot !!

  9. Rob Pullen says:

    Great show, is there any chance on one of your shows of showing your photos, Scott and Matt, maybe before and after and what your thoughts were etc, I think this would help a lot of people !

  10. Nice critiques, some nice shots and I hope I’m learning every time I watch a critique … gotta track that on my photos!

    Nancy, welcome back (from France :-) ).

  11. Roger says:

    Critiques are great and on target most of the time.

  12. Phil Burt says:

    Great Show as always. Sure would love to win Scott’s CS6.

  13. Another inspiring show; very balanced critiques!

    Would love to win a conference pass to Photoshop World in Vegas :)

  14. Dave Moore says:

    I absolutely LOVE the critiques shows!

  15. Matt says:

    Another great show. Thanks guys!

  16. George Botsford says:

    Would love to win anything in the list Orlando please

  17. Jerry Fry says:

    Good show, like to see Matt and Scott together. Keep having blind critiques

  18. W Patrick Clements says:

    Sure like your blind critiques! Would like Scott’s CS6 book. Thanks! Pat Clements from Nova Scotia Canada

  19. Andrew says:

    These critiques are your best instructional shows since the first couple of seasons of DTown. Thanks guys.

  20. John Content says:

    Love this kind of show.

  21. Susan Koppel says:

    I’m already going to Photoshop World, but would love to take a friend who can’t afford to go…..

  22. Ken says:

    It’s fun to do a google search for the people that watermark their photos to see what else they’ve done. Some of ’em…

  23. Len Provenzano says:

    Welcome Back Nancy! Good stuff guys.

  24. Mathieu Wauters says:

    Would love to win Scott’s CS6 book

  25. james says:

    great show guys! love the blind critique! hooorraayyy nancy is back! she is looking great! love it! “THE INTERNATIONAL AMBASSDRESS OF FRENCH LOVE” .. . . . :p

  26. Chris Sieritis says:

    Matt in Seattle

    I learn alot from these critique shows

  27. Scott Mills says:

    This was my first time watching the Grid. What an awesome show. I have been a NAPP member for a little over a year and just now watching the Grid (don’t know how that happened). I have a lot of shows to catch up on!!
    Thanks guys…. oh, by the way, just signed up for the WorldWide PhotoWalk in Vegas here. Can’t wait. Love the video courses on Kelby Training, now those, i have watched A LOT OF!!!!

  28. Chuck Neeley says:

    Sure like your blind critiques! Would like Scott’s CS6 book. Thanks!

  29. Andy says:

    Good show.

  30. schleima says:

    you guys made another amazing show

    would love to win scott’s CS6 book

  31. Marc says:

    This was a great show

    I’d love to win scott’s PS6 book !

    keep up the good work

  32. John Dabarno says:

    Great show, would like Scott’s new Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photographers

  33. Mike Colahan says:

    I love the Grid! What made my day though was when Scott mentioned that he and RC play Call of Duty. AWESOME! See you at PS World Vegas!

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