The Grid: The Grid: Episode 62 – The Future of Photography on the Web – Google+ and Flickr


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Scott, Matt and Kalebra are in the studio this week. Their main topic of discussion is how Google+ is killing flickr, and why photographers need to be on G+ now.

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  1. […] believe me, Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski talked about this very issue on an episode of The Grid. You can watch it here. Sidebar Here this is some […]

  2. Sandra Lehr says:

    Another great show. I would like to win the book called story tellers or Scott’s Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers CS6, or any of the other great prizes.Thanks you guys for posting such great videos.

  3. joleonie says:

    I am getting “Video not found or access denied” message on the screen. What seems to be the problem?

  4. Salman Shaf says:

    This was definitely beneficial – I am in the same predicament as Rudo. I posted pictures last week without any comments back, maybe they werent good enough…. ha ha But I am in 200+ people’s circles.
    Anyway, I will definitely look into the youtube videos and take the tips. Here is my G+.

  5. Akos says:

    The description of “Their main topic of discussion is how Google+ is killing flickr” is a bit misleading. G+ isn’t killing flickr. Flickr is killing itself, by not innovating. G+ at this moment is a mixture of skype, tumblr, twitter and facebook, with picasa bolted on there. I used picasa way before I started using flickr. I actually started using flickr to get my pictures in the World Wide Photowalk 2009 group 😉

    There’s still some things that G+ is missing before I’d make the full jump:
    – Adaptation of the license agreement (irrevocable, unending, etc. Call me paranoid.)
    – Groups (what I love about flickr)
    – A more photo-centric look of the G+ interface (like the iPad interface! WOW)

  6. Ed Adams says:

    Thank you for explaining why I should be more active on Google+. The show really help put things into perspective. Thank you. I would love to see you all in Las Vegas at Photoshop World.

  7. Cheryl says:

    I’m confused. You guys keep talking about g+ for iPad like it is new. It’s on version 3 already. I’ve had it for a long time. What am I missing.

    • Adam says:

      The news is that it is optimized for iPad now (or very recently). It was launched in the end of july. Up to that point you had to supersize the iPhone app, which made for a really poor experience IMHO. With the new app using Google+ on the iPad is really nice.

  8. Jane Hamilton says:

    I would like to win Picture Perfect Practice.

  9. Jatin Lulla says:

    I m nt a photographer but i do watch the grid bcoz i like listening to u guys… i want u to go to n checkout his work.. specially “fashion 2” ..
    I know u all might b knwing how to get these colors in an image,, i just want u to share wid us too..
    N can this effect be achieved in photoshop, if yes then how??

  10. Larry Robinson says:

    Thanks for the insight in to google-pluss.
    Love to have the books.

  11. Bob says:

    It’s nice to end the week with “The Grid”.
    Scott’s book would be nice.

  12. Michel says:

    Great job! – It was eye opening to learn about G+. You really got me excited about getting into it.

    If I were lucky enough to win, I’d like to receive Scott’s CS6 book.


  13. JACEK says:

    Another great show .

  14. Phil Burt says:

    Always a great show. Was at the tour opening in Nashville and loved it. Would love to win Scott’s CS6 book. If I win I will give my CS5 book away to some student that needs it for free.

  15. Greg says:

    Slug Bug is the answer to Matt’s question

  16. John Dabarno says:

    Great show, Google plus is a great place for all of the reasons you mentioned.
    I would like Scott’s new CS6 book.

  17. Joe Young says:

    Slug Bug – and a red beetle was Slug Bug Zip and got 2 hits

  18. John Richardson says:

    Howdy!!! Say we call it SLUG BUG….

    Another great show and convincing stats on G=. Thanks!!
    Oh yeah love that vest….

  19. In general people tend to “take sides”. If I like one, I just can’t like the other and this is really silly.

    My “media” thingy is a bit schizophrenic. Totally agreed with Guy Kawasaki when he “described” the three medias (but I skipped Twitter). Facebook I really use for people that is/has been in my life. School folks, college folks, cousins, neighbors and so on. G+ for me is mostly photography. I follow Scott and Matt on G+, but never even looked for them on Facebook 😉 I’m sure they post their best content on G+, so the rest is repetition.

    Flickr … had one long ago. Came back there when I “came back” to (actually really got into) photography. Spent a couple of months there and gave up …

    Actually the first thing that bothered me on my “come back” to Flickr was that I could not change my “nick name”. Mine was something meaningful years ago, but no longer. Than I would have to “rebuild” my list of contacts and so on (not that it was that large, but still).

    Also don’t have much time for too much social media. I really can’t handle too many places :-)

    My complaint on this “stream” model is that information is quite volatile. I like better the “forum” model, like Orkut (today a real ghost town), where information is split in communities/topics/posts, so you can retrieve information from a while back.

    Anyway, I’ll live with Facebook and G+ all together!

  20. Curt Wells says:

    Scott, I enjoy watching the Grid and always learn something interesting. This episode on G+ was no exception. I have been sharing my photos on FB through the publish function in LR4 and now want to begin sharing on G+ is there a way to publish to G+ directly out of Lightroom?



  21. Scott R says:

    Cool show! Thanks for the Shout out for Publix!! They are slowing taking over Tennessee now also.

    Hey Scott K. I was at the Nashville CS6 show. . .it was great!! I learned a lot. You mentioned a different way to do B&W conversions, but I can’t remember what it was. A little help please!!

  22. Andy says:

    Good Show.

  23. Sunjung says:

    Another great show! I would love to win your new book Scott (or one of the other ones). Thanks!

  24. Roger Correia says:

    I have been looking for a good shooting vest – will definitely need to check out the Manfrotto vest. Cool!

  25. Doug Dillon says:

    Great show folks!! Learned a lot about Google Plus. Scott, you should do a photo shoot with your lovely wife Kalebra. Thanks to all of you for good info.

    I like the vest you showed (Manfrotto).

  26. Cathy Collins says:

    I think the google plus is good but don’t critique or say anything at all negative about a photo or the haters will jump on you like a hunger dog on a bone.

    By the way I would love to win Scott’s CS6 book.

  27. james says:

    great show guys! im glad to see kalebra at the grid and matt also. thanks scott for the napp jacket! thanks you very much! 😛

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