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Westcott Platypod

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Scott and Matt talk about some new writings from photographers Rick Sammon and Moose Peterson, as well as a a new video about off-camera flash that Scott recently posted. The guys then dive into their blind photo critiques. The photo critiques are a great opportunity to review the work of other photographers to help learn what works and what doesn't.

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  1. Dave Moore says:

    Great critiques as always. I’m always learning from these episodes.

  2. Loved the blind critiques. I always learn something. Thanks to both Scott and Matt for the insight. Since Joe McNally is going to be on the show next time I have a request- Tips on buying my first off camera flash that is versatile enough. Hot shoe flash or Strobe or something else from Joe’s Bag? Canon/Nokin Flash or third party flash? Plus cheap solutions to take the flash OFF the camera :)
    Thanks in advance.

  3. great show guys. I was wondering if Joe McNally could share something on starting with portable flashes. I use a t2i and wanted to start with external flash units. Want to buy the most versatile flash on a budget thats i can learn with. Just the balanced budget approach. Thanks.

  4. Love the blind critique topic…keep it going…:)

  5. Lewis Johnston says:

    I enjoyed the critique.

    Just got an iPad so the Light It magazine would be super.

  6. Gizmo says:

    I’m so glad you guys are doing these blind critique shows. Every time I watch one, I realize just how bad of a photographer I am and how all the time, effort and equipment I’ve bought has been for naught.
    Luckily now I can get back to creating mediocre woodworking projects.
    Honestly, the critiques are very disheartening because I’ve been trying for a long time and I’m sure all of my work would quickly be dismissed as uninspiring.
    It’s also reinforced my perspective that photography is an artistic skill that you’re either born with or not. Teaching can make you better, but you’ll never be great if you don’t have the natural talent.

  7. Great critique show, as usual. You guys were “nicer” than usual (or the people that sent material were more self-critical).

    Always a lot to learn!!!

  8. Gene Kimball says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to hear you [Scott, Matt and Brad]] actually complement some photographers. Overall, it was a good show with regard to critiques. I would not say that I liked all that you liked but I would say that your pointers were illuminating. It is sad that Nancy will not be around for such a long period. She will be missed.

  9. Andrew Scheck says:

    Great show once again. You might like that today you had a lot of good shots, but maybe it is just me, but I seem to learn more when their are more comments on the how to make the image better..

  10. Michael says:

    We are not as bad as England when it comes to “protecting” kids.

    Parents can’t photograph their own kids in school activities or sports.

    If you have a camera near a child, you risk having the police called.

    It is so bad a child drown because a truck (lorry) driver didn’t stop the child from wandering down the side of the street. He didn’t want to be labeled as a “pedo” so he just drove on. The mom didn’t know the child had wandered off.

    Just for the record (CDC numbers) and in order of danger to a child the list is – parent or parent boy/girl friend, sibling, extended family or neighbor, person of authority known to the child, authority figure unknown, stranger.

  11. Sudheer says:

    Great Show…I always look forward for the Blind Critique Episodes

  12. Robert Norris says:

    Great show but I’m disappointed I didn’t get riddled with criticism again. Well maybe next time!

  13. George Wingate says:

    Great job!
    How about the zipper.

  14. Andy says:

    Good Show.

  15. John Lavoie says:

    “you guys rock” .. there I said it !

    I’m not quite caught up yet, with the Grid (just watched ep43 – blind critiques I ). I appreciate you guys doing this, as I tend to have the syndrome of not liking most of my work and your critiques are helping me ‘soften’ my editing “ax”.

    To Scott, Matt, etc…
    A bit about me: (Canadian shooter, Ottawa area)

    I’m ‘ramping’ up by photography after 20+ yrs away from the ‘pro’ side.

    I used to be a shooter back in University, then my IT career got in the way.

    Kelby training as been a huge help. I joined a month ago and have learned so much from the videos by excellent trainers/photographers.

    I’ve even rented a 70-200 2.8 for a friend’s daughter’s wedding next weekend. No I’m not the primary photography, but I will have some time with the bride & groom after the official photographer to do a little TFP portfolio stuff. I’m thinking of taking a Cliff Mautner / David Ziser approach to the time I get and hopefully end up with 1 or 2 shots I like.

  16. James says:

    Great show guys! :p love it

  17. James says:

    Great show guys! :p

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