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Wildlife photographer and blogger/podcaster/social media magnate, Scott Bourne drops by the studio to talk about social media for photographers with Kalebra and Scott Kelby. The three discussed their preferences between Google+, Twitter and Facebook, but a lot of attention was also focused on Pinterest and the notion that instead of fighting sites like it, photographers should find their own way to embrace and harness it. If anyone would like to give Pinterest a try, please DM (direct message) your email address to Nancy - @NAPP_News on Twitter ("@ reply" for a follow-back) and she'll send you an invite.

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  2. Trevor Hasenkamp says:

    Another great show. Follow on Titter, Facebook and now pinterest. Thanks

    Any of the Software packages would be great. I already have Scott’s book. It is GREAT!!!!

  3. Jan says:

    Great dudes
    onOne suite please

  4. Great show!

    If Scott Bourne allows me, I’ll start using his quote “if you try to be smarter, I’ll try to be nicer” :-)

    Personally I can’t really cope with some many options in social media. I like G+ and just use facebook because of family and school/college friends.

    Never felt the need to go on twitter, despite Chase Jarvis and Lindsay Adler’s comments on the “24hs cocktail party”.

    Up for the prizes, of course! :-)

  5. Didier Folly says:

    You are awesome !

    Scott Kelby Book

    Keep being great !

    A follower (but not on Twitter ^^)

  6. W Patrick Clements says:

    Books or the big software packages

  7. Averil says:

    Hey there new best friend Kalebra. Sorry to see you sick. Get better soon. Your google+ posts make me laugh so much. You take an every day occurrence and describe it so well it is like I am right next to you see it all happen. I see I need to go and check out your pinterest boards again. Lots more cool stuff I need to repin. To the Scotts thank you for all your words of wisdom and inspiration.

    If by chance I might win something I would like the onone software

  8. Rich Stopa says:

    Books or software would be great

  9. Bob says:

    onOne suite,and a great show.

  10. Andy says:

    Was good to have Kalebra on the show because most guys do not understand Pinterest and her explanation was very good.
    You have not mentioned if you are still giving away prizes for the people who watch the replay and leave a comment here.
    Keep the good shows coming.

  11. John Havord says:

    Great show.

    Wonder you’ll be the 1st new photographer found by Pinterest?

  12. peace gaddis says:

    great show

  13. James says:

    Great show guys! Keep it up! 😛

  14. Martin Shipps says:

    Another great show! Thanks so much!

  15. Bud Clews says:

    I’m hoping (praying, and begging) for the One 1 Perfect Suite.

  16. Robert Knutsen
    Scott’s book

    :) Love the show!

  17. Tim Erskine says:

    There’s enough other things that I’m not going to bother with twitter.

    OnOne Photosuite 6

  18. Me needs scotts latest book The Digital Photography VOLUME 4. :) Another great one.

  19. John Crocker says:

    John Crocker
    Scott’s book
    Great Show

  20. Bill Araujo says:

    The onOne Suite would be great! Even if I’m not that lucky, I feel as though I’ve already won because of another Great “THE GRID” Show! Thanks Guys!

  21. John Dabarno says:

    John Dabarno,, OnOne Perfect Photosuite 6

  22. Dave Moore says:

    Good show! Would love the onOne suite!

  23. Mike says:

    Best line “Have you read it? Ummm, no!”

  24. Jeff says:

    on 1 suite

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