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Westcott Platypod

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Destined for the "Best Show… EVER" archive. Scott and Matt expanded on their photo critiques by showing the audience what's "right" in a photo by way of comparison. The result: solid examples of what to look for in order to create a photograph, not a snapshot. Plus, Scott and Matt reveal the 5 things you should never have in a professional portfolio… unless, of course, one of those 5 things is all you photograph for a living. ;) Special thanks to 500px!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Scott, you finally said something I disagree with. You do not go to California to shoot cows. You come to WISCONSIN!!
    You also come here for beer, brats, and cheese!!!! Also some beautiful landscapes.

  2. Melissa says:

    Scott’s Digital Photography book was the first book I ever read about photography. I loved every page of it. Found myself laughing quite a bit. In fact it was the only book I didn’t sell back to the book store at end of semester.
    I haven’t read the other 3 yet but I plan on it.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  3. MC says:

    This is the first epispde I have seen. Excellent. Another big part of nailing the great shot is not the gear but the gear you have at hand when the shot presents itself. Thanks guys. I have a lot of episodes to watch.


  4. schleima says:

    G.R.E.A.T show !
    it is good to hear again that photography isn’t based on just the gear and the technique but also knowing when and what to shoot.
    It is a combination of technique and creative decisions based on the common feeling of a “nice picture”

  5. Okay, I just lost all of my Flowers from my portfolio. Thanks for your help Scott/Matt

  6. Tim Erskine says:

    Interested in onOne!

  7. Susan Wiechmann says:

    Would love the 4 box set of books.. Thank you,

    Susan Wiechmann

    Great critique session

  8. Marcus Grip says:

    Just a thing I noticed; why is Scott talking almost the whole time and as soon as Matt says something he almost talks in his mouth or taking over right away?

    Give him some more time to share his thoughts too 😉

  9. This was the most educational and constructive of the 3 ‘Review’ shows. Although, I will still use railroad tracks to get perspective, repeat elements, etc. I found the show information in this show very useful.

  10. John Content says:

    Really liked the show today

  11. Shawn Highfill says:

    You killed my dream Scott. I already have a website and business cards made up.

    Horny Cats Photography
    We specialize in Deers and Cats portraiture
    (Envision the cards printed in Comic sans and the website in Lucinda hand)

    My sister site was going to feature lighthouses, the homeless, and dead trees. I hadn’t come up with a catchy title for that one yet.

    Now that is all up in flames.

    Seriously, great show. Are you still doing giveaways for those who can’t watch live?

    Thanks for the work.

  12. Great show, as usual, and very useful!!

    Again with the crying! Please Nancy! Giveaways for the rebroadcast!!! At least some :-)

  13. Tula Top says:

    Scott and Matt, firstly HUGE THANKS for featuring my work on show, BUT…

    I do NOT look like Tiger Woods already!!!




  14. Danelle Hevron says:

    Great show! Totally made me rethink a shoot I was supposed to do today. While it’s a beautiful day to sit and watch a college baseball game, it’s a nasty day for shooting. Never thought I’d be begging for an overcast day. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Shawn Highfill says:

    Glad to have you back.

    Will listen to audio version today.

    books are good.

    Floof and run

  16. What a great show this one was, even if I had to wait for the podcast.

    I think you may have missed a trick though — by not going to the NAPP portfolio site as well as 500px — I do realise you needed a public access site for a public access show, but…

  17. Ben Setzer says:

    Great show

  18. Barbara says:

    Excellent show, you guys are so inspiring! I feel better about my cheap(ish) camera now too.

  19. Lewis Johnston says:

    I think the takeaway message is great photos come about through both inspiration and perspiration.

  20. Douglas says:

    Hi Guys-

    Any idea on when its going to be available on iTunes???

    Thanks – Douglas

  21. Johnny Dao says:

    Thanks for the inspirational show. I’ll need to travel to the wonderful location in order to build my portfolio. If I want interesting photos, I have to travel to interesting places.

    Put me in for the OnOne Software for the contest.

  22. W Patrick Clements says:

    onONE set

    Great show

    have a great day for Nova Scotia

  23. Dennis Hughes says:

    Great episode. I learned a lot from the insightful comments. Thanks a lot!


  24. Tom Mesick says:

    Scott, this was a great show and a real eye opener, thank you. However you never talked about what photos were post-processed and which photos were straight out of the camera. How many of those 5oo pix photos were processed with Nik Software, On One Software or any of the numerous plug-ins. Great photos can be taken, but in today’s photography they can also be made. Put me in for the On-One Software for the contest.

  25. Myles says:

    Great, great, great show! I has really given me some things to think about and watch out for. There is always room for improvement in my photography. I really appreciate the “side by side” comparison.

  26. Averil says:

    I watched the last Grid and came away with so much inspiration and then again today watching this one. There is no way that either show could be considered negative. I realized watching it that I am on the right track in some respects and a lot more to improve on in others. Isn’t that what it is all about? Even the ‘great ones’ say that they are learning all the time. So why be down when you find you have more to learn. Do you think you are sitting pretty and can’t learn anymore? Good on you both Scott and Matt for sticking your neck out and helping us all!! :o)

  27. Gene Kimball says:

    Let me say this. You are improving. I did not fall asleep once during this presentation.

  28. Bob Burns says:

    Sorry I missed this live. Great show!

  29. Rich Stopa says:

    One super show keep it up

    the books or software would be great

    Timeof day is everything

    Knowledge is the key to great photos

  30. martin gillette says:

    one hell of a great show. you guys rock!!!

  31. Russ says:

    That woman said those critiques were cruel? She should watch some of Dom Bower’s photo critiques on YouTube. At the end of the day it’s all constructive criticism and sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. I liken it to people who have been told all their lives by family and friends that they are the next greatest singer, and then can’t understand why when they audition on the X Factor Simon Cowell tells them they can’t sing.

  32. Kev says:

    i have too agree with Comic Sans use, but have a look at this cool project (it sure puts the font in another light I think)

  33. Tony Blackwell says:

    Another excellent episode. Great advise for any photographer at any level. Thanks

  34. DAVID ROSAS says:


  35. Andy says:

    I thought it was funny when I went to 500px Editor’s choice page to look at good photos and on the first page there was a cat picture ( and there was another cat picture on the second page ( so I guess the editors at did not get Scott’s memo about not showing off cat picutres in portfolios. I was also wondering what you guys think of the ratings of photos on 500px are they a good indicator of how good the photos are or not?
    Really good learning show and keep them coming.

  36. james watts says:

    fantastic episode, guys! it is incredibly helpful hearing and seeing exactly what makes a good shot. excellent idea having examples of “here’s what it’s supposed to look like”. these critiques are very good — please keep them coming!!

    hearing the raw feedback is great. don’t sugar-coat it. people need to grow a thicker skin in order to grow as professionals.

    if i win, please send me the onOne software!

  37. tim johnson says:

    really makes me think~ this will improve my work. thanks!

  38. Chuck Sider says:


  39. Shaun white says:

    Thanks for the great show and advise.

  40. Roger says:

    Great show, good to see you back.

  41. peace gaddis says:

    missed you guys

    great show

  42. Missed you guys, while you were at PhotoShop World. I’m really enjoying and learning a lot from these critque episodes.

    Put me in the contest for a chance a Scott’s Photography Book’s package.

    Much Appreciated,
    – Jayson

  43. Kevin Waldron says:

    A co-worker of mine teaches a wet-lab photography course and his list of things not to shoot is:

    Cemeteries, Barns, Long winding roads, and anything that is dead.

    I think these are also good rules for beginning photographers.

  44. Frank Effrece says:

    Good insight on shooting.

  45. JimP says:

    Thanks guys… These types of critique and feedback are so helpful..

  46. Maarten says:

    Is this not supposed to be episode #48? Episode #47 was March 15.

    It also will not play.

  47. Ed Moxley says:

    Glad you’re back!

  48. james says:

    great show guys! missed you guys after 2 weeks! 😛

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