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Westcott Platypod

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Scott and Matt hold their second installment of blind critiques – Pictures were submitted by viewers via Scott's G+ post the day before – As promised, this time Scott and Matt also showed some stuff they thought was really good. Especially the work of Tanya Rochat.
Program Note: The Grid will be on hiatus for 2 weeks and will return after Photoshop World on April 4.

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  1. PSeDor Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

  2. […] most taught rules is “Never shoot in the middle of the day”. Even Scott Kelby during a The Grid broadcast a couple months ago during the “Live Critique” show that got a lot of buzz said so. To […]

  3. Seo Services says:

    iC6DCD Thanks for the blog post.Much thanks again. Great.

  4. Travis Staker says:

    Great episode! Thanks!

  5. Salman Shaf says:

    Great Show! I learned a lot, even thought about entering the race to be reviewed by the pros. Definitely better than the cat photo so it wont be AS bad. :o)

    Question: Isnt there a new episode on today? How can I watch it live?

  6. Scott’s Photobook Part IV would be a great gift. Thanks for the shows!

  7. pleass help. When I click on the player it tell me it is an unsupportee format, what can I do? Having withdrawal symptoms

  8. Andre says:

    I really like your Blind Critiques … they give a nice idea of composing, photography and more. I do learn a lot :-) .. Thanks for it.

    I just wonder. You’ll always talking about watching photo of excellent, pro photographer. I enjoy visiting different portal and I find photos I like, but are these the good photographer you are talking about.

    How can I find this exciting great, new up coming photographer.

    I do not have the knowledge to decide if someone is good or not. I just know I like or do not like and maybe my like or dislike do not give good idea of good or bad photographers work. And I really like to get inspiration of these good photographers.

  9. Trevor Hasenkamp says:

    Thanks, great show. DVD or books. not the tickets. :0)

  10. Hubert says:

    Really liked the critiques … great learning tool.

  11. Lewis Johnston says:

    Critiques are a great way to learn.
    Any chance you could include links to the many photographers who you have pointed us to for examples of great work?

  12. PD Taylor says:

    Lots of good comments.. gives me lots to think about!

  13. Dave Moore says:

    Fantastic!! Would love the DVD!

  14. Donna Kirby says:

    Excellent show. Keep them coming!

  15. martin gillette says:

    fantastic show. these are so helpful…

  16. ray says:

    Not able to watch live, either. Interesting, it seems folk don’t know ‘what to throw away’. That is thre is a tendancy to leave poorer images in with the good, and a reluctance to throw away any of the image as took from camera – i.e. tighter cropping solves many problems and cloning out the garbage finishes the job.

    Enyoyable show – to dead trees and cats I’d add sunsets and creamy seas/waterfalls.

    Best wishes,

  17. james says:

    great show guys! i learned a lot! 😛

  18. Nice show, nice comments.

    I hope I remember them when shooting. I could see myself on some of the pictures … some of the bad ones! :-)

    Nancy! Please! The give away system is not working for people not watching live! Please think about us, poor people that live in Europe and don’t get to watch the show live! 😉

  19. Mike Wootton says:

    If I am fortunate to be picked out of the electronic hat I would love Scott’s DVD Crush the Composition, please.

    Any chance of working an eight day week at Kelby TV and doing a regular critique slot? you can learn so much from the constructive negative comments as well as the positives!

    Thanks as always, guys.

  20. great show, Liked the Critiques. But let’s talk about what puts money in your pocket critiques

    What pic do people buy.. that pays the bills critiques

  21. Andrew Scheck says:

    Excellent! The critiques are a really good learning experience for everyone. Do I have to admit that I said “I have one like that” on a couple of images :)

    In my opinion, there is more to be learned from the negative critiques than the positive.

    Thanks again for your hard work in making these videos.

  22. Jerry says:

    The critiques are a good addition to the show and once a month is good. Any more often, or any more critiques in one show are just going to wind up with you saying the same six sentences over and over.
    Your take (critique) of some of the (IMHO) bad stuff in “The New Stars of Photography” (Smithsonian magazine, March 2012) would be interesting. Seems to me there is a lot of weirdness just to be weird (“different”) in many of these shots.

  23. Luis says:

    Awesome show guys! How may we find out about future critiques?

  24. james w. watts says:

    great show again guys! love these live critiques.

    if i’m the winner, i want the composition dvd!


  25. Scott’s Photobook Part IV please.

    Great show. Thanks.

  26. Kevin Tressel says:

    Please show more good work and tell us why you think so. Great show as always.

  27. PSW pass for me please !!!

    thanx appreciated.

    C U in DC !!!

  28. Andy says:

    Very good learning experience. I thought going into this that composition would have been the most needed improvement on the photos you looked at but it was not mentioned the most on this episode The biggest problems you pointed out were lighting (not good) , subject (not interesting) and edge or background (stuff that should not be there).

  29. Thomas Piepszak says:

    I need part IV

  30. Kat;hy Ward says:

    Any prize……

  31. John Content says:

    Love the reviews but please show them in Lightroom.

  32. Eric Saar says:

    Wow, the blind critiques were excellent and very helpful. Yes a lot of what you mentioned is or should be common knowledge. Seeing it and hearing it while going through some images just works great. The little post tips and suggestions were huge. Thanks

  33. Frank Furbish says:

    Great show! Very helpfull. Please keep ’em coming.

    “conscious incompetent” :-)

  34. Randy A. Eckert says:

    Thank You Scott and Matt.

    You critiqued some of my shots and you nailed it. Seeing you do the critique live really brings it home. The ones you liked were my favorites, I chose a few that were picked from Flicker votes and 500px votes. The Flicker and 500px pick got the thumbs down or the just a rrrroowww shot. That takes me back to a previous episode where I remember you commenting something about, watch for people just being nice or just saying that’s nice.

    I do appreciate good critique and constructive criticizing. I am the worst for being hard on my photos, so your input is gold, and this has helped me immensely.

    Thanks again.

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