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Sports photography phenom, Dave Black returns to The Grid to share even more of his insights, advice and amazing inspiration. Plus, he shares more about who he is as a person and as a photographer in "20 Questions with Dave Black."

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  1. Gerardo Palermo says:

    I loved every second of it!!! Dave is amazing! One hour was not enough but I know he will be back. Thank you guys for exposing us all these great photographers.

  2. Nat says:

    Hey guys
    What a fantastic show!!! Enjoyed it so so much. Thanks RC, Matt and Dave!

  3. Marc-André Gélinas says:

    Nice show guys
    Dave black is awesome
    i want Jay Maisel DVD SET

  4. Dave Moore says:

    Fantastic show! Great to meet Dave!

  5. Jay Cosgrove says:

    In the Grid and Dtown shows RC should say “cool” more often.Other then that and the lame attempt at humor by Scott (totally kidding of course) I enjoy and learn from the shows.


  6. Mike Wootton says:

    Inspirational! This week’s episode kept me glued to my screen right up to the last second. I could listen to Dave Black all day – and night!
    Surely, from comments in the show, there is a need for you guys to do a book on how to manage a photography business?

  7. Justin Wallace says:

    Black is insane—-in a good way, of course.

  8. Mike says:

    This was just an outstanding show. Special thanks to Dave Black.

  9. michael allen says:

    I cannot see the player on any of the shows,,It was playing fine a couple months ago but now I cant seem to see it.

  10. jock Goodman says:

    Thanks AGAIN. I had to watch BOTH the live show and replay. Got my juices flowing. Gotta go try something NEW with my pocket wizards and strobes in sports. #thegirdlive
    Do replay viewers get the same crack at prizes as live viewers? Since Allen Hess is also an inspiration, I’d benefit from his book, or Tom’s sports book. alohadios from Big Island , Jock

  11. Roger says:

    Great to hear from the pros.

  12. Lewis Johnston says:

    WOW !

    RC got it right in his closing remarks. Dave Black is an awesome human being.

    Put aside his fantastic photographic skill; he is authentic, insightful and inspirational as a person. The Grid should bring him on as a regular host (but keep Scott, Matt and RC as well).

    Dave- Thank you for being willing to share your faith in God’s guidance. I only wish my faith was that strong.

    God Bless and hope to meet you at PhotoShop World.

  13. Kevin Carpenter says:

    Dave Black was a great guest, and I really enjoyed the ‘Man of Faith’ part.

    Techy note on the show – the ends of the mic stands facing the camera reflect bright circles of light. Watch the video – you’ll see what I mean.
    I would paint those flat black to prevent reflection.

  14. Kevin Tressel says:

    Please have Dave on again, really great interview!


  15. Shawn Highfill says:

    Great show guys.

    Thank you so much Mr Black for sharing such a wonderful, heartfelt and personal story with all of us.

    RC, saying that owning a camera makes you a photographer is like saying owning a car makes me a NASCAR driver.

    Alan’s book is right behind RC’s on my Amazon list.

    Floof and Run

  16. Jeffery Schafer says:

    Great show. Any prize will do

  17. ray says:

    You guys are very lucky to have Dave as a friend. And Dave, you get out to work with your daughter as soon as possible – this year, if not sooner.

    Best wishes,


  18. TJ Pagliasotti says:

    Dave Black is amazing and he lives in the same state as me!!!!!!!!

  19. Luis Ascanio says:

    Awesome show guys!

  20. Eric Saar says:

    I love listening to Dave Black and what he has to offer! I am going to Photoshop World for the first time in DC and can’t wait to meet him. Thanks for another great show!

  21. TJ Pagliasotti says:

    I just made my way to from Im excited to see these live

  22. Tony says:

    Absolutely GREAT show. I LOVE Dave Black. Ever since first hearing of him on KelbyTV and watching his classes on Kelbytraining I have always liked him and enjoyed his photography. But after this show he is one of my absolute favorites now. I love how he just opened up and let us see some of his personal life. I really appreciate how he was willing to follow what God told him to do, and then not ashamed to talk about it on a live talk show in a day when so many people don’t want to hear anything about that kind of stuff. I can’t wait for Dave’s new classes to be available on Kelbytraining. I sure hope he is back on The Grid soon. Thanks to RC and Matt for having him and for the great ideas for the questions.

  23. John Dabarno says:

    Jay Maisel DVD SET

  24. Skip Wolff says:

    Could spend hours listening to Dave Black. Great man and great show.

  25. Rich Stopa says:

    I don’t like talk shows BUT this one is GREAT keep it up

  26. Phil Burt says:

    The best interview I have ever seen. Thank You for bringing this to us.

  27. “Enlightening” show guys!

    Couple of comments.

    The business side IS very important. We heard the example of Lindsay Adler and social media and that’s a great example.

    OF COURSE you need to have something to show. If you don’t have it, social media, marketing, business stuff should not help you. I say “should”, since we see a lot of very well advertised … let’s say “bad work” (to avoid a bad word :-) ).

    BTW, auto-focus was more 1985 than 1995. My father had a Nikon F501 AF in 1986. If it worked properly, that’s another story. And I’m quite sure if metering and auto-focus were not around, I could not take picture!

    Totally agree with the comment that taking great pictures is as hard as it has always been, but not having the technical part as a big issue really sets the artist free.

    Also learning today is MUCH easier. Not only for the part that Matt mentioned, that a lot of information is free today, but as Tim Wallace said “Shoot! Get a car and shoot it. When your card is full, format it and start again!”.

    Please Nancy! Prizes for the re-broadcast!!! :-)

  28. Jesper Mathiesen says:

    Love the Show…

  29. David Mayo says:

    To Dave Black’s comments on working with his daughter, one of the neatest blessings in life is when you find yourself learning from your child in your own area of expertise. That is a moment when all is right.

  30. Katie Weirens says:

    I just absolutely LOVE Dave Black. HE was the prize today, I don’t need to win anything. I’m very thankful for his views on things and how he felt God leads his path.

    Thank you Dave, Matt and RC!

  31. john Content says:

    Thanks for yet another great show

  32. Andy says:

    Good Show,

  33. Andrew L says:

    Dave Black has got to be the nicest and most generous guy…. well, RC ain’t bad either. Awesome show. Thanks all.

  34. Gary B says:

    Dave, you are always a great inspiration. Thanks to all for another great show!!!

  35. pepe gomes says:

    Dave Black is a wonderful human being. There’s a spirituality and humanity that shines through clearly when he speaks and it shows in his photography as well. Hard work and ingenuity pays (and I don’t mean financially) is the best lesson I learned from this show.

  36. Gudrun Schulze Ebbinghoff says:

    I was fortunate to take a class from Dave this past fall at PSW. He’s a fantastic talent and wonderful teacher!

  37. Charles says:

    Fantastic guest!

  38. David Olshan says:

    Just phenomenal. I could listen to Dave’s stories all day. Amazing what he has experienced in his career.

  39. Tony Silva says:

    c’mon Matt, say it with us am-basso-dress of love, you can do it buddy!

  40. Andrew says:

    Great show, excellent observation on the point of change in photography

  41. Edwin Contreras says:

    love the GRID

  42. PEACE GADDIS says:


  43. Don Paszkiewicz says:

    Dave Black is the best,love every time he’s on. I would really like the Alan Hess Book. Keep up with the great interviews/shows.

  44. james says:

    great show guys! dave black is so cool! 😛

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