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Westcott Platypod

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Inspired by last week's episode about "How to tell if you suck at photography," Scott and Matt got down to business this week and held their first ever "blind critique" episode. No… they did not blindfold themselves. Instead, they asked viewers who were interested in having an honest critique (no Flickr hugs here) to submit photos the day before the show. What followed was an honest and frank discussion that benefited everyone who was able to embrace the honesty and listen. Those who did came away with two major realizations, the need to learn how to "get it right in the camera" and the understanding that it's ok to use Photoshop to remove or fix what they didn't get right.

Due to the overwhelming response to yesterday's show, there will be more episodes like this in the future! Keep an eye on Scott's G+ account for more notifications to submit photos for future critiques!

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  1. Jan says:

    Audio didn’t work well

  2. says:

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    great educational post here at my home.

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  3. Neil Tsubota says:

    This was the worst show I have seen in 3 years of being a NAPP member.

    • Scott Kelby says:

      I think if you look at the comments above yours, you’re totally alone here. Other people are getting A LOT out of it, which begs the question —- what aren’t you? Look at Dave Moore’s comment a few before yours, where he writes, “My favorite show yet.” Gerado (right above him), not only learned, but put it into practice. Bob Thayer loved the honesty. So, either everyone else is really stupid, and you’ve got it all figured out…or……

  4. Tom Giannotti says:

    I watched this show on a replay and there was no sound problem at all! This was a great learning experience and I would agree with all those who suggest it be done more frequently. It was particularly helpful to see some of the suggested “fixes”.

    Thanks for a great show.

  5. Steve Wetzel says:

    Great idea to to the photo reviews. Very good show.

  6. Robert Norris says:

    Great Critiques and the thing about composition is spot on. I think we all make that error on more occasions than we’d care to admit. I’m always looking for that one shot that is awe inspiring but even with the best knowledge and ability they are hard to find sometimes. I would love to see this kind of thing expand and have a place to submit photos to be critiqued and then fixed to make it better if possible. That would be a great show then we could all see how to get it better from start to finish. When it was in film cameras the whole thing had to be right from the camera there were not many adjustments to be made with post production…oh, you could dodge and burn and crop some…so the in camera image needed to be good from the start. I know I’ve lost some edge over the years by being lazy about making the good image right out of the camera. It’s gotten so easy to Photoshop everything the way you want it later. Thanks for being here and sharing your insights and your bad photos on G+, makes us all feel better when you pros get it wrong also!

  7. Dave Moore says:

    By far my favorite show yet! I’ll never look at my photos the same way. Love to see another one!

  8. Gerardo Palermo says:

    After this episode my lightroom catalog went down by about 2000 photos. I need ice cream and a feel good movie now! I hope you guys do this on a regular basis. I learned a lot, thanks!

  9. Bob Thayer says:

    Love the honesty and tips on all of the photographs. I’d love to win the Photoshop World pass!

  10. Jonathon says:

    Great show as always. Really loved the critiques and how you advised on making them better. Thanks guys!

  11. Herb Rose says:

    The show is much better when the sound is with the video.

    With all of the photos available why not show the bad and good of the sane type of subject?

    Contrast the good and bad.

    Really enjoy the show.

  12. Tony says:

    Thanks for fixing the audio/video sync. I would have hated to miss this one. Very good show with some really good advice. I learned a lot. I hope you guys do this more often.

  13. Suzanne Smith says:

    Great show once it would actually play on my computer. Would love to have the photoshop world pass.

  14. Don Evan says:

    The more you do in camera, the less time with LR and Photoshop. Critiques give good do’s and don’trs for anyone wanting to learn the craft.

  15. Gilles Azria says:

    Great show !!!! You should do this more often : I’ve learned a lot.
    Thanks for your honest comments.

  16. Miguel Chia says:

    Great work guys!!

    Peter Hurley’s video was awesome, I want his DVD!!!!


  17. Jorge Dengo says:

    Great show guys!! I am really looking forward to my portfolio review at PSW!

  18. alex says:

    great show once it was fixed!!!!!!

  19. Roger says:

    Excellent show, great concept. Please do it again.

  20. rich gonzalez says:

    Why has the Audio Only podcast in iTunes, stopped showing new episodes? It stopped at, like, Ep 36?

  21. Andreas says:

    A Peter Hurley DVD, if i win 😉

    Very interesting episode. It would be awesome if you took just 3-5 minutes each episode for blind critiqueing.

  22. John Content says:

    great show, do it on a regular basis

  23. Andy Atkinson says:

    This was a great episode. I learned a lot and I think photo critiques are great full-length show content for future episodes, or could even be done in every episode in a shorter format. If the contest is still running, I’d like to enter myself for the Photoshop world pass.

  24. Brian says:

    Looking forward to upcoming critique shows.

    Keep up the great work.

  25. Hi Guys awesome episode….

    Nancy you’re beautiful :)

    I’d like the perter hurley dvd… the blog post on scott’s site was amazing!


  26. Bill Araujo says:

    Thanks for fixing the sound. It is so much better when you see what’s being talked about. Terrific show!

  27. tim johnson says:

    great critique. i can relate the info to my own work and make it better.
    peter hurley DVD would be a awesome prize if i was the lucky winner!

  28. Gene Kimball says:

    Last week sucked but this week more than made up for last week’s bad show. Good comments, constructive and done with the end goal of improving photographs.

  29. Chris says:

    Your blind critique was fantastic. Please do more.

  30. Shaun S. says:

    I loved the idea of critiques. I only wished that you had spent more time on the ones that you really liked. In my opinion, you skimmed over those a little too quickly.

  31. Andrew Langley says:

    Video and sound perfectly sync’ed today…. really enjoyed the critiques but hope you pick better images for the next one.
    If the prizes are still up for grabs I love the Peter Hurley post, super instructional and fun to watch, and would die for his DVD.

    Hasta la pasta

  32. Kevin Carpenter says:

    Love it – Thanks for reviewing photos – very educational.

    Only annoying point – Frank Sports Photo Training [at 47 min’s] did not have a link in the show notes.

  33. Steve says:

    Re-download the podcast, the video/audio sync is fixed.

    I have to say I’m surprised at a lot of the photos that were sent in. I’m assuming people sent in what they thought was their best. I hope these photographers take what Matt and Scott said to heart and really use it to improve their craft.

  34. Bryon Wiley says:

    Great Show!
    I would love the Peter Hurley DVD

  35. DaniLew says:

    Yay, it’s fixed! I got a headache trying to watch the out-of-sync version on Thursday night but it was really worth coming back to watch it today. I learned a lot, especially on border patrol.

    Thanks Scott and Matt!

  36. Wayne Pearson says:

    Love the show as always

  37. Douglas says:

    Loveing the show, bad sound or not. Great info as always, I would love the Peter Hurly’s DVD.

    Thanks Much nancy !!


  38. Jan says:

    Peter Hurley DVD please

  39. Candace says:

    Awesome show! Please do a lot more shows like this!

  40. Sandy says:

    Another good show! THANKS

  41. Don Hull says:

    The blind critique was a good idea. Please do it every month or so.

    You could critique just a few images in greater depth – good, near good, and bad images.

    Someone suggested a good and a bad lighthouse for comparison. Great idea.

    I would love the Peter Hurley DVD,.

  42. Alan says:

    Great show, leant a lot from the blind critique (crop and board patrol) would of like to seen some better photos so I can see what to do, not just what not to do.

    Keep it up.

  43. Yosuke Kato says:

    Another Great episode.
    Peter Hurley’s video was great, I want one really bad.

    I liked the blind critique, once a month will be great.

  44. Erik Fischer says:

    Thank you for fixing the audio, lot’s of great tips.
    could you show more about using the other setting and tools, such as the one you used to darken the books.

    Peter Hurley’s DVD


  45. HenryH says:

    I’ll take the Photoshop World pass if you please.
    Sounded fine to me, so perhaps things were resolved. Great concept for a show. I could watch this kind of thing for hours.

  46. Tim W says:

    Really interesting show! I need to watch the details more in my shooting. Thanks to all that submitted their photos.

  47. dereK roe says:

    Now the problem is with an ADORAMA ad that just runs repeatedly over & over

    Anybody home in the fix-it shop??????

  48. Bart Geurts says:

    The sound is in sync now.
    I learned a lot! Thanks guys!

  49. TimR says:

    This is what I deal with every week. For some reason the live audio feed comes through twice. I have to kill the sound on the player and listen to the delayed sound that is still coming through. I’ve tried different web browsers with no luck. I am open to ideas.

  50. Jeffery Schafer says:

    Everyone else mentioned the issue

  51. Josh Whiting says:

    Another great episode of the Grid.

  52. Tony Smith says:

    Quick tip, open the show here and on youtube and mute one then sync the voice to the one you actualy watch

  53. Brian Cole says:

    The fact that there are 40+ comments on this site about the audio being out of sync and not one from the people involved is really disappointing. I would be happy with a comment saying that it can’t be fixed, but nothing….

  54. Chris Stape says:

    I have beat the bad movie audio delay…. Download the audio only version and play it on Quicktime with the time synced to the video.

  55. Tony says:

    Same here. Couldn’t watch due to audio/video out of sync. Tried but gave up after a few minutes. I really hope this gets fixed becaue I would love to watch this episode.

  56. viktor says:

    FIX Audio and video sync !!! 😉

  57. Dwayne says:

    Hey guys, I love the new Chinese Made Karate movie effects on this episode!

  58. Skip Wolff says:

    Hard to watch and follow. Audio and video are way out of sync.

  59. Ken Powell says:

    Kinda like watching an old martial arts movie :)

    • Ken Powell says:

      Much better!!

      Definitely worth the wait. I really enjoyed the critiques. I agreed with them all and was able to find out as you said, what needed to be improved.

      I learned to put up my best, and only my best… and then take it down because “I suck” :)

      I REALLY enjoyed the post from Peter Hurley and would love to be in the consideration for his DVD. My wife watched it and says that she will try that out next time that someone “sticks a camera in my face”. OK, she probably was talking to me.

  60. Marc-André Gélinas says:

    I think your teleprompter is 7 seconds late with your mouth.
    I want the dvd of peter hurley because I want to hear more ”kaboom chin line.”
    Great show, nice critique i learn a lot.

  61. Sebastian says:

    Yeah. Audio stops at 6 seconds and start back few seconds after… making it unwatchable. Sadly :(

  62. Norbert Puritscher says:

    Does anyone at kelby watch the comments ???
    Adio sync with video is terrible …

  63. Andrew says:

    Really interesting show. kind of tough to follow because of the sound synch issue. Would love to watch again so the photo you are talking about is on the screen without having to try to remember the previous displayed photo.

  64. Mitch says:

    I thought it was just my iTunes copy that the audio was totally off but I see it is here too.

  65. John says:

    I used tabs to run the sound on one and the video on the other. Got it sync’d first time! (yay)!

  66. Gary Haley says:

    Sound is out of sync on kelbytv and on iTunes

  67. Very instructive show!

    Too bad the sound and video are really out of sync, so sometimes you guys are talking about a picture and the video is already two pictures ahead.

    Learned a lot with the comments!!

    Nancy! Please, prizes for the re-broadcast!!! Please!! :-)

  68. Stefan Hargus says:

    please fix the sound.
    When you have guys there, who fix a website because the “code is bad”, this shouldn’t be a problem.

    Thank You!!!

  69. Jesper Mathiesen says:

    Nice show and links

  70. Johnny says:

    Just sync manually until they get it fixed. Download audio version and lower the sound on the video version. sync the audio to the video..

  71. martin gillette says:

    could only listen while doing other things. i hope you guys can sync the sound because i’d really like to watch this again…

  72. Suzette says:

    Scott, you said you got some great photos but would not show them just to say they were great. But, if you have oh, let’s say a lighthouse shot that is really awesome and one that falls flat, could you show both so we can see why one totally worked and the other didn’t? It would be good to have a comparison. Thanks!

  73. Gary says:

    The video and sound are still way off sync… difficult to watch.

  74. Joe Palmer says:

    Good show. I like the comments about composition and choice of subjects. I was wondering if some time down the track you could cover how to make the best out of an ordinary location. Not all of us can jet off to beautiful places. The title could be ‘Finding beauty in ugly places’. Just a thought!

  75. Stephan says:

    Sound is off by about 16 seconds, too bad this can’t be corrected in itunes, but quicktime 7 can fix this in no time. once synced, hey, good show, as always! smile…

  76. james says:

    great show guys! 😛

  77. Luc Francois says:

    Hi, the sound is not in sync with the video !

  78. Carrie says:

    Wow…..I think I need to sell my equipment or watch kelby training 24/7! I am interested in the Peter Hurley DVD.


  79. Doug E says:

    Great Grid episode! As I posted on Scot’s blog; I’ll bet that would/could be an entirely different weekly show. You’ve time to kill, right? 😉

    Peter Hurley, great guest blog and ShhBang! What a great video!

    His DVD must be rich considering how much I picked up from his 14min video. 😉

    Thanks guys!

  80. Ah great so is not just me… lol.. It does sounds very funny to watch un-synced… lol

  81. Bill Araujo says:

    Even though the sound was off, I stayed with it and tried to learn. I think the sound was off because The Grid intro was plugged in twice. Is there any way that you can fix this? It’s a terrific show and I’d really like to follow along in sync. Thanks!

  82. Bill Ferguson says:

    D’oh!! Must’ve had a few while uploading…

  83. Dustin says:

    Very unfortunate that the audio and video did not sync. I hope they get it fixed, it is really hard to watch at least the 2 minutes that I did watch.

  84. John Dabarno says:

    Peter Hurley DVD

  85. Andy says:

    This was not the show to have a synced problelm. It was a very good learning episode and you should do this on a regular basic like once a quarter.

  86. RON says:

    ya, sound off sync. reminds me of those Godzilla movies.. esp when nancy talks in french…rofl

  87. Larry Clay says:

    I really enjoy The Grid. I look forward each week to the next episode. Unfortunately, my schedule will not allow me to watch live. I must wait for the recorded show the next day. So it is quite disconcerting that this weeks show has been released with such a major flaw and has been on the web site for several hours with many complaints and nothing being done to correct the problem. So, how about it?

  88. James says:

    Glad it’s not just me. Going to just listen to the audio this week…

  89. d a v i d o s u l l i v a n says:

    Really looking forward to seeing the fixed version, just so you know the podcast is the same.

  90. Manassas 1 says:

    Don’t like the audio being out of sync. You need to fire somebody.

  91. Ed Moxley says:

    Good show. As was said on show, you need to do this more often. BUT, it was pretty frustrating trying to keep up. Most of the time the audio was 15-17 sec, behind the video, so what you were talking about had nothing to do with the picture on the screen. Hoping it gets fixed………… :)

  92. Tom good says:

    Sound is waaaaaay off, kinda funny to watch, like an old Kung fu movie!

  93. Jerry says:

    Yep, soundtrack/video sync is off by a bunch!

  94. Jayson Sanders says:

    The GRID is one of my favorite shows on Kelby TV, keep up the great work fellas.

  95. Bob McGee says:

    Peter Hurley DVD, please! :0)
    Great show!

  96. PEACE GADDIS says:


  97. jp says:

    is it just me, or is the audio track off of the video on here.

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