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Westcott Platypod

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Scott is joined by members of Nikon's Professional Services to discuss the new Nikon D4. This special episode includes a live studio shoot using the D4 as well as a question and answer session with Nikon's Scott Diussa, Bill Pekala, and Mark Suban. Follow the link to yesterday's live blog to see what the audience thought.

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  1. Robert Martin says:

    STARDATE 10th march 2012.
    Still no sign of life regarding a “Special” for the Canon D1X. The 5D MK3 has been officially announced but no word from KelbyTV.
    My fear is all trace of Canon has been erased from “The Grid”, not even a mention on “DTown”. Has it reverted back to “D” town or is it for Digital SLR users?? Am i alone in this spaceship staring through this porthole at mother Earth as the last Canon user is ejected from Planet Nikon.
    Only kidding guys, i`m sure you have “Special episodes of “The Grid” and “DTown” already lined up for the D1X & 5D mk3……….guys…………..
    …..anyone there?

  2. Garrick says:

    I think I’ll stick where I am right now, but I can’t WAIT to see Canon’s response…

  3. David Christner says:

    where was Ashton? Just an infomercial…complete with corporate hacks. Golly Gee Scott, like the camera you’ve never used…much? You were damn breathless. Always look forward to the show, but I didn’t get past the 1st 2 mins of this one. If I wanted Nikon’s view on their product, I’d go to their web site. If I want an objective view on a Nikon product, I know not to go to yours. By the way, am supposed to buy from B&H or Adorama? I can’t keep it straight.

  4. Dan Steen says:

    Great to hear about the D4 from the Nikon guys. Thanks

  5. Dan Steen says:

    Great to see and hear from the Nikon guys on the D4. Thanks

  6. Chuck Sider says:

    The best GRID ever . . .

  7. Great show as usual, very nice camera it just needs on thing….. a Canon logo on it 😉

  8. Gene Kimball says:

    Great Camera! However, it is out of my price range.

  9. Hubert says:

    I will get this right after my Ferrari. Great camera.

  10. Mairum says:

    Very nice show guys! And awesome camera!!

  11. Shawn Highfill says:

    You forgot to mentions how to win the D4. :-)

    Cool camera

    Floof and run

  12. Luke Zeme says:

    Thought you did really well Scott considering it was your first time with the D4, and the price tag of $6k is lower than I thought it was. Bet we will see many D4’s at the London Olympics !!!

  13. nick says:

    Thanks for the great show. whats your opinion on studio shooting with this journalism/ sports camera?

  14. Peter F says:

    will you shoot with an canon 1D X too or is this purely Nikon sponsored?

  15. james says:

    great show guys! 😛

  16. peace gaddis says:

    wow great
    if you are giving one away i want it

  17. E.J. Peiker says:

    D3x also shoots at a native ISO of 100. The D4 is not the first ISO 100 Nikon camera.

  18. Rich Stopa says:

    Great show cant wait till my preorder D4 is in my hands

  19. D4 rocks!!! Thanks for the great show!

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