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The Grid returns from holiday hiatus and Matt & Scott are joined by the one and only David Ziser to discuss the topic, "Do you really need a professional photographer?" Plus, Dave gives Grid viewers a special treat – Use the code: PPEGRID12 and pay only $139.00 for PhotoPro Expo! This offer is good until Sunday, January 8 at Midnight Eastern time. The link is in the full episode description.

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  1. Late comment, but still (vacations at “home” – Brazil).

    Offer has increased a lot. dSLR cameras are way cheaper than before. As Scott mentioned about Sea World, I made the same comment in the summer ( ).

    I’m far from professional and got very nervous on Help Portrait “what if they tell me ‘now you shoot'”!! A lot of responsibility!!! Oh my god, I’m not ready for it yet!! :-) But sometimes you see some “professional” work and think … “GOSH I WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER” …

    Anyway, market has changed and business models should adapt. Not do what the music industry is still doing!!!!

    Well, hopefully good professionals will adapt and always have their place and upcoming professionals will come in the new model and have their chance (hopefully to the cube).

    BTW, yes, women hate bass (at least mine married the bass player 😉 ).

  2. Great show and topics. Perhaps an offshoot topic that may relate to the explosion of new photographers is the market of marketing training, mentoring, Photoshop actions, templates, how to market or marketing programs… the list goes on… to other photographers. Not like Kelby Training but other independent photographers who market something they’ve learned or created to other photographers. It seems like everywhere you turn another photographer is wanting to market their knowledge or products to you and it gets overwhelming and somewhat annoying.

  3. Scott, I noticed the same thing when visiting Universal Studios in November. So many more DSLR’s than point and shoot and smartphones. I was amazed actually. I had to wonder though… were they all set to P for ‘professional?’ :)

  4. Dave Moore says:

    Great topic!

  5. dan harper says:

    If the guy in the audience with a DSLR can provide better images than the “professional”, then the answer is no.. you don’t need a “professional”, you need a good photographer…

    after seeing what qualifies as “professional”, the better question would be what defines “professional”, and how to avoid the traps of wasting money

  6. Gene Kimball says:

    Thanks for another interesting show.

  7. Bill Truran says:

    Pro clients are based upon RELATIONSHIPS. A pro invests in creating a relationship with their clients. That keeps us working. I LOVE all of my clients!

  8. Bill Truran says:

    Pros shoot when sick. What I mean is there is NEVER any excuse not to shoot a job. When working while sick, you still must do the greatest job. That’s a pro.

  9. W Patrick Clements says:

    great show from Canada

  10. Hugo says:

    Show topic idea: Hornet nest that Trey Ratcliff stirred up regarding his decision to probably not invest in any more dslr tech. You guys have often longed for a camera put out by Apple that showed the ingenuity and ease of use of the iPhone or iPad. 5 or less years away from no longer needing a dslr to achieve or exceed the work and art you’re producing now?

  11. Donna Kirby says:

    Wish I could watch the show live but internet connection is too slow – no high speed is offered where I live. Look forward to downloading each new episode overnight! Keep up this great format – love it!!!!!! I am a hard core Grid fan.

  12. Al says:

    Happy New Year guys/gals! Great topic as usual! Peace!

  13. John Richardson says:

    Wonderful show!
    It reminded me on something I heard a long time ago “Don’t step over the dollar to pick up the dime.”

  14. ray says:

    great show – David is a real gem – give him a hug and ruffle his hair 😉

  15. Jeremy says:

    I was a professional in a different field for 15 years, and frequently heard from customers, “I can to do this myself”. In most cases, it’s true, but hiring a pro has an obvious advantage. With time, experience and the proper tools, you have a much higher chance of success. In other words, the hobbyist might be able to get it right, but the pro will get it right more often, faster, with fewer mistakes.
    PS I learned the hard way I suck at wedding pictures. My buddy got married, didn’t hire a photographer, but I luckily had my camera and tripod. All the pictures came out horribly, but they are the only pictures of the wedding, so by default they loved them. Hire a pro, it’s worth it more often than not.

  16. James Fairhurst says:

    Great show! Always educational and ALWAYS fun to watch!

  17. Johnny says:

    I’ll try to see you in Austin since I live here.

    We should see if Trey is in town and do a shoot walk.

    Fonda San Miguel is REALLY killer Mexican food and of course Salt Lick BBQ.

  18. Randy A. Eckert says:

    Great show.

    I have been just asked to shoot a wedding, I have never done wedding photography I will have to check out David Ziser on Keby Training.

    I got to be honest wedding photography has always intimidated me since a pro-photographer screwed up my wedding pictures. It is something you don’t just get a second run at.

  19. Wayne Pearson says:

    Love the show

  20. Tim Erskine says:

    Excellent show, I’ve played it three times so far while working.

    I would love Scott’s Light it Shoot it Retouch it!
    I already have Matt’s Compositing Secrets.

  21. Brian Gailey says:

    Great job on another wonderful episode!

  22. Bonnie Fiser says:

    Happy New Year! Great show again.

  23. ken campbell says:

    Great show, really enjoyed your comments. Always love to hear Mr Ziser talk!

  24. Tony Rouzer says:

    I know what you mean Scott. I also wear Black Logo Shirts. That why I lot you and the guys were so cool. That is what drew me to you and your shows. Awesome. Welcome back in 2012.

  25. I hate my “real” job it makes me miss the live show. Just wish I could get the time off to go to all of Photopro Expo, I’m just going to make the tradeshow on Saturday and right now just can’t afford the full ticket price to see Scotts class as well as the other classes over the 4-5 days. Anyway enough of my pitty party, Scott hope to meet you outside of the class to say hi.

  26. Bob says:

    Great show and nice to have you back.

  27. Luke Zeme says:

    good topic,
    there are so many examples of this, art conservation is so expensive but nobody wants to pay for the services anymore.

    Thanks Luke

  28. Mike Brown says:

    There is $ to be made fixing up others not so good work. The long story is about a woman who comes into my place 2 years after the wedding, she cannot talk about the photos without crying, and gets a couple of her photos fixed by me.
    Seems her original photographer does not know how to shoot photos of people with glasses on without getting glare so she has the subjects take their glasses off for all photos. Bride cannot hardly recognize the lady standing next to her as her mother as her mother has worn glasses since before the bride was born.
    The only negative comment I got was that my charge for fixing was more than they paid for the wedding package in the first place.
    Remember to never bad mouth the original photographer, just say positive things about how you can “enhance” those images.

  29. peace gaddis says:

    great start to the new year

    • Shakhawat says:

      I mnlaiy use strobes but am interested in using my speed lights more so I will probably get one of these new appollos.I trigger my strobes and speed lights using cactus v5 devices which are always attached to my strobes. Will my v5s work still even if they are hidden within the appollo boxes and is there any way to aim my speed light more towards the center of the softbox since my speed light will be sitting on top of the cactus v5, thus putting the light source near the top of the appollo? Hopefully my questions make sense!Scott – saw you in Philly and you so rocked. Hope you come back soon!

  30. Jeffery Schafer says:

    Great having you back. Missed you.

  31. Roger says:

    Welcome back to a great new season! Looking forward to it.

  32. james says:

    happy new year guys! miss you guys a lot! great show guys and stay safe! 😛

  33. Bob says:

    It’s nice to get my weekly Grid fix again.

  34. Klaus Binder says:

    Great show, very relevant subject.
    There is a huge difference between photography as a passion and as way to make a living.
    To make a living business skills and connections are key.
    Obviously having at least some reasonable photo skills will help greatly to survive.

    Single best advice know exactly how much need to make per day/hour year. After that it is a lot easier to justify the price to the client. Walk away from an assignment. Or take an job t while “loosing money” or time with family an friends

  35. I am so glad you guys are back. great show like every show

  36. W Patrick Clements says:

    great show very good content keep it up I will be back next Wed.

  37. Nathan Kohlman says:

    I am a photographer, It is not my profession but rather a passion, something I am interested in and strive to learn and get better at. When I am at a family function, especially a wedding do I take my camera? Of course. I think you hire a professional photographer for one reason. The are usually experts.

    Professional wedding photographers have shot enough weddings to know what brides and grooms are looking for. They know were to be and when. If you are relying on family and friends you may or may not get that and usually that is not a chance you are willing to take with a one time event.

    On the flip side there is definitely a place for family photographers. When I am at a family wedding or function, I am looking for other shots, unique shots, pictures that will supplement what the pros are going to do for you. For example, most pros would not know about a crazy uncle, quirky aunt or wacky friend that is almost guaranteed to generate some interesting moments, as someone with an intimate personal knowledge of the bride and or groom I would know this and try to focus on them, producing images that supplement the pros images and possibly tell a story that was not in the spotlight but definitely adds substance and meaning to the day.

  38. Andy says:

    Nice seeing David Zise and good show!
    Great to see all the great giveaways continue from last year.

  39. Miriam Rosenthal says:

    Great topic. Don’t shoot weddings but do shoot some events. No one wants an album, only images on cd to use for the website or annual report. Trying to figure out how to generate more income based on the discussion.

  40. monkeyinabox says:

    DEV – Likes her beats fast and her bass down low. 😉

    Great show. Loved the topic.

  41. Jack says:

    Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to another great year focused on all things photography.

  42. Another innovation today that “pros” have to come to grips with is the fact that uncle Joe can now do a lot of interesting processoing easier and simpler. Manpulation of images was the exclusive domain of the pro. Wake up guys, smell the cheese, the roses AND the coffee. The train has left the station. Are you up front with the engineer or are your still standing on the paltform?

  43. Chuck Sider says:

    “You don’t charge for what you do, you charge for what you know how to do.”

  44. Charles says:

    Great show with David. Happy New Year to All! Where did my wheel of cheese roll?

  45. Martin Shipps says:

    Love David Ziser!!!!!

  46. Dave Nunez says:

    Nancy, I have that same hoodie from Thinkgeek! :p

  47. John Havord says:

    Welcome back.

    Truth is, clients sometimes need to be educated. A lot of times the couple just want to “get by” with the cheap option but when they realise what they could miss out on, they are more responsive to other ideas. The physical album being a prime example.

  48. jock Goodman says:

    Dang, missed the live show AGAIN. good to hear Ziser (who dresses like a pro). If it is so cold in
    Fla, come to WARM HAWAII, we had giant surf yesterday. I MAY be no 1 comment so put me in for the lucky treats #thegridlive. Thanks for hte show. Jock Goodman

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