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Scott and Matt host an extra special episode of The Grid where they are joined by Bryan O'Neil Hughes – Senior Product Manager for Photoshop – who graciously allowed himself to be grilled by Scott, Matt and the viewers who tuned in live. What followed was an honest, open discourse that provided great insights to all. Thanks again Bryan for joining us on the Grid!

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  1. Richard Bracegirdle says:

    Best ‘The Grid’ show yet !! Excellent insight into the workings of the Photoshop design team. Just shows what dedication goes into the design of this product that we all use every day.

  2. Fantastic episode.

    Adobe definitely gets it; listening to what consumers need is a strategy that i wish more companies followed.

    It would be great to have the same type of episode with Nikon :)

  3. Joenhel says:

    thanx,nice i learn more……

  4. vivez says:

    thanks……… :)

  5. david says:

    great show once again !!

  6. Phil Chabot says:

    Where did Matt take the photo of the boulders and the cliffs?

  7. Joel says:

    Still waiting for the audio download…

  8. Mark says:

    In “The Grid: Special Grill Bryan Episode” why is Matt chewing gum? Very distracting. Aside from that, it was a great episode.

  9. peace gaddis says:

    keep it up
    great show

  10. Joe Carbonari says:

    Scott, You often talk about the young people adopting the new technology. Please give a nod to some of us on the other end of the curve. For me digital cameras, PhotoShop and retirement all intersected at the same time. Now, at 80, I am fully enjoying a second career as an amateur photographer. No darkroom, no chemicals just my 7D, photoshop and me.

  11. Yariv Menchel says:

    2 topics ideas:

    1) Future of electronic viewfinders, as the new Sony SLT-A77, which allows many otherwise impossible features (and I am a vivid loyal Nikon user)

    2) One day, video will be with such high resolution and high quality that sports photography will be merely choosing frozen frames out of videos.

  12. jock Goodman says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show and appreciate what Bryan went through and his courage and poise under pressure.
    Thank you Adobe for listening.
    Now,,, notice how few comments there are when there is no FREE giveaway. To me, that shows most viewers have their hand out for something. Bryan GAVE us his time and insight, isn’t that enough? …….. mahalo, Jock

  13. Miriam Rosenthal says:

    Really enjoyed the show. I LOVE CS 5. I started with a free version of Adobe software that came with a scanner. It was pre-Elements, then went with the first two versions of Elements and switched over to “big” Photoshop. Never looked back.

    Thanks to Adobe and also to NAPP for making PS even more user friendly.

  14. Calvin Ferniza says:

    Why doesnt photoshop just have a customize feature? Example: Scott never used the pattern tool and didnt like it showing up. just go through a list of all the features and checkmark all the tools you want to keep and uncheck all the features that you never use.

  15. JW Stovall says:

    Scott, I sent a comment about the strength of the sharpen tool, months ago….sorry you missed it.

  16. Joel says:

    Where is the audio download?

  17. Dave Moore says:

    Great show – love Bryan’s insight!

  18. Andy says:

    Good show

  19. John Havord says:

    Excellent show, very informative.
    Definitely think Byran needed a stronger drink that the non sponsor water :)

  20. John Correia says:

    Great show, but I can’t seem to access the videos when using IE 9. Is this an issue that is affecting other?

  21. Steve Wetzel says:

    Great show guys, keep it up.

  22. Shaun White says:

    Very cool show thanks Bryan for all the info. I have gone from Elements 8 to CS5 and LR3 & love it.
    Go Smart Sharpen.

  23. Great grill! I mean, great show!

    Good information, and better, apparently real information, since it was not “all we wanted to hear”.

    Great hint was Bryan’s page on Hidden Gems!

  24. Katja says:

    Great show, thanks!

  25. Andrew L says:

    Fantastic show…. thanks to Bryan for clear answers and an unflappable mien in the face of his grillin’.

  26. DAVID ROSAS says:

    GREAT SHOW ! Meet Byron on the china town photo shoot in San Franciso .He’s a cool dude. He seem to hold his own as you guys grilled him. I missed see Scott workshop darn it oh well .hopefully Adobe will do it again.

  27. Gene Kimball says:

    Great show! I am still relatively new to PS and LR so the information provided was illuminating in describing how Adobe reviews new items to add, changes to make or items to delete when bringing out a new version. JDI is a great idea. Too often other companies make the sad mistake of adding something new and in the process lose focus on testing all aspects of their software. I love bulletproof. I used DEC VMS for years and that was an awesome OS. When I used Windows at first, it was hardly what I would call bulletproof. So, Adobe [and Bryan], thank you for making certain that your software is designed right from the bottom up. Thanks to Scott and Matt for hosting this event. It was great!

  28. Skip Wolff says:

    Thanks guys and Thanks Adobe.

  29. Frank Effrece says:

    Another great insight show.

  30. Bob says:

    I think that Matt should pay for an all expense trip for the young lady to visit NAPP and personally collect and critic the NAPP supplied HDR presets!!

  31. Joel says:

    Audio download?

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