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Scott is back from his European seminar tour and is joined by Matt and PSW Instructor, Rich Harrington. Today's topic: "C'mon… Admit it… You use Photoshop" - a lively discussion about why Photoshop is still seen as a taboo addition to photography by some, regardless of the fact that ~every~ photographer uses it. The discussion turns to "digital vs. darkroom"… And then careens right off the rails as Scott regales the audience with a lovely song about Brad's experience in Amsterdam. (NOTE: He's totally joking).

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  1. You couldn’t be more on the level!!

  2. An all around well thought out blog post.

  3. Mike Frank says:

    I’ve been a fan of The Grid / Photoshop TV for a long time. I enjoy the shows and appreciate all the hard work you guys put into them. I just wanted say to thank you…for getting the “Hookers and Pot” theme song stuck in my head. I was humming it to myself until my kids asked what song that was. Thanks.

  4. Christian says:

    Love the show guys
    Keep it up

  5. David Kelly says:

    Great show / debate guys and very funny too :-)

  6. Raul Cisneros says:

    lolol, yall are the best!! Im hungry, gotta go!!

  7. Keith says:

    Great show as always. I would love to win the copy of RC’s book.

    BTW, you might not want to do the hookers and pot riff during the middle of an ad read. Sponsors tend not to like that. You already lost fuji. You don’t want to lose wacom too! :-)

  8. the Audio only version, does not appear in iTunes ? And the bonus episode with Bryan O’Neil Hughes does not appear either .. :-( Hope it will get up soon

  9. Hilarious show!! The blues was great :-)

    What has happened to the “download audio only” option????? Please!!!

    Also, will the Grill Bryan be re-broadcasted? I hope so! :-)

    Old X new was already the discussion some weeks ago and is always the discussion all around in every and any field.

    Like, I studied physics and we still don’t learn most of the 20th century physics in the university … so it’s a base problem.

    About photoshop … I confess … I actually already joined the PA (Photoshopics Anonymous and also the Lightroom Anonymous) :-)

  10. Rich Ramirez says:

    love the one topic show because at times when you have two topics one gets lots of conversation and the other gets lost. great show. I am learning photoshop and i know it will take time but with your on line training I am sure I will sucseed.

  11. Ed Moxley says:

    Crazy show today!
    I want hookers and pot………….. :)

  12. Dennis Hughes says:

    Go Harrington! Thanks.

  13. Maryal says:

    LOL! Best show ever! I am still laughing!

  14. Shawn Highfill says:

    Several things are clear after this episode:

    1. Fuji will never be a sponsor
    2. Fuji has already dispatched ninja assassins to silence the infidel. (hope your Black OPs training pays off. )
    3. Waucom has been raided by the DEA. Many of the top brass are discovering what a full body search really means.
    4. You have broken the record for the number of times the words H&P were used on a live broadcast.
    5. You guys are funny, how do you get any work done. Great show. Thanks for the laughs.

    Floof and run

  15. Shaun White says:

    Man what a scream of a show. Happy birthday to Brad hope sorry we know you had a great time.

  16. Ali Erturk says:

    Great Guys, thanks a lot,

  17. Leo says:

    great show

  18. Shawn says:

    First off, I have no problem with photoshop and artificial light (or power tools and macs for that matter)

    Scott keeps saying things like “If they were better at photoshop/lighting, then maybe they’d like it” I think that’s backwards. Maybe if they liked photoshop/lighting, then maybe they’d look into it more and become good at it.
    I think its like a “kink” . They get pleasure out of depriving themselves of some arbitrary convenience. Like Woodworkers who don’t use power tools or computer nerds who have to build their own PCs from scratch. Nothin’ wrong with that.

  19. Lindsay McSweeney says:

    I really love the singing parts of the shows (this was the second) — can we get Scott and Matt to do a full song sometime — a Grid theme song.

  20. Jon Maceda says:

    By the way, thanks for pimping out zephyrhills water. I work for Nestle and I am sure they would appreciate that. Hehehe Again, good show!

  21. Tom Giannotti says:

    Clearly the next Photoshop World must be in Amsterdam!

  22. Jon Maceda says:

    You guys are hilarious especialy when Scott is around! Great show. Hookers and Pot!!!

  23. John Havord says:

    Great show and Rich was a great guest. The man has so much “common sense”.

    One thing I’d love to see, in an episode of The Grid, is a live video feed of the teleprompter in the corner of the screen :)

  24. Charles says:

    I was hoping to win the laced Wacom tablet!

  25. Mike says:

    Must be a drag that you cant use a tripod at public places in the US.

    Here in Sweden we don´t have that problem U can infact take the tripod into a museum and just shoot away.

  26. Bill Araujo says:

    Another great show! Thanks for all the laughs too!

  27. John Vegas says:

    Pot does help with the creative process …or so they tell me. 😉

  28. Jesper G says:

    I just got Matt’s new book in the mail Yesterday and I understand why it sold out. It totally rocks.

    Great show guys.

  29. Libby says:

    There actually IS a point to cursive writing, but it’s not that it will be “useful” on its own. It’s all about developing fine motor coordination and eye-hand coordination. That said, I absolutely agree that all students and teachers should be computer literate, including the basics of IT. Then, again, our teachers are already responsible for so much, is it fair to expect them to be IT experts, too? And, yes, I can solve the vast majority of my own computer problems – and friends call me about theirs.

  30. Gene Kimball says:

    OK, as one from the film/darkroom era, I understand a bit about the people who call themselves purists. It is not as much about the fact that PS is used but the fact that these people have spent years learning the OLD method and feel threatened by the NEW method [digital/PS]. It is an old scenario – people do not like change and this is a big one. People feel threatened by change as it takes them out of their comfort zone. Any time this happens, you will have this kind of reaction. Personally, I understand the feeling but I also embrace the digital/PS world. It is so much faster and less expensive not to mention possibly fighting EPA over disposal of old chemicals. Change is rarely accepted by all.

  31. Joel says:

    Where is the audio download link?

  32. peace gaddis says:

    great show

  33. andrew says:

    I’ve had my fill of “hookers and pot” in my youth and would love to expand my horizon into HDR, RC style. Good to have Scott back, thanks for the fun show.

  34. Bill Guy says:

    Hi, my name is Bill
    “Hello Bill”
    and I use Photoshop.

  35. John Content says:

    Hi Guys
    I enjoy you show very much. Now I know that this is a audio show but for the guys who actually watches the show, please fix your lighting. In this case Rich is in the dark. Please fix this, you guys are pros.

  36. Skip Wolff says:

    Hope there is going to be a replay of Bryan’s appearance on the Grid.

  37. Paul Howard says:

    Just plain too damn funny.
    “Wacom 420”. Awesome, Alan!

  38. james says:

    Great show!

  39. Alan says:

    Great show, by the way I can make any photo out of focus I don’t need a x100.

  40. Michael says:

    You guys really cracked me up with this show.

  41. Joel says:

    Where is the audio download?

  42. Andy says:

    Good show.

  43. Jason says:

    So, am dying to know – who won the prizes from this weeks show? :-)

  44. Gregory Johnson says:

    Great show

    Rich Harrington web links is to last week’s guest

    Love Scot’s rich man’s Fuji

  45. martin gillette says:

    fun show. btw the real answer is 100% of the best photographs by the best are sent through photoshop or ps-like programs.

  46. Don Evan says:

    Yes, I use Photoshop!

  47. Tom Marantette says:

    Another great show! Look forward to visiting with you in Las Vegas!!

  48. Beh, YC says:

    another great episode…keep it up. :)

  49. Bonnie Fiser says:

    With all the different plug-ins that you guys use, when are you going to do another plug-in tutorial on Kelby Training?

  50. Jase says:

    I think this show was about hookers & weed? Or how to photoshop hookers & weed? Something about hookers & weed…..Oh, and you guys talked about hookers & weed, too.

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