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RC joins Matt in the studio while Scott's seminar tour touches down in Germany. The guys are joined by iconic Sports Illustrated photographer, Bill Frakes to comment on a discussion that RC and Matt have been going back and forth on for a few days… "What's on your Wall." What ensues is a spirited debate representing many points of view. Things really start heating up when the topic shifted slightly to nude photos… and then they just got plain old hilarious.

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  1. Joel says:

    No disrespect to anyone… but it almost sounded like Bill and RC take themselves a little too seriously when it comes to photography. It almost sounded like they were trying to “out-photog” each other to prove who had the greater photog mind.

    It simply comes down to personal opinion. If they want people and/or nudes on their walls, more power to them. However, it was disappointing seeing Matt get beat up on because he has his own opinion of what HE wants on HIS walls at home.

    Lighten up guys! Its just pictures!

  2. Andrew L says:

    Loved the comments by RC and Bill: articulate and thoughtful. I wish Matt didn’t have to interject so often with little new to add to the conversation.

    Would love to see Bill on again with Scott moderating next time.

  3. Nick Verbenec says:

    I think you guys are really putting alot more thought in to something that to me has a really simple answer. If I like the image, no matter if I created it, or if someone else did, I will put it up on the wall.

    I am a photographer, but I am one someone to go around and consider myself an “Artist.” Like I said though, if I see something that I like and I think will work the the rest of the decor of my house, up it goes. I may like the photo because it has some meaning to me or I may like it just because I think it looks cool. Its really just that simple for me.

    I hope that you have Bill Frakes back again, but have a topic where he can add something to the show. This show was just Matt and RC going back and forth, Bill might as well not even been their. I would love to hear him talk about his work, how he is able to get his images.

    Cant wait for the next show.

    • Leo says:

      I must agree with this comment, and the comment of Gene Kimball above. I personally think that the topic could have been covered in 15-20 minutes, and the show was a lost opportunity to truly engage an interesting guest. Pleas bring Bill Frakes again, this time for real.

  4. Brian Clark says:

    Great discussion — BTW, I’m with Matt on not putting people on my walls (Unless they’re family)

  5. JD says:

    So the conversation was about nudes and by extension female nudes and models. So what about a male model picture or (gasp) a male nude photo?

  6. Steve U says:

    Interesting show.

  7. John Thomas says:

    Another Great show…

  8. Gene Kimball says:

    I have looked at some of the photos taken by Bill Frankes. There are quite a few that I enjoyed. As for the topic of this week…. ???, it was like watching a debate between the liberal left and the conservative right.

  9. Keith says:

    Great show as always.

    Who knew The Photoshop guy was an uptight Republican! Ha Ha, just kidding.

    RC, love that video you did.

  10. John Havord says:

    Great show, really lively debate.

    Regarding the type of photos on my wall, mostly family or photos that rekindle memories.

    Looking forward to hanging the one of me getting presented with a large lottery win cheque :)

  11. I have quite a bit of drawn and painted portraiture hanging, but I’m not much interested in photos of other people on my walls. I would make an exception for remarkable images created by photographers that I know personally and for family photos.

    I can understand taking down and selling a photo because other people like it enough to pay me more than what I consider it to be worth. I can understand hanging a piece in spite of the fact that it is valuable, because I like it enough to make that sacrifice. But I will never understand why anyone would hang a photo because it has a high retail price.

    Lastly, I will never hang a photo of a politician, whether Obama or Nixon, FDR or Reagan, Carter or Bush. I’m not interested in the discussions those would engender or the chance of alienating people that I like in spite of their politics. Any such choice that I might make would make my house less comfortable for me or for friends that I care about. That’s the last thing I want to do.

  12. Dave Moore says:

    Another great show and interesting discussion!

  13. Shawn Highfill says:

    I have to agree with Bill on this issue. If the picture speaks to me, I would hang it on my wall. As far back as I can remember,I have loved great photos. My grandfather had a subscription to National Geo forever. The one photo that is hanging on my wall is people (my kids)and it happens that I made the image.

    Thanks for another great show.

    Floof and run

  14. V Terway says:

    Hey guys! you rock! Keep up the good work; love the show!

  15. W Patrick Clements says:

    Bill is great and so is the SHOW

  16. Franz says:

    Nice show.
    It would be nice to hear more about Bill’s opinion.
    Matt very often just interrupted him.

  17. Great show. I liked the debate on the different viewpoints. Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to post what was on my wall to the Flickr group. My walls are generally filled with images that I have taken of nature (not landscapes though). Most of them are left over from gallery shows. I’m an outdoor person and so I like my indoor environment to have reminders of the beauty of those details (form, light ,texture, patterns) that I enjoy seeing in nature. I also do shoot fine-art nude photography and I reserve those images for books. I do have a small fine-art nude image (5×7) that I have in my computer room of a dear friend and artist (who also passed away a few years ago). I have one wall in my hallway that I reserve for family photos (shot by me or others). For the record, I really admire the humbleness that Bill Frakes has about not putting his work up in his home but rather the art and stories that inspire him. To take it one step further and communicate what that art means to him to his daughter is extremely admirable. He is truly a lover of art and provides an example of what a great father should be. Kudos to Bill.

    A question for Matt, how do you feel about fine-art nudes of maternity portraits. It seems like the maternity photo market is big right now and seems to combine fine-art nude with family portraiture? Many of my photographer friends are doing that kind of work.

  18. Paul Holbrook says:

    I’m definatly in the landscape camp for what goes on my home walls. Maybe some macro stuff if it fits the mood of the room in question.

  19. DaniLew says:

    Another great show! It made me look at my walls with a different eye and question if I would have nude pictures on it. I’m glad that Bill Frakes is doing Kelby Training classes and hope to see him someday on the list of PSW instructors.

  20. Cj says:

    Looking forward to seeing Bill Frakes classes on Kelby Training, and would enjoy hearing what he had to say about his work.

  21. Leo Addison says:

    Pete ur a hoot,lol

    Great Show Guys!!!

  22. Andrew Renkert says:

    Have Bill back to The Grid.

  23. Don Evan says:

    I would hang any photo that pleased me, no matter what the genre.

  24. Martin Shipps says:

    LOVE it!! Have Bill back again!

  25. Andy says:

    Good Show.

  26. JOCK GOODMAN says:

    Definitely a wild show. Bill seemed too shy/conservative to keep up with you guys. But when he spoke, he had something worthy to say. I wish he’d been more vocal. Maybe the topic got too far off the track for him. I enjoyed his website. Anyway, an enjoyable show.
    Can’t make it to PSW, but the OnOne suite would be real sweet. $10 from Adorama would take care of about 25% of the shipping charges. mahalo, Jock #thegridlive

  27. Vishwa says:

    Loved every single episode

  28. Tony says:

    Kind of a weird topic today. Have to say though that I agree with Matt on most of what was discussed. I can’t imagine putting photos of models or people that are not family on my walls just because they are good photos. I am sort of biased though because I prefer landscape photography anyway. I especially agree with Matt when he said that there’s something creepy about nude photography. That was classic. I agree with him too. Would NEVER put one on my wall no matter what it was worth. That’s just me.

  29. peace gaddis says:

    wow gret show

  30. Brian Clark says:

    Great show – – Keep up the good work!!!

  31. Nice chat!! :-)

    The question on “what do you have on your wall” goes beyond photography, go actually beyond the wall.

    What kind of paintings do you have? Do you have mainly paintings or photos? Does the content fit the style of the room itself?

    A more modern room, call for one kind of photo, a more classic room, call for another kind of photos. I wouldn’t put modern, even a “city landscape” one a colonial style furnished room.

    Then comes the question. Are you displaying your ability? Or art by itself?

    And there it goes :-)

    Nice that Bill did not leave Matt rest! A new question for each answer!! Inverted version of BBC’s Hard Talk hehehehehe

  32. Shaun White says:

    I have some of my own prints on our walls at home & we also have a few prints from other photographers.
    We shall keep an eye out on RC web site for hi 10 gallon hat.
    Great show thanks to all.

  33. Gregory Johnson says:

    Great show

  34. Chuck Sider says:

    Bill Frakes . . have him back.

  35. JOCK GOODMAN says:

    Watched live yesterday and repeat today. Good show. Jock, #thegridlive

  36. Bonnie Fiser says:

    What a discussion, love it.

  37. DAVID ROSAS says:


  38. Bill Araujo says:

    I posted once before but didn’t see it come up so I’m doing it again.

    I agree with Matt ………… I ….. think! Most of all, I wanted to let you know of the great service that Jack Millian of your Customer Service team provided to me a couple of days ago. I was having trouble viewing Kelby Training videos. He offered several good suggestions. I’m no longer have the issues. Thanks!

  39. mancuss says:

    I love the show, even if not for all the photography stuff, you guys always cheer me up 😛
    BTW any chance i would win something?? 😉

  40. Lee Calkins says:

    I have lots of people I don’t know…even a Raider Cheerleader…..wife has become use to it.

  41. Bill Araujo says:

    Another good show even with the minor glitch. I wanted you to know that Jack Millian, from your Customer Service did a nice job helping me with an issue I was having viewing Kelby Training videos. Thank you Jack!

  42. Frank Eng says:

    Nice job on this show, keep up the good work,
    only the picture that I take on the wall.

  43. karl says:

    Angry matt, very funny.

    Can`t believe you`ve never done `nude` photography .

  44. Trask Smith says:

    Great show. I would have loved to hear a conversation with Bill about shooting sports, but the conversation that you guys had was great. On the topic of photos in the home, I agree with pretty much all of Matt’s opinions.

  45. Kelby Training need to do a show called “A Walk in Bill’s House”. Another great show. #PSW

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