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Westcott Platypod

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When RC joins Scott on the set, you know you're in for a controversy-studded, mirth-filled, epic episode, and this one is all that and an x100 camera strap.

After an interesting discussion on Google+, RC chugs his Red Bull and dives into a topic that has been discussed heavily around the office - the Fuji x100. Scott & RC are definitely on the other side of public opinion on this one and they illustrate that honestly, and quite hilariously, with the 5 Stages of Owning a Fuji x100.

Special thanks to Brian Mataish from onOne software for being such a good sport and donating a killer prize! Watch to find out how to win!

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  1. Chiba says:

    The x100 has got a unique selling point. You are missing it.

    Flash sync speed.

    As a Strobist and a 35mm focal length lover, I’m stoked. Tried one today. This Camera kicks ass. Will by one soon.

    Seriously. Right now I’m using my 35mm Lens in 80% of my shots. I’m luring an Canon 5D, an 35mm L lens, and a huge trunk full of Profoto Gear around. Imagine what one could do with just a few Speedlights and this little camera…

    This camera is made for me.

  2. […] retro style! Alright I will buy this! Then I read Zack Arias’s review , Scott Kelby’s review (you’ll find the review from the middle of the video), Steve Huff’s review and a lot […]

  3. Max Young says:

    Guys, you have a funny show and I have most of the Kelby series books (I’m too dumb to learn any other way and appreciate the simplicity etc).

    However… I really like my X100 for the simple reason that in low light and high ISOs, it blows my 5DMkii (and D7000, D700 et al) out of the park.

    The jpgs from this camera are simply phenomenal.

    BTW, I have very few focus issues.

    Regards from “down under”.

  4. Linda says:

    I love my Fuji x100.Takes better photos than my Nikon D7000 in low light..
    I’ve made some awesome RM stock photo sales this month(all commercial use) from my Fuji x100.Focus is fine over here,images are sharp.Perhaps you got a defective camera..Can’t tell you how many defective pieces of gear I’ve had in the 25 years I’ve been shooting.

  5. Ellen says:

    OMG-The back and forth chit chat on this is soooooo annoying. You must think people have the patients of saints to sit thru two guys rambling.
    Just do the review,you’re not Howard Stern..

  6. Rob M. says:

    My boss had me buy one for him based on the “cool” factor. Based on all the reviews, it looked like it would deliver the goods.
    Yesterday I was shooting it and was missing focus. First I thought it was me, or maybe shooting “shutter priority” vs “focus priority”. It HAD to be something I was doing wrong. Oops… Maybe it’s the camera…. Oh dear….. Oh no…. I guarantee this: I will NEVER, NEVER tell him that it’s anything short of amazing. It would kill him. Ugh.

  7. Libby says:

    Scott, PLEASE learn how to pronounce Brian Matiash’s last name. :-)

  8. John Havord says:

    Cracker show.
    Must keep an eye on ebay for an x100… not!

  9. GH says:

    Scott, I don’t own the X100, but I think the size comparison you’re making is flawed. It’s the depth where the X100 and other mirror less cameras become much smaller than their DSLR counterparts, which makes them much more packable. Also, you’d need an 24mm f2 lens on those Nikon to make a fair comparison.

  10. Ryan Schinneller says:

    It seems like one of the more popular arguments for the Fuji x100 is the size. I was curious as to your opinion of Micro 4/3 cameras. I got the Panasonic DMC GH2 (primarily for video) and I love it. Interchangeable lenses and small size (smaller than Fuji x100 and it focuses!)

  11. Will Howard says:

    If you aren’t getting people, but you did before…might be the time slot. Personally, I cannot watch at 4:00pm on Wednesdays. I’m in the middle of a commute at that time, and have obligations until later – every Wednesday.

    Even though I can’t watch – thanks to Kelby Media for ALL the shows and training that is available. You’ve definitely helped me improve in photography and Lightroom & Photoshop.

  12. Bill Truran says:

    re: Fuji X100
    Do you guys realize how difficult it is to shoot an out of focus picture with a 35mm lens? It’s really hard. Especially in the bright sunlight.
    Fujis had to TRY to make a camera that shoots out of focus.
    P.S. I never by bad equipment

  13. Renato says:

    Oh dear, oh dear!!!

    Where do I start, if I’m gonna get started at all…Sure the camera has a few quirks…

    I’ll leave you with one tip for a start: set the focus point to the second smaller size available…

    Mr Kelby, if you cannot get a photo in focus, then camera is faulty… Just take it back…

    That photo of the of the girl in car park… Come on! That badly back focused photo could have been taken with any camera… To put it like this is disohonest, to say the least…

    You are actually the first one to report, sorry, I mean make up back focus issues with the X100! I have had ZERO BACK FOCUS ISSUES…

    My advice: stay credible…

    Also put that Fuji X100 on the Market… Someone will snap that baby…


  14. My dealer brought in an X100 for me. I liked it but did not make the buy because I found the use of the selector on the back resulted in too many mis-selections.

    Great show!

  15. Great show. Took a close look at the X100 and overall really nice. Didn’t make the purchase because I spent too much time correcting mistakes when using the selector on the back. Good be large fingers or the wheel needs to be more “clicky”

  16. LNSIII says:

    Eh. All you X-100 lovers, just wait the the nex7 comes out in a few months. It’s going to be a x100 killer….

  17. ppr says:

    I got X100 and AF is perfect, go back to your photoshops sh*ty editing

  18. Ray West says:

    I think this must have been the best show you guys have done. fwiw, the Sigma dp1s takes better images, and is far quirkier than the fx100, and far more affordable.

    Best wishes

  19. Will says:

    Had an X100 since the day it was released in the UK and have had zero mis-focusing issues, several thousand photos taken with the X100 a not a problem (other than the wonky VF which Fuji corrected) it might not be much smaller than the Nikon 3100 but it is still smaller, lighter and compact.

    I like your show and I’ve serveral of your books but you have lost some credibility by trashing a perfectly good camera in this manner.

    I think sales figures for the X100 speak for themselves

  20. PJ says:

    So pleased you talked about the 500px issues. I’ve stayed away from it for that reason.

  21. Ben Newnam says:


    Go from fully manual to fully automatic in a blink of an eye unlike most P&S, Shutter speed and aperture very quick access, in view all the time no need to go into menus unlike many P&S.

    Did I mention an F2 lens?

    At least give it more than a week before judging.

    I mean if everyone only gave a Leica M a week before making a final judgement then Leica wouldn’t be in business today.

  22. Ben Newnam says:

    X100= Silent shutter, flash sync 2000th second, EVF no focusing issues. Use the OVF at 5 meters and beyond (at least you have the option) F2 lens optimised for the camera, Fuji colours, Low noise high iso 3200 very usable better than the Nikon they had, Larger sensor than most P&S, Lighter. Would you like me to go on.

  23. Tony Seeley says:

    The X100 seems to be the “Emperors Clothes”, it sounds like everyone is scared to say it’s not good. So they all pretend it is! Great show guys, really enjoyed the X100 section.

  24. Great show BUT a short way into the Fuji X100 stuff I lost the video. When I reloaded page I couldn’t get back to that point. Could you use a player that can load from any point?????

  25. Shaun S. says:

    What a hilarious “review” of fuji x100!

  26. Bryan Ray says:

    What a fun show. Kelby live, Portland! Keep Portland, Kelby!

  27. Jay says:

    Funny how you guys don’t approve comments that are critical of you or your review (like the one I posted earlier today). I know this comment won’t see the light of day either, but I do know that YOU will see it. Keep living in your little bubble, I’m sure it makes you feel better.

    • **Puts his hand up to the edge of the wall bubble as if to touch yours**

      …(mumbling somewhat unintelligenty) “we’re gonna try Jay.. we’re gonna try.. its hard to do things from in here.. ”


  28. Ralph Daily says:

    I gave my x100 a special hug after it inadvertently saw this episode.

  29. Charles says:

    Great, my wife wanted this camera badly. She followed all the hype during the development on the Fuji web site. I was just hoping for a price drop, but now that it does not focus…..

  30. Jay says:

    It’s amazing how many people seem to get perfectly fine results with the x100, but these two “pros” can’t.

    I’ve had the x100 since May and have taken thousands of pictures with it. No issues, VERY few out-of-focus shots (about the same amount as I get with my Canon DSLR). I have A LOT of really outstanding pictures made with the x100.

    Just like you shouldn’t believe all of the hype around the x100, you also shouldn’t believe this pathetic “review”.

  31. Ralph Daily says:

    This was the best episode of GRID. I dropped it awhile ago but might start back if they’re all like this. The x100 critique hurt a little, I carry around an x100 because it’s fun. I have a D7000 now and thought about carrying around my old D90 with a WA lens but the x100 is much more fun. Agree with you have to adapt to the camera and you either love it or hate it.

  32. Drew says:

    Put me in the camp of X100 users who, since the first day of using it, have not had any focusing issues.

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  34. Jeff says:

    Pump the DSLR and the Fuji X100 to ISO 3200 or ISO 6400 then you might understand the differences. Your Nikon will turn your detail to mush. True the Fuji has issues which hopefully will be improved but it pulls in tons of detail, has gorgeous colors and sees in the dark. Out shoots my Canon 20D and 30D which are older DSLRs but when it does have noise it has a film like quality vs the rigid noise from my Canons. Never liked the skies in Canons. I’ve used my DSLRs once in over a month. Clunky, noisy vs the quiet grace of an X100. I’ll bet in a month or 6 they will still be going full price. Oh, one more thing, with the Fuji I feel confident to shoot in jpeg mode for once vs always having to shoot in raw worried that I am missing detail. Man up Scott, shoot it for a while.

  35. VF says:

    timex tells time better than a rolex. but it will never be a rolex.

  36. FaustEffects says:

    I don’t get to watch every week since I’m at work and because I work for a Financial company the SEC doesn’t allow us to text or twitter. I just finished the two episodes where you discussed copyright protection and Websites. I found it interesting that Scott was all right with Google+ etc and uploading his photos to it. His belief was that they, being a large company, wouldn’t use your images without your knowledge despite the legal text on the terms of service.

    I’d like you to know that I’ve been blogging my travel experiences on TravelPod so that my friends can follow us and experience the trip with us. I’ve also loaded images onto that site to further enhance the trip. Recently, I did a search on one of my user names and surprise! found out that TravelPod has been creating slide shows of all the images on each of my trips. Now the ToS says that they’ll do exactly that, but they didn’t inform me that they were doing it. The slideshows can be found on business Websites in the countries I’ve visited and on YouTube.

    I’ve posted on the sites that I’m honored and how they can contact me, but it makes me think twice about using the site. In the future, I will use my own WordPress blog instead.

    Would love to know your thoughts.
    Ric Faust

  37. Jason says:

    Good show as always. I find reading peoples comments is fairly entertaining. Some annoying as they are dying to get you to read their “witty” comments.

  38. I jumped onto Ebay and found out this little nugget of information in keeping with RC’s point about buying a D3100 for less than the Fuji x100 ….

    Well on Ebay I can buy the Fuji x100 right now for:
    $1199 used

    Or I can buy a D7000 for:
    $1180 NEW

    I realize we are talking size here and portability, but I really find it funny what we are willing to sacrifice in the features for the ability to save a few pounds. I’m not holding a camera all day so I can’t speak the fatigue issue, but I also find that in that decisive moment, its better to have the tools to make the shot than wonder “what if..”

  39. ElizabethH says:

    #thegridlive #onone
    great show! had me giggling throughout :)

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  41. Guys your X100 feature was nothing more than a hatchet job. If you aren’t getting 100% focus accuracy it’s because you got a bad copy. It’s under warranty, so send it back. I get absolutely 100% focus accuracy from my X100. You guys should be sophisticated enough to know you got a bad copy of the camera.

  42. Steve (GSWD) says:

    This was the first episode I have watched of this “season” due to the time change(s). This was a very good show for me, and I laughed to tears near the end. Loved the discussion about Google+, and thank you for introducing me to 500px. And then what can be said about the discussion of the Fuji that wasn’t already said.

    BTW, I was at the Orlando Light It Seminar. And I’ve got to think about spending the money on 1 Elinchrom light, or the 3 light with softboxes and case kit from Westcott.

  43. Iza says:

    I do not own and have no desire to buy the x100 camera, but I think in this episode you guys went too far. You overdid it. I am not sure why you had to spend more then 30 min trashing this camera and proving that people who bought it are stupid. You were just rubbing it. Somebody must have pissed you off to waste so much time and arguments on it.

  44. Paul Ciura says:

    Great show as usual. I think Scott needs to do a G+ hangout sometime soon :).

  45. Dave says:

    I’m surprised at the negative comments about the x100. Damien Lovegrove, one of the UKs top pro photographer, RAVES about his. Loves it to bits and gets great shots from it.

    Have a look at

    where there are a number of his writeups on it.

  46. Herb Trotter says:

    This is real long…..I am a 61- yr old veteran gospel musician/videographer/ photographer thats looking (retire) into producing something very simular like “Grid” (b-t-w is too good to believe…loved every 90-mid of the Fuji episode”…haven’t laughed so hard in months)Can you share a few “how-to” tips about Grid?

    My questions are:
    1. Is “Grid” considered a video-podcast and if so, what are the main considerations to make such?
    2. This appears to be a least a 5 cam shoot….your angles are spot on.
    3.How are you able to produce a weekly show of such high quality….and having fun…do you guys have families?

    I have a niche market…adequate video and still cam’s and industry standard software. But I don’t know what the hack I’m doing, just got ideas. Can you please help a brother out?
    Thanks, Herb, Chgo

  47. Dears, you already know that the whole world is yours ! So, please, when you announce the hour of this show, put it also in reference with GMT, so Europe can understand it also !

    Thanks !
    You’re GREAT !

    • JamesHelen says:

      I work tairationdlly, but I use Photoshop for tweaking images and creating digital versions. My colours seldom look as good on my computer as they do in really-real life. Perhaps calibrating my monitor would help with that… hurm. Hey, in future installments, maybe one of the experts can give some tips about scanning artwork..!?

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  49. Dennis Hughes says:

    Love the x100 critique. The emperor has no clothes.

  50. Hi,

    Can you add a Ical link for the show? i keep losing the time 9i know been in australia does not help) but would be easier if you had a little link for us to add to calendars..


  51. great show guys. I am sure what camera I will not be buying. I will save money that’s for sure. I will have to check out google plus. Thanks again for the info and Thanks for L@@KING.

  52. David Olshan says:

    Great show. RC is fantastic and very funny.

  53. kathy moody says:

    awesome awesome awesome, what can I say.

  54. Tony Rouzer says:

    Best episode to date. Very informative. I will not be getting a Fuji x100. My first DSLR was a FujiS1 and I still have it. Have it as a back up but never need it. I love my Nikon D90. Checking out Google+.

  55. RON COMSTOCK says:

    yes, ticket! in dallas/fort worth texas

  56. DaniLew says:

    Never heard of the Fuji x100 and would love to go to PSW!

  57. Great episode. You were wrong about the Fuji not focusing. It is a feature. It is called Auto Focus Bracketing. Every other image will use Fuji’s new Soft Focus effect. 😉

    Matt’s new book is not on my bucket list to checkout.

  58. Shawn Highfill says:

    When can the rest of us get a google plus account?(read mere mortals, not celeb photographers).

    Great show. I can hear the bottom falling out of Fuji’s stock as we speak.

    Floof and run

  59. Cilgwyn says:

    Great entertainment. Pity I’ll never get to watch the live version with our internet connection – this week’s show took two and a half hours to download from iTunes.

  60. Bonnie Fiser says:

    I guess I need to set up a Google + account now.

    Would love to go to PSW.

  61. Jayvee says:

    Good show. You guys rock.

  62. david rosas says:

    HI give on one suite ! great show very funny !

  63. Jason says:

    Always been a fan, and the new show is an awesome addition to the stable of info that KMG puts out – probably the mainstay for me outside the forums! :-)

  64. Andy says:

    Good Show.

  65. Bonnie Fiser says:

    I guess I’ll have to check out Google +

    Would love to go to PSW.

  66. Andrew says:

    Good show, always learning. Thanks guys.

  67. Alex says:

    For the price of an X100 you can get a Nikon or Canon DSLR and an Olympus PEN micro four thirds and both cameras offer interchangeable lenses. I have both a Nikon and a Pen the pen goes in my man bag, better than a point and shoot, the Nikon comes when I am defiantly taking photo graphs. The jpeg’s from the Oly’s are superb, still shoot raw though

  68. martin gillette says:

    you’re right, zack is great but i don’t think he shows all the out of focus shots he gets with the x100 :0

    nice show guys…

  69. Great show guys- the X100 Blues ROCKED!

    My only problem with The Grid is it’s too short- should be at least 2 hours. Go for it!

  70. Again … great show!

    As I said before, I really enjoy this “friends in a pub” discussion :-)

    G+, still getting there, but the bottom line is “there will always be a newest social media thingy”. It’s just internet, not religion!! I still use ORKUT a lot and hate twitter.

    The X100 case falls totally in the discussion with Terry White here in the Grid, on the Canon x Nikon / Mac x PC and so on. People buy it and become protective of their on mistakes.

    BTW, you gotta be insane to pay $1200 for a point and shoot!!!

    Not sure there will be some prize left for the comments, but I’d love to have the opportunity to meet Scott in Cologne, just a couple hundreds of km from my place :-))

  71. Mike Arnim says:

    90 min of self destruction, lawsuits or whatever.

  72. Steve says:

    Great show guys.

    With the advent of the eye fi card and photosmithapp, I am finding myself using the iPad more and more. Does anyone do HDR, with 3 or more of your dslr photos, on the iPad? If so what app are you using?

  73. Ron Blair says:

    Thanks for the camera info. Made me glad I bought a G-12 for less than half the price to compliment my 7D

  74. Shaun White says:

    I have people contact me about camera’s that they are wanting to buy and ask me for advise. When I found out how much the X100 cost I had to wonder why & what are they bumping up the price to pay for . Then it came to me. My opinion is that its a very average point & shoot that looks cool. They are just selling this on its look not it functionality. This could cost the company in the long term but as many companies now its about the dollars now.

  75. Amy Salinger says:

    #thegridlive Fun show – looking forward to Vegas. A free conference pass would be awesome (but I’ll be there regardless) #PSW !!!

  76. Edward Culbreath says:

    Brian you go with your x100…..

  77. Gene Kimball says:

    I had problems using Firefox to log into The Grid. I used MSIE and had no problems. This cost me about twenty minutes. Why is FF a problem???

  78. Triston Dallas says:

    Kelby Tv should pitch a photography reality tv show to ABC where the first challenge is to take focused pics with the X100…

    Great Show Guys!

  79. Stephen Kennedy says:

    Loved the discussion of the X100. Great show!

  80. Johnnie Abbott says:

    I listen to The Grid over and over. It’s hard to comprehend everything in one setting!

  81. Ken Hunt says:

    The X100 looks like my 1st camera, a Petri f1.9 w/ a 45mm lens. It took pictures that were actually in focus. Do I want a digital version? NO! If I wanna look retro cool I’ll dig it out of the closet.

  82. David Kelly says:

    Great show guys. So I guess we’re not going to see RC making a ‘How to get the best from you X100’ video for Kelby training then? 😉

    Hey so long as the product makes you happy that’s what counts with a $1300 purchase. Let’s remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, just don’t belittle others just because it’s not agreeing with yours!

  83. David Brown says:

    If Scott can find Europe coming when is he coming to Australia?

  84. Robert Martin says:

    On a serious note regarding the Fuji X100 would it be possible to get a Fuji rep in to counter your points? It would then prove its not “Operator error” and you could also ask Brian Matash in to give 5 points for the X100.

  85. Greg cary says:

    #the gridlive #onone
    great show

  86. peace gaddis says:

    wonderful show

  87. JOCK GOODMAN says:

    Nancy deserves her own show, she’s funny. How about “Baking cameras with Nancy” or “Ze French look at social media” will that increase my chances of winning in my previous comment??? Jock
    I forgot to tune in live yesterday. Would like to have joined in.

  88. JOCK GOODMAN says:

    To reduce the number of entries, just give away the Fuji,,,hey, it’s a tax write off. I bet Fuji’s stock just tanked like today’s DOW (down 512 points).
    But seriously folks, …There was a photo contest here in Hawaii sponsored by an airline with TOS paraphrased ” all ENTRIES become the property of _____ Airlines”. and they got thousands of free to use photos for their ad campaign without hiring a photographer. Prize was a free ride to Vegas, net cost, zero. BEWARE of these kind of “contests”.
    I could REALLY use the onOne SW, thanks, Jock #onOne did I do that right??? oh yeah, the show rocks

  89. My question is when does the are of nude photography become pornography?

  90. William Chinn says:

    Fuji x100: If I miss the money shot because I made a mistake, then call me numnuts (thank you, Mr. McNally). If I miss the money shot and its the camera’s fault, then it doesn’t matter because its in pieces after it bounced off the wall.

  91. Chuck Sider says:

    Good info about the Fuji X100. Please talk about the Nikon P7000 and the “shutter cover ” opening problem.
    (See reviews on
    I think Amazon bought out the production of the problem cameras and is selling them for $349.00.
    Please comment.

  92. GusDoeMatik says:

    I don’t have the luxury to watch the show live cause of this thing called “Work”…. I Liked this episode more then all the other episode… I only wish there was a way to win the OnOne software outside of live tweeting… Oh well… I still loved the show keep up the good work…

    Also is Scott really that funny all day or is he a slave driver off of camera? I’m pretty sure if anyone says slave driver they will be out of work. LOL

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