The Grid: The Grid: Episode 09 – When Is Using Photoshop Cheating?


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Westcott Platypod

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"When does using Photoshop become cheating?" Scott and Matt welcome in-studio guest, wildlife photographer Moose Peterson, to tackle this sticky subject and try to see if a discernible line of any kind can be drawn among photographers of varying differences. The result? There isn't one, of course, but boy did it make for a great conversation, a few good laughs, and the first time we've ever had to use the censor button.

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  1. Sundance says:

    Thanks for the insight. It brnigs light into the dark!

  2. Nicolas Feret says:

    I so agree with you Scott. I cannot add anything to m’y pics unless it’s a composite.

  3. Ojo O. John says:

    Hi, you’re doing great job over there.I’m a passionate student of Photoshop and have little or no access to the TV shows.I’ll like to know how to make clean and glowing text effects like GRID.It’s only video version that is available for download.Please make the video version downloads and more text effects for upcoming Photoshop professionals like us!

  4. DaniLew says:

    I love Moose! thanks for having him The Grid.

  5. Yotta says:

    Great interview !!

  6. Carl Barron says:

    what happened to epsisode 10? was here Tues. gone Wed.

  7. Shawn Highfill says:

    Floof and run

    Bon Jour Madomouselle

    Terrible pelling sorry about that

  8. bob baker says:

    Great program, great topic and discussions. Thanks to all!

  9. “Show them the beauty they have inside”…is that at f2.8 or f8 ??

  10. Mike bright says:

    Nice show guys };0)

  11. Anna Gomez says:

    There was always a question in what category a photo should be entered in the photo club I belong to… what was too much manipulation…. they now have an non-manipulated category for the ‘purists’

  12. Anna Gomez says:

    Love you guys. I’ve learned so much about photography and processing from the 3 of you over the last few years… Thanks so much!
    Went to sign up for Moose’s Photo Safari in Vegas in the Fall, but it’s sold out already :-( I’ve wanted to go on his Photo Safari for the last 3 years, but had to do other great photo workshops.

  13. TonyW says:

    Great show guys.

  14. W Patrick Clements says:

    I say a little to make it look better but not to add in object great show….

  15. Great show .. thank you

  16. Kenneth Walters says:

    excellent to see Moose on !

  17. Steve says:

    Of all the Kelby TV shows, this is the one I enjoy the most. Thanks for doing it.

  18. Kevin W says:

    Great show guys!

  19. Hyster says:

    Love the show guys.

  20. Ven says:

    Great show guys. Is black and white cheating? If you’re not cheating …. your not trying hard enough.

  21. Cris da Rocha says:

    (creative mode ON)

    Great show guys! :-))

  22. Jeff Maye says:

    Great show guys.

  23. Matt Duke says:

    Looking forward to see what kind of shirt Matt wears next week. I cracked up laughing half way through the episode this week, my wife thought I was crazy.

  24. Rob Patterson says:

    Another good show

  25. Great show with Moose!
    Thanks guys!

  26. Dominik N. says:

    Mixing art and business is real key to success – this is what i get from this episode of The Grid. Understening of it is very important. There were also lots of things I need to rethink by now. So thanks for it!

    best wishes,

  27. Don Evan says:

    Seal team 6 and The Grid are great!

  28. Hugo says:

    Scott, Matt, Nancy and the gang, thanks very much for the “Re-touching” book, received it last night and perused it a bit. My wife’s excited about me reading it so I can make her even better looking than she already is. Looks really excellent, can’t wait to try out some of the tips. Again, thank you very much for the book, but thanks especially for all your excellent shows.

  29. Justin Wallace says:

    Awesome show!

  30. Scott Hinkle says:

    Hey Scott and Matt. I’ve finally caught up on TheGrid. I was thinking I could really use that pass to Photoshop World. It might save me from the dreaded cricket and cow sounds during the next slide show session.

  31. Fitz says:

    Great show

  32. Great info on what is and what is’t. What I can and What I Can’t. What I should and what I should’t. It all falls under the Tools used to take a photo. Thanks for L@@KING.

  33. Tom Kostes says:

    Great show, loved it! Moose was great.

    I agree with Matt, all is fair in Photoshop, including skys. What does it matter how you got to a great image?

    It’s all about the image, the image is the message!

  34. Gary Ouvry says:

    You Guys ROCK!

    Seriously, the best of what we need to know.
    Keep it up.

  35. Rick Spitzer says:

    Fun show. Great topic!

  36. Great show, as always!

  37. Great show guys. Absolutely love Moose. I’ve watched all his sessions on Kelby Training and have just purchased his book.
    I think he needs to come back on real soon.

  38. Peter l says:

    working on getting to PSW

  39. JC says:

    This show gets better every time!

  40. Vikas says:

    Wow !! This was one of the most spontaneous show from both Scott and Matt.

    Matt – kudos for saying out loud how you added clouds to your Paris pic.

    Goes on to show that you guys are human beings too 😉 though much more talented (at Photoshop) j/k :)

    keep up the good work. Please… :)

  41. Henry Lingat says:

    Great Show!

  42. Jim Gilliland says:

    Great show with a lot of meat. Moose always is a plus for any show.
    Keep up the great work,

  43. Burnett Moore says:

    Thanks Moose. It is always great to hear you speak..Thanks

  44. Barrie says:

    Afaic, the only issue about using Photoshop is whether an image is being presented as “documentation” of an event or subject.
    In such cases, alteration beyond simple quality adjustments contrives the truth the photo is trusted to present.

    Other than that, creative manipulation of a photographic image is wide open and entirely the discretion of the photographer / artist.

  45. designed says:

    Wow, Moose! Love his duality of shooting wildlife and airplanes equally. Also starting to get the hang of this Grid format, altough the intro could use a bit of gloss.

  46. dan harper says:

    another great show…. keep up the great work!

  47. Mike Frank says:

    Great show as always.

  48. Tommy Botello says:

    I’d love to see you guys at Photoshop World!

  49. Dennis Zito says:

    Wow, Guys! What a Great show! Opened my mind and eyes big time!

    Thanks, and Hi to Moose!


  50. Mandy says:

    Awesome show!!! Thanks guys!

  51. t sheppard says:

    great show, I use to do a lot of darkroom work and photoshop just got me away from the dark and the chemicals.

  52. KCs says:

    Great show guys … Moose rulz!

  53. ARKreations says:

    Grea show! Always fun to hear Moose talk.

  54. Lee Stone says:

    Another great show. Shame I missed this one live – thank god for iTunes

  55. Glenn Nagel says:

    Thanks for the very informative session!

  56. Creighton says:

    Regarding the standards that photojournalists should stand by, the Associated Press has a great list of Do’s and Don’ts on its website.
    However, all DoD (troops & civilians) personnel have to follow Directive 5040.5 with all of their final products. It’s very similar to the AP’s standard, but has the added clause that enables them to blur certain personnel’s faces (like the Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden) and other highly sensitive objects.

  57. Julia S. Maynard says:

    Inspirational, enlightening, and entertaining! Thank you guys for providing this and all of your services! :)!

  58. Jim Neale says:

    Great show. Moose is such a terrific contributor.

  59. Art start on the second you think on the image… When you see a flower and see a shot on it before you got the camera art has started.

  60. David Kelly says:

    Another great show guys!

  61. The Menace says:

    Great show.

    On the “cheating” question – Im happy to say Im a photographic artist.

    For the purists – why isnt B&W seen as manipulation? Unless you are colour blind a B&W is a manipulation but no one calls this cheating??

  62. Franz says:

    Good show! Go on…

  63. Kirk Carter says:

    Moose is my hero

  64. It’s called photography, not shutter releasing. The camera is just a single tool, it’s up to you how many tools you use.

  65. peace gaddis says:

    great show

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