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Adobe Evangelist, Terry White joins Scott Kelby and the controversies fly! From Perfect Layers to what people want in a DSLR to (gasp!) Nikon vs. Canon (Yep. They went there.) This week's episode of The Grid certainly lived up to its talk show format so grab your towel and "Don't Panic!" Oh, and be sure to leave a comment that links to your website (if you can) to win either a copy of RC's "Get Your Photography on the Web," Matt's Layers book, or a ticket to Scott's Canadian "Light it. Shoot it. Retouch it." tour. Feel free to specify which prize you're looking to win (especially the Canadian tour ticket – and which city).

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  1. Lyle says:

    The problem with explaining why we don’t respond, or why other people do what they do is that we really don’t know why they do what they do, and spending your time guessing is unfair to both sides… best to just let it be what it is and focus on the positive you can actually make happen. The beauty of the internet and free speech in general, is that the true person comes through with no need for commentary; they are what they are…

  2. Jon Aronson says:

    You guys are great I haven’t missed a show! Keep up the great work!

  3. Anton Petrov says:

    The Best

  4. Martin Borgman says:

    iOS4 has a WiFi hotspot built-in, however it may be disabled by 3G carriers.
    It also seems to be iPhone only for no reason.
    It would be great if Apple enabled this feature on all iPads as well and de WiFi only ones in particular.

  5. Erich says:

    Amazing show, thank you :-)

  6. George W says:

    I enjoy the Grid — gets me thinking.

  7. Justin Wallace says:

    Terry White was a cool guest. Many thanks!

  8. Brittany says:

    Awesome show!

  9. David Fabian says:

    Another great show!!!
    As a 20 Yr IT guy, I can totally relate to the baiting arguments.
    It’s like having a debate over which one is better: Rock, paper, or scissors.

  10. Gene Kimball says:

    Not withstanding all the negativity [:)], I really enjoyed this show. Terry White sounds like a great resource and I will check out his website. BTW, whenever anyone asks me which camera to buy, I tell them whichever one you like best. I have been telling people that for decades. It applies to anything and everything.

  11. Yotta says:

    So funny, you guys !

  12. Brian Krecik says:

    Wonderful content guys – thanks for all your hard work!

  13. I’d love to have Moose’s book!

  14. Ronald Kenney says:

    I would like HDR in cMERA

  15. Jono Koster says:

    Very entertaining guy’s. I think you are having too much fun having a whinge!

  16. Jono says:

    Is Terry related to Barry?

  17. David Vela says:

    terry is great

  18. PD Taylor says:

    Great show, appreciate all the information and discussions on each show.

  19. David Vela says:

    great show!!!

  20. Søren Augustesen says:

    Nice show once again! Really like the format.

    PS: If I’m lucky enough to win I would like one of the books :o)

  21. Dave Lovelock says:

    Great Show. Outrageous!

  22. MTB says:

    Great show!

  23. Gary Ouvry says:

    Begining to really like this format.
    Thought I’d miss you guys on Dtown, however the replacements are doing great and really fit in.

  24. Helen says:

    Another great show – thanks guys!

  25. David Spiteri says:

    Another good show! I was impressed with Terry
    White & will definitely check out his tech blog.

  26. Paul Birner says:

    I would weight in on the nikon/canon/mac/windows/layers/photoshop thing, but I don’t care. and yes I would definitely accept a giveaway.

  27. DaniLew says:

    This show gets better every week! I truly enjoyed Terry’s insights and i-card demo.

  28. […] you really need to visit the latest episode (8) of The Grid a video podcast from NAPP. This is co-hosted by Terry White this week and during the show they […]

  29. Shawn Highfill says:

    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.
    Elbert Hubbard

    You are doing a great job, keep it up. Why is there no common sense anymore? America is all about me having one opinion and flaming/ripping/slamming you if you disagree. Anonymously hiding behind my computer screen in my mommies basement, of course.

  30. Andy Abercrombie says:

    Hey, Guys… Quite a controversy going on there regarding Obama’s newly released birth cert. downloaded from the White House’s own website. With all your Adobe connections, a great topic for The Grid would be to explain how a scanned image saved as a PDF file, can be later imported into Illustrator and separated into layers? You can check out the ‘threads’ of questions at the following web address:

  31. David Dolezsar says:

    Best show to date ……. Sorry Mat

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