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This week's hosts, Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion, are joined by guest Scott Diussa.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Nice show guys. I really love it. Nice discussion with the iPhone as well.

  2. Rob vE says:

    Always look forward to the Grid. Great show guys.
    Cheers from Sydney, Oz.

  3. Andie says:

    Great show, helpful as always.

  4. Randy B. says:

    good topics guys :)

  5. W Patrick Clements says:

    good talk about Iphones have one but still link my Canon 30D But a P7000 would be better

  6. Dario Ricardo says:

    great show

  7. mario says:

    great show!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Per Andersen says:

    Your show gets better and better. Keep it up guys! The cell phone / iPad talk was quite interesting as it gave some different views on its usage.

  9. Don Temple says:

    Episode 2 seems to only recyle the advertisment at the bginning.

  10. Hazel Getson says:

    Terrific report and also quick to be able to understand explanation. How do My partner and i begin acquiring permission to be able to place part with the article within my new newssheet? Giving right credit rating for your requirements the particular article author and also hyperlink for the online site would not be described as a concern.

  11. Harry says:

    Just catching up with your Grid episodes ….

    A little disappointing insofar as you had Scott from NPS and didn’t discuss NPS in any way. Some anecdotes, tips, etc would’ve been far more interesting than trying to promote what is elusive at best: Creativity – you either have it or you don’t — it may need to be encouraged/promoted/directed but …

  12. The discussion on the varied uses of iphone / vs. point and shoot / vs DSLR was fascinating.

    Output options, digital vs. print and its implications for the industry is truly ominous.

  13. bradnon says:

    great show!

  14. I love lexar – and I really need that card :-)

  15. Cellphones are for reading QR codes, and adding mug-shots to contacts

  16. Russell says:


    Great discussion. I was however surprised in the contrast between your comments on creativity and how we should be stripping away the technical barriers and concentrating on the creative aspects (which I agree with) compared to comments on iPhone photography. I don’t necessarily think its vital that all pictures end up as a printed document. Social media is now a legitimate genre and as such becoming (if not already) an inspiration of art in its own right. I feel that iPhone is increasingly the most common tool for documenting the world and society around us. From muffin eating to family memories and the extremes of society (war, famine etc). I do lots with my iPhone photos, they are continuing project of my own. I can see where they would fall short in terms of scope and possibilities they are still for me valid means of photographic expression.

  17. Mimifred says:

    Love your show(s)…

    Interesting topics, I liked the one about technical/creative but was a bit disapointed about the cell phone one.

    You said that photography is nothing wihout creativity, but isn’t the “iphoneography” a great way to boost your creativity ?

    Too bad you didn’t ask Chase Jarvis about that, I think he has some pretty good ideas around “The best camera is the one that’s with you”.

    Thank you for those inspiring shows though.

    PS : an audio only podcast version would be so cool (and lighter to download)

  18. Rita says:

    I saw an Asian woman in San Diego this weekend. I couldn’t understand any of her native tongue, but each photo she would take of her family, with her iPhone, the sentence would end with “Facebook.”

    I guess there is no translation 😉

  19. Jerry Ennis says:

    Good show. Really don’t understand the guy who thinks it is o.k. to physically move something out of a shot, but thinks it is wrong to remove the same object in post. Ridiculous!

  20. This show gets better and better. Keep it up :-)


  21. Great show, I’m a bit behind on the shows but I’m catching up. Histograms, don’t really use them. For me the technical is very necessary but bores the pants off me and I struggle with the creative, trying to match my vision and create something I think is great, because I’m my worst critic. I like to get feedback from other photogs but don’t always agree with them and that’s ok. There’s no magic pill to take but often others give you a lead to something new and sometimes exciting. I’ve suggested shooters try this or that, just see how it fits, you never know what golden nugget you may find. Is your client happy with the image, does it bring emotion to others, do you like it, there’s no right or wrong answer, that can be hard to get your head around for some.

  22. […] different to catch my eye. I'd heard about Instagram before, but it wasn't until my buddy R.C. sung it's praises on The Grid that I tried it. Actually to be fair R.C. was saying that he was was seeing a ton of […]

  23. Roberto Alonso says:

    cool show this one. cant wait for the aperture-lightroom one!

  24. kathy hoglund says:

    really appreciate this great show!

  25. Deborah Troeller says:

    Thanks especially for the histogram stuff I have to admit I was very confused by this topic and have received some controversial opinions as well about what it should look like even though the exposure, color etc looked perfect to me. Why waste time creating the “perfect” histogram? I never understood that until now, thanks again!

  26. Terry Jednaszewski says:

    Cool show!

  27. Great show. First time watching. Love the wallets on the iphone idea. When people ask to see a picture of my grandkids, I honestly never thought to show them the pictures on my phone. Duh. I took a lot of pictures using my iphone when we were checking out locations and planning decorations for my daughters wedding. Please enter me in the contest if it’s not too late.

  28. Dahrann says:

    Wlkaing in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

  29. Casey Cook says:

    Another great show!

  30. Bruce Himelman says:

    Good topics. Very insightful.

  31. Gary Scrip says:

    Love the Grid!

  32. Sharon Thomas-Elion says:

    Love the show!

  33. Mike Sage says:

    Hey there!

  34. Mark Wilkey says:

    Loved the show – especially discussion about difference between creativity and technical details. Love to win th P7000.

  35. Ognyan Trifonov says:

    Good as always…
    Thank you!

  36. Tim R says:

    Your comments on the technical vs the creative really hit home. I feel like I’m always studying and never doing. Yes, I get a lot of respect when I do shoot, but I’m hampered by feeling like I never have enough technical information whether posing or light placement or whatever. This ended up hurting me in graphic design school (would have been great had I gone with engineering – just not as much fun). Thank you for your perspective.

  37. Bill Dabney says:

    Great show. As always, you’re keepin it real. Enjoyed meeting y’all at PSW. Keep up the great work. Oh, and enter me in that drawing, please, if it’s not too late. Thanks!

  38. Kay Bohlmann says:

    Thank you for the great Show – all the best from Germany!

  39. Nelson Alvarez says:

    Great show…really enjoyed the topics.

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