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The Grid: The Grid: Episode 03 – Rob Sylvan and Nick Saglimbeni


Show hosts Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski are joined by guests Rob Sylvan and Nick Saglimbeni.
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Show hosts Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski are joined by guests Rob Sylvan and Nick Saglimbeni.

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  1. Charles Kraft says:

    Once again first 10 minutes of show nothing but ads. No substance at all. Dtown was much better show. Probably my last time watching this and I enjoy and have learned a lot from you guys. I will continue Kelby Training and other training, but this is my last episode of “The Grid”. If I want comedy I’ll watch Comdy Central.

  2. han says:

    Awesome show. Really great stuff.

  3. Dennis Rubin says:

    Thanks for another great show, looking forward to the next one.

  4. John Havord says:

    Great discussion guys. You really bring your enthusiam across very well.

  5. Kevin Rank says:

    I am really liking The Grid. GREAT format.

  6. Josie says:

    Really enjoyed discussions again. Especially fascinating micro-stock vs trad stock discussion. What came over really well was how microstock business model works. High quality, current, cheap; opens stock up to many new consumers; photographers can make money if shoot lots etc. What I felt I couldn’t get clear in my mind is where trad stock has any business left! It seemed to me their only Market would be if a consumer couldn’t afford to commission a photographer but wanted to say the image used would be unlikely to show up elsewhere. Am I missing something? It’s still stock so can’t guarantee would be exclusive…? Where’s the ‘value’ in expensive stock to the consumer?

  7. Py says:

    Great show! Nice episode!

  8. Ray Hull says:

    Great Job as usual!

  9. John Geyer says:

    The Grid episodes 1 2 3 wil not play on my Vista 32 bit system. Everything else plays includes D town TV. I am using IE8. Is there a download link somehwere. I see from the posts that others are having issues also. thanks

  10. Hi, Scott when and where will you be in Germany!?

  11. Yogie says:

    Thank you for the great show!

  12. Shawn H says:

    Interesting subject for today’s show.

  13. Brian says:

    Rogue Grid looks cool but I couldn’t find any pricing, I’m currently in Germany. I just bought some grids from http://www.honeycombgrids.com/ though and they look awesome and useful! You can stack them as well… though they don’t come in all the “pro” packaging from a big name “pro” company. There’s also a discount for bloggers!

  14. Shane says:

    I enjoy your show and I watch it via iTunes.

    I’d like to make a suggestion. You don’t seem to do anything ‘visual’ on the show so could you also release an audio-only version of your show.

    The video show is approx 0.25 Gb when I download it. An audio version would be much less and I wouldn’t lose anything since all you do is talk…

    BTW, This weeks’ episode was very interesting (ep 3)

  15. I dig the new format of the show!
    Thank you! Scott & Matt

  16. Love you show! Following you from Germany!

  17. gene nemeth says:

    just found this website. I’m going to be up late watching all the episodes

  18. Narek says:

    I made a donation via istockphoto they also have a nice and easy PayPal donation system setup for Japan.

  19. Wilf Oberthier says:

    Kelby TV does not work on Internet Explorer 9.

  20. Chris Whitaker says:

    Great show – The Grid is a really cool addition to the family of shows on KelbyTV – your coverage of the topics is well thought out and balanced.

  21. Jimmy Dozer says:

    Love the show! And a Lr tip!

    If you Command/Ctrl-click on any of the panels (like Basic, Tone Curve, HSL / Color / B&W, etc) it expands them all or collapses them all quickly. Use this in conjunction with ‘Solo Mode’ and you have quick access with lots of options.

  22. Great show – love to watch it from Germany!

  23. Another great show! Thank you so much for sharing…

  24. Keith Sloter says:

    Perhaps you should let your guest talk more.

  25. Burnett Moore says:

    Love the show..Keep them coming!!

  26. Great show.
    Yup get into arguments all the time over the whole photoshop thing. Retouching, cropping whatever. Some guys I know figure your cheating and the all in camera thing. I keep telling them it is just another tool to help get the best photo you can possibly get. I usually shut them up when I ask them if the used a strobe or reflector or put a filter on their camera etc. If they reply yes I call them a hypocrite and move on lol.


  27. RON says:

    its not on itunes yet :(

  28. mike friedman says:

    great show – continued success

  29. Al MacNEIL says:

    Another great show. Love the discussions.

    Are you planning to discuss Digital Asset Management. I am curious to here your comments on the subject.

  30. I like the new show. This episode looked dark . I would recomend some kind of broad hairlight to give seperation accross the shoulders and hair. Wearing clothes other that black would help also.

  31. Donna Kirby says:

    Great show – wish it would show up on the Itune feed sooner

  32. Daniela says:

    Yes, what Nick Saglimbeni said about the retuching sistem it’s true, i have the mastering retouching from him, and it’s amazing! I’m a big fan of him…

  33. Linda Lovejoy says:

    Really enjoyed this week.

  34. John Lovejoy says:

    Great episode!

  35. First time viewer. Loved the show. Will download from now on to I tunes.

  36. gerd says:

    Really enjoy your show. Great having open discussions about so many topics and your special guests. Love the insights.

    Like the links to the products and people mentioned. In a world of mediocrity it is always good to rise above the rest by being exposed to so many different views.

  37. Rob Patterson says:

    I really enjoy the talk show! Keep it up

  38. James Benet says:

    That was a great show, the production value is fantastic and the pace is quick. I can only recommend it fully to all photographers!

  39. Keane says:

    Great show, loving the photo talks.

  40. Just read that story on Matt’s facebook page. Excellent shot in the big church. Someone had to do it!

  41. john b. says:

    Can you ask Lee Varis to join you on the show from his personal “Techno-Pod” ? (or maybe as a Wednesday guest blogger on ScottKelby.com)

  42. You Guys Rock down under!

  43. Pat Quinn says:

    Love the new show!

  44. Terry says:

    Interesting show… thanks

  45. i just have to say i really enjoy this talk show, just as i reallt enjoy and get inspired by D-town TV shows!
    I have a question:
    Scott, when are you coming to Stockholm =)

  46. Just love your show guys!

  47. Jac says:

    Interesting show and can see that as it evolves it will become even more interesting. You guys are terrific but let me offer a constructive critique:
    Scott please watch it through and count the number of times you cut Matt off. Even your guest. You are a fun guy to listen to but so is Matt, please give him equal time or even 1/4 time.

  48. Scott Duncan says:

    Really good show. Always learning something from you guys. Thanks.

  49. Why does it take so long to put the new episodes into itunes? :-(

  50. Justin Wallace says:

    I have a good idea for the podcast. Please give it some good thought.

    You only have a video podcast for The Grid. You should make this also in an audio only format. It’s not practical to take a 250MB file on the go just to listen to it in the car. Plus, as you’ve mentioned before, Scott, the show is designed to be more of a talk show/conversational show, which would be suited well for an audio only format that can be taken on the go.

    Hope you apply my idea. I think a lot of people would agree.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks.


  51. Yariv Menchel says:

    great show, keep on!

  52. Bob Douglas says:

    I enjoy the show alot.

  53. morten josephson says:

    Great show!

  54. Reggie Reg says:

    Great Show!

  55. David Christman says:

    You guys are the greatest – great show too
    Keep it up.

  56. Virgilio says:

    thank you for another GRID.

  57. Allen H says:

    Am I missing something or is there no download link for these shows as there is on Photoshop User T.V

  58. John Ryan Garcia says:

    nice episode! keep it coming!

  59. Kelllie says:

    Didn’t know this was going to be a talk show, but I enjoyed it. I also don’t charge separately for retouching. Would not want to show the customer anything but the best.

  60. Dennis M says:

    Great show.
    Does Adobe have a store selling jackets shirts etc?

  61. Matt Fassett says:

    A very different and good show
    Always watching your shows.
    Thank you

  62. Johnny C says:

    Great show! I especially enjoyed the part on retouching. I don’t charge for retouching but I show that retouching was done on the invoice at no charge. You just reinforced my choice in doing it that way…Thanks again!

  63. reggie reyes says:

    nice show ! welcome back Matt!

  64. Jim Danvers says:

    Live broadcast – umm — what time? (I’m upstate NY)

    Question also – a week or so ago you guys spoke of using iPads for portable digital portfolios. There is a thread on flickr re: using a Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader for the same thing. Apparently the things run an Android OS and can be “rooted” (hacked” to open them up and make it so that apps can be installed – ie; photo galleries. The things are less than $250 and have awesome little displays… something to kick around on a future show?

    ‘K – can I win a prize now? :)

  65. Patrick J.Burns says:

    Can you tell me what time and day is this show LIVE….?

    Still trying to find a way to Twitter via my Laptop

    so that i can win all of the giveaways …

    Jacket size 3X

  66. Paul Costanza says:

    You guys rock!! Thx – PC

  67. Rob Sylvan says:

    Thanks for having me on the show!

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