The Grid: The Grid: Episode 02 – Jeff Revell and Scott Bourne


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Show hosts Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion are joined by guests Jeff Revell and Scott Bourne.

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  1. Amos peter says:

    Natafuta rafiki. I need a frds

  2. Peter says:

    Hi—I realize that this thread is ended and obsolete, but I’m posting a request related to the show here anyway, hoping for someone to notice it.

    I’m looking for a link or some pointer to the portraits labeled “Still from video” that Scott mentions during the show. Does anyone know where to find these stills? Are they on-line at all?

  3. Charles Kraft says:

    Good show but way too much Bull$#@%. Substance of show is about 20 minutes.

  4. Sergei says:

    Russia likes your show! You guys rock!

  5. Neil Crick says:

    Halfway through episode two, and really enjoying proper, grown-up, opinionated chat.

    I’m listening in from Japan, so I really appreciated Scott’s comments and support, much appreciated, thanks mate. Immediately after the quake, all the phones went down, so it was impossible to contact my family to check if they were ok. In fact, the phone company that supplies the iPhone was able to provide reliable phone or text services until the next day; big fail!

    However, the 3G network came back up in a couple of hours, and via my iPhone and Facebook, I was able to keep my wife informed of my progress home (took more than 4 hours rather than the usual 40 mins). Friends in the same situation used Twitter to keep in touch. We were also able to keep up to date with news, advice and other aspects of that awful day.

    HDSLR Video – quick thought. One limiting factor when thinking about DSLR video replacing regular still cameras, is that I believe video shoots at slower shutter speeds, meaning that if you grabbed a single frame, you’d likely see the motion blur that the brain filters out when watching a moving image.

    Anyway, enough rambling.

    Sayonara like.

  6. Ralph Clark says:

    I enjoy listening to the topics. I look forward to listening to future shows.

  7. Vic says:

    Video Grabs cheating? My Canon 7D shoots 9fps. If Canon comes out with a model that shoots 24fps who wouldn’t jump on it? 24fps is good quality, film like video. So I guess I am currently shooting slow motion video at 9fps.

  8. Andy says:

    Great show guys!

  9. Ron Payne says:

    From the 10,000th person to respond, good show.

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  11. Mark says:

    Just wanted to let you know that it seems these shows will not sync to my iPod Classic. Could it be the way they’re encoded?

    I was looking forward to watching / listening on my iPod, but no can do. :(

    Can anyone else comment if they are having any issues syncing to an iPod?

    • Jerry says:

      Episodes 27 and up will not sync to my iPod Classic. All the previous episodes did sync. They must be doing something different with the encoding now.

  12. mark ancheta says:

    I love RC talking better than Scott Kelby! He sounds more convincing and persuasive. And by the way, He really sounds like a Man. =)

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  14. Yogie says:

    Love the new show!

  15. Aaron says:

    Awesome show guys!!

  16. Glenda says:

    I love this. Getting back into photography after about 15 years out, just couldn’t stand it any longer. The new technology out there is just amazing and I have a new learning curve ahead. I am so glad there are guys like these making it easy to jump back in and catch up. THANK YOU!

  17. Ken says:

    Interesting to see the wide range of comments here…..

    Thank you for the show, which is FREE! So since its FREE, I do not have any expectations or demands!

    D-Town and Photoshop User TV do not give you the freedom to branch out and hit topics like this — so I like the idea and I will watch when I can, for FREE!


  18. DaniLew says:

    Interesting topic on the morphing of video and stills.

  19. bob baker says:

    Can’t watch this, nor DTown TV since I upgraded IE to version 9. No problem with IE8. Anyone have any ideas what’s going on?

    • bob baker says:

      Problem solved. With IE9, it is necessary to click on the “Compatibility View” button in the upper right, next to the refresh icon. Don’t ask me why . . . never had to do this with IE8.

      Thanks Microsoft for challenging me for a week of my life!

  20. firmie says:

    Would be great to know what links you guys recommend for beginning photographers -or- what are the best photography sites. You could do a whole show on where to click on the internet…just a thought. Great show!

  21. Jim Hackett says:

    Guys, i have learned so much from you, and I follow almost all of your stuff every day, and a subscriber to Kelby Training, but I have not been able to get through either of the first two shows. I can’t watch the weatherman spend 20 minutes telling me it’s 40 degrees out side and maybe cloudy. My ADD kicks in and I am on to something else…….

  22. Adrian says:

    in regards to Japan… Michael Andrew, who is a photography trainer/Photographer, also feels that he is called to help when disasters strike. He traveled to Haiti to help coordinate food and supplies getting to many of the orphanages there. He has recently gone to Japan to help with the efforts there. I don’t work for Michael, I am just a fan of his, but you can follow his support efforts on his blog @

  23. Bruce Stank says:

    great show, I like all kinds of photo info and different ideas. keep it all coming. thanks much.

  24. Donna Kirby says:

    Thanks for another great show. I always learn something new. Thanks again

  25. d says:

    I look forward to each new show … I always walk away with new ideas. Thanks for your hard work

  26. Tim Wilson says:

    I guys,
    In regards to the HD video stills. The same thought ran through my head. When I saw Esquire magazine shoot, Megan Fox, with the Red camera. This was supposedly the first time, a video still was used for a commercial shoot. Not sure if that’s the case, but it sure makes you think about where the industry is going.

  27. Wayne Christensen says:

    I find the show boring and lacking information.

  28. JoeM says:

    Very nice show. I was mad when you guys left Dtown, but I see now that this show was necessary

    Joe Manich
    Pittsburgh, PA
    March 17, 2011

  29. RobC says:

    bah apparently IE9 doesn’t like KelbyTV.

    • bob baker says:

      I’m experiencing the same problem! Can’t watch any of the Kelby TV shows (DTown, Grid, etc.) since I upgraded to IE9. No problem with LR3 Killer Tips or the Kelby Training videos (thank goodness). I really don’t want to have to return to IE8. Help would be appreciated from anyone who has solved this.

  30. Jason Barnes says:

    Am I #36? Nice show.

  31. Russell says:

    The Grid,
    A digital frontier
    I tried to picture clusters of information as the moved thought he computer!
    What did they look like? Ships Motorcycles? were the circuits like free ways?
    I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see
    And Then
    One Day…
    I got IN!


    I beg of you, PLEASE do not have Scott Bourne on again. I have always found his personality and arrogance to be grating. He contributes nothing valuable to the photographic community. If it isn’t the way he does thing it must be WRONG. Why any company give him the first crack at their new equipment is beyond me. I could obviously go on and on about Bourne so I digress. I love the new show as well as the other shows. Thanks

  33. Patrick J. Burns says:

    Great show … keep it coming

    Can you also make each show as a Webinar
    so that old Fa%%s like me that don’t have a cell phone can participate in the open talk and hopefully win a prize

  34. plebism says:

    A great show 😀 – but why was Scott Bourne there? You hardly seemed to include him and didn’t even say thanks at the end or let him pimp himself.

    Don’t get too self absorbed 😉

  35. Klaus says:

    Great show, guys. I watch it as video podcast on iTunes :)

    But, could you please look into the audio/sound? Maybe it’s your studio but it has this slight echo when you guys are talking. Haven’t noticed it on D-Town.

  36. Great show can’t wait for the next one.

  37. pm gaddis says:

    keep it up
    grreat show

  38. Is pulling stills from video cheating? Of course it is. So is using digital rather than film. Oh, and using autofocus and in-camera metering. And, lest we forget, getting somebody else to process your photos instead of sniffing developer and fixer is something that only cheaters do.

    For that matter, I’m pretty sure that using metal chisels instead of flint chisels (like god intended) to make photos is a sin.

    Cheating? Really?

    Well, after I wipe the EXIF data, how will you (or a client) ever know? And why do you care? It’s all about the image, not the process.

    (BTW, 1920 x 1080 is about a 2 megapixel image. We have a ways to go yet before that’s really a viable source for quality stills.)

  39. Johnny C says:

    On the DSLR Video. I am basically a self taught photographer and have worked very hard to learn this skill. Sure it would probably be easy to grab a photo from a video, but where is the skill and professionalism . I am proud of how hard I work to get the right settings at the right moment. Yes, I’m with RC, I think video grab is cheating.

  40. John says:

    Add a five minute bonus feature at the end of each video with you guys playing Black Ops in the studio. You can film it earlier in the day or earlier during the week.

  41. Yariv Menchel says:

    We will get to take stills out of video. But not today. HD 1080 is still only 1,8MP. Good size for small prints, but would you buy a DSLR with a resolution of only 1,8MP????

  42. Ron S says:

    I watched Dtown for the tips – everyone. The Grid is FAR TOO MUCH TALK and no tips. I will watch two more and then my RSS is gone.

    • Hey Ron,
      It’s a talk show. It’s not a tips show. If you want photography tips then DTown is the show. For Photoshop tips check out Photoshop User TV (both free).

      – matt

  43. Shannon Bailey says:

    Another great show. Love the format.

  44. HDR: The problem these days is that some of the exponents are now relying on HDR to make bad photography that would fail all the composition criteria, eg architectural shots with converging verticals, acceptable.

    The problem is to make a good photograph to start with, then get the best out of it with the HDR processing.

  45. Jason Liu says:

    can’t play the video

    Video not found or access denied:

  46. Jim Vetter says:

    Would love to watch the show but it will not start…?

  47. Stephen Coss says:

    I love this new show!!!!

  48. Ivan Boden says:

    I’m really enjoying these conversations. Great show guys!

    So great to hear a discussion on topics that I’ve been wondering about myself, like HGR, and HD-DSLR.

  49. martin gillette says:

    hey guys, thanks for another great show. about the hdr thing, i think the problems people have with hdr is directly proportional to how much the software does as opposed to the photographer. if the program does it all for you in one click people stop thinking of it as art. kind of like fractal generating programs like apophisis.

  50. David Rosas says:

    Love to have that program your giving away Nik software !

  51. Doug Perry says:

    And thank you too Scott Bourne!

  52. Rich says:

    Really good second show guys. I wonder if the prolonged heat the image sensor must handle when shooting a lot of video shortens the life of the image sensor.

  53. Jock Goodman says:

    Does any of us out there have a life? i work 2 jobs, one is photography, and just can’t put life on hold to watch LIVE The Grid. (Love it BTW). Soooo, why can’t replay viewers qualify for the prizes? I’m also not into twitter etc yet, just too busy counting my money….just kidding, but I AM busy working long hours to earn a living in a VERY competitive endeavor. Hence, 2 jobs.
    And Yes, we had at least $10M+ damages here on Hawaii Island, from the tsunami, several homes and biz damaged/destroyed, but no complaints, just view the Japan footage and send THEM a prayer.
    LOVE the webcasts and learning experiences of NAPP. mahalo plenty, Jock

  54. Dennis M says:

    Discussions are starting to get interesting

  55. joe cormier says:

    great show guys!

  56. Andrew Glade says:

    Maybe you should make the podcast just audio so I can download it off the 3g network

  57. Joe says:

    hey guys! great shows but please change the girl from the Intro is not in you level, sounds like she is “playing” , come on you have great voices there!

    Just a comment….

    Thanks! and keep the great job!


  58. Steve Miller says:

    Good show. loved the HDR discussion.

  59. Vikas says:

    haven’t been able to watch this yet. i loved the way DTown was available on Zune/iTunes as a podcast, easy to watch it on the train.

    Scott is there a plan to put this on out as a webcast also ? It will be much appreciated.

  60. Jim Neale says:

    Great show guys. Could move a little quicker for me.

  61. Robin Horton says:

    Sorry guys but this is just chat, adverts, and pro mo’s, learnt nothing.

  62. Dave Schultz says:

    Woo Hoo! Very interesting. Keep up the good work.

  63. Great Show Guys

    You Rock


  64. Virgilio says:

    great show

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