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The Grid is a live talk-show about photography, Photoshop and other industry-related topics. Each week features a different guest (in-studio or online) and viewers are encouraged to chime in on the Liveblog here on or via Twitter by adding #TheGridLive to their tweets.
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Show hosts Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski are joined by photographer Jeremy Cowart in this first episode of The Grid.

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  1. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of
    any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates.

    I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe
    you would have some experience with something like this.
    Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

  2. Andrew says:

    Show was great, except for one thing…I really, really wanted to hear Jeremy talk. No offense at all guys, but you did talk alot.

  3. Chuck Mason says:

    Thanks for doing the show. If anyone is into Photography/Photoshop they can learn from ‘The Grid Show.’ The discussion concept that you came up with is great. It saves you guys a lot of extra work if people will just take the time to tune in and listen. It saves me coming up with a laundry list of photography/Photoshop questions at Photoshop World or a seminar to get answers to questions. i am sure you answer the same questions over and over all the time. Nikon D3s vs D3x to ‘well how is this done… The Grid is great!!! I would rather say to you, …nice tunes last night Scott at Hard Rock or to Matt in walking through Mandalay, ‘hows your day going’. I will post on twitter and on my website about the Grid.
    Have a great day & Thanks for doing the Grid.!

  4. Michael says:

    Hi, maybe my post is too late, but I just found you guys…
    Re your video question: If you’d show me a way to post videos on my wordpress blog WITHOUT using youtube or other sites (copyright reasons!), I’d use the feature in my camera even more often to post little videos on the blog.
    However, still photography still rules! 😉

  5. Fred Light says:

    I shoot real estate photos and video tours with my 5D. I use the video function 4-7 times every single day every day of the week. Saves time, looks awesome,

  6. James cox says:

    great first show !!!!

  7. Tim Sorrells says:

    @Scott: Your comment on using the movie mode and what do you do with them. I do concert photography of local bands. I will film a particular song and give the band a copy to see what the sound and mix level are out on the floor. You are a musician and know what you hear via stage monitors. Your audience usually hears the mix on the PA. If the mix is bad or out of level, the musicians on stage have no clue. I use the film to show them how to fine tune the mix (D300s with a hotshoe Rode Stereo mic. I will be happy to send you an email on the restrictions using the movie mode and tips to viewers on using stage marks for the musicians to keep them in the all important light.

  8. Hey guys, I love the new show, love the idea of a “shoot the poo” sorta show! and was very interested in the question of “what are you doing with the video on your DSLR” question. Well after years of shooting stills I’ve loved the transition of mixing the two and have found myself now making videos for the same bands I used to just shoot stills of.
    Plus mixing time-lapse with video it sorta brings still images to life and I’ve just become obsessed with it! As much I love a still ( un-ending dedicated undying passion) the idea of also being able to bring them alive is nothing short of magical to me. I just finished a run and gun video with some friends who were in town for a few hours and managed to pull this off with no planning or anything.
    keep up the great work.

  9. Don Livingston says:

    like it

  10. Alejandro says:

    The Grid looks a lot like Photoshop TV which I actually enjoy a lot.
    This was a show loaded with lots of the fun they have together but not a lot of useful information to be hones.
    Now… To not make the story too long: I followed it ok, until James? Suggested I sell my 5D mkII, with all my lenses and buy an iphone…
    No-No: Follow the link on my name to see my take on it.

  11. David says:

    What app does David Ziser use to show off those wedding pictures on an iPad?

  12. Cool Show. Thanks for all the info.

  13. L rosen says:

    I enjoyed both episodes of the Grid . Found you too late to tune in live . One problem for me … I find it frustrating that you are using twitter exclusively For contests and feedback like polls. I don’t have time in my life to start fooling With another networking site… FB takes enough of my day.

  14. John says:

    Great Show, but watch the AGC. Got some sound drops at the beginning.

  15. April Paschal says:

    I enjoyed the show. My professor over my photography this semester recommended The Grid. I will be busy all day watching over the past shows.

  16. I like the open conversation of the new show. keep it up.

  17. Paul Carter says:

    Hurrah – It’s working on Chrome!

  18. Andrew Renkert says:

    Its good to hear all your views of the social media and how they are different.

  19. Vikas says:

    I don’t see pdcast link..

  20. rick says:

    thanks again new show is great

  21. J Shaddock says:

    Great Show. Looking forward to the second one.

  22. Bob Mielke says:

    Now that was interesting, even though I no longer use Facebook & have never used Twitter.

  23. Marlene Sloan says:

    Great conversation, always learn something new.

  24. really love the topics thanks guys

  25. Julian Johnson says:

    A complete waste of my time!
    Learnt nothing.
    Grew a beard watching.
    Dtown rocks!!!

  26. Hmm I guess I’m a dinosaur since I don’t tweet.
    Cool program – I’ll be a regular viewer

  27. Julie says:

    You guys pretty much rock! Love the show.

  28. Gary says:

    it’s Monday at 12:30, how do I see the live webcast?

  29. Tonya says:

    I agree to some extent about Flickr, but when you 1st get started, if you can weed past the crap, some of the feedback helps you to improve when you have or follow others who have excellent work.

  30. Lee Ramsden says:

    Great Show Guys,
    Would love to hear with personal mics,
    as you move away from the mic in front of you the sound just cuts out.

    As always awesome content.

  31. Donna Kirby says:

    First show was dynamite. Looking forward to all the upcoming shows. Thank you for all you do for your followers.

  32. Pelle Piano says:

    Tell the sound technician, that the days of miking Phil Collins snare drum, are over =) The noise gate is really annoying.

    Otherwise a nice show as always when you guys do something.

  33. Great show about current topics for photographers.

    For a future topic how about discussing the debates between photography purists (those that feel any kind of post-processing is not photography) and the photography artists (those that use post-processing to enhance or make an image artsy). What is your take on when is photography no longer “photography” and who cares about this? The same can be said for those debates on HDR – those who over-process and those who don’t.

  34. peace gaddis says:

    awesome new show

  35. Alex Marnoch says:

    it just gets better and better…

  36. Robert m says:

    Cool show, glad Jeremy was there for counter point of view.

  37. M Westley says:

    It seems to not play 64 bit IE, I played it in 32 bit IE and it works fine.

    Might help???

  38. Bruce Stank says:

    Scott & Matt, great show. love the info. The more photo info the better.

  39. Like the new shop and can’t wait to see all the new stuff you tell us about. Might dbl check the mics… sound dropping off.

  40. […] Lo show è disponibile in podcast qui […]

  41. John Thomas says:

    Good show, enjoyed it

  42. Steve Ryan says:

    Great new show guys. The longer format really lets you get into the details.

  43. Tony Seeley says:

    Really liked the show – missed it live though :(

    Thought your comment about video on a DSLR was very funny – I have a Nikon D300S and have NEVER used the video facility. I have a separate Sony video camera and use that for video’s (oh and I NEVER look at those either :-)

  44. Steve U says:

    Interesting new set.

  45. al bryant says:

    Great another great show to watch.

    like the format

  46. Bruce says:

    Good show. But, a bit of cavernous echo on the mikes.

  47. tony says:

    OK, need to see more.

  48. Tal says:

    Hi guys,
    first of all i love what you do on d-town and ps user tv.
    this is a nice effort. I got a little tierd after about 20 min.
    too much talking heads. you need to put some video segments to make it more interesting.

  49. John L says:

    Great show and love the new format.

  50. Matthew says:

    I’m really liking it. Look forward to the next installment.

  51. Ken says:

    Turns out that Chrome was not playing nice with the video loading last week (its working now, so thanks for making changes).

    Great show, although I think the comment about Flickr was a little harsh. Too much of a generalization that anyone who uses Flickr does so to get false affirmation in their photography.

    I use Flickr because its very affordable and I am not making money from my photography. Which lets be honest, the majority of photographers in our world today are not making money from photography (and a lot of people follow you guys that do not make a living with their photography).

    That should open up the flood gates into discussions about “professionals” and “amateurs” : o

    That said, still great show, and I will still use Flickr even though no one leaves me comments!

  52. Mark G says:

    Great Show!!

  53. Ben says:


  54. Douglas Sanderson says:

    hope this comment doesn’t disqualify me from ever winning a prize ever, BUT, I love Napp (i am a member) love d town (or I should say I use to like it a lot better before, but hey have to give the new guys time) love p.s user tv, lightroom killer tips, and on and on, you guys rock on everything you do, EVERYTHING, including your blogs, books, love it all, EXCEPT this, tried to stay awake through the whole show, mostly multitasked with other things while it was on, but my goodness, blah blah blah, (sorry that was mean) but just being honest here, this is one thing I can say I will not waste my time with again, really sorry, good luck

  55. DAWN JENNINGS says:

    GOOD SHOW – wasn’t sure what to expect I liked it good discussion

  56. Willum says:

    Hi again….
    When I posted my comment the page reloaded and I had to start all over again. Now that sucks……
    just sayin’.

  57. Willum says:

    Big hello from Denmark
    Been looking forward to this launch. I’m not disappointed so far. (This is what tells you that you’re triumphant)
    the twitter vs. facebook discussion is one, that must never end. There’s just too much one way communication out there. What’s wrong with people these days? Can’t anyone keep up a decent conversation with half a million people now a days?

  58. Cindy says:

    Ditto on the podcast. At least to have it as an option. Great idea for the car.

  59. Jason Hanson says:

    Great show!

    Only complaint is the compressor/gate you are using on the sound is cutting subtle sounds out and even parts of words. This should really be adjusted.

    Oh, and I wish this played in Chrome.

  60. Jason Hanson says:

    Great show!

    Only complaint is the compressor/gate you are using on the sound is cutting subtle sounds out and even parts of words. This should really be adjusted.

  61. MP Green says:

    Scott, in regards to the issueof DLSR video use, I shoots sports and I’ve been using video clips to create highlight reels. I must admit I’m not very deep into it yet but as I develop my skill shooting video I intend to do more. My biggest hurdle so far has been posting it. The file sizes are too large to upload in a high quality format to my blog. I’ve used Vimeo so far with success but so far the volume of what I’m doing doesn’t justify buying an expensive account. It is my long range plan with the video though. Right now its a lot of hurdles to jump through to put a video clip up. I’d love to be able to do it right onto my zenfolio site someday.

  62. Viktor says:

    Great show ! Brilliant format!

    But did not work to play in Opera, Google Chrome or Internet explorer 6, 7 or 8..
    Did work in Firefox (that made me happy after trying a few browsers! )

    All your other vids seems to be working in at least opera and google chrome thou.

    Anyhow, Good work with the Show!

    Waiting for next episode!

  63. Paul H. says:

    Love the show, nice format but found the mics distracting.

  64. Like the new show. If this is going to be a ‘talk show’ would it be worth providing a audio only file for downloading onto non-video iPods / MP3 players. I think this would be really useful.


  65. Shelly says:

    great to see The Grid. Nice look.

  66. I want to LOVE it but sitting through 6 ads before it starts made me all wheezy.. Don’t overload me with commercials, please. I know I can wait for it to download and skip the ads, but just knowing they are there might keep me from return visits. Still I love you guys. Just not so many ads, please.

  67. Great work guys. I always learn something from Scott and Matt. Keep up the great books and programming!

  68. Johnn C says:

    Great show. I missed the live date but made up for it today. Cant wait for the next episode. Yea iPad!!!!!!!!!

  69. The new show is great… I would love to see a discussion about new photographers marketing techniques.

  70. Henk says:

    Sorry to say, but video will not display.

  71. Larry N says:

    Great new show. Interesting.

  72. Don McKay says:

    Thanks Jeremy, for being on the show, you truly are a breath of fresh air, thanks for your comments, This show rocks.

  73. Thommy Andersen says:

    Very nice start of your show. Looking forward to next eisode.


  74. Krusbaek says:

    Podcast link to iTunes does not work, and video wont play in your player :-/

  75. Paul Costanza says:

    Awesome show!!

  76. I’m sure this show is great, but I seem to be having issues viewing the re-run…!

  77. Lars says:

    no video only balck screen

  78. Peter222 says:

    IE9 and i only see a black screen……

  79. Richie Ramirez says:

    Great show , enjoyed hanging out with you. Enjoyed it very much

  80. Yosuke Kato says:

    Great new show.

  81. Terry says:

    So far, that was just crap. I hope things get better otherwise I will not be back. No hugs from me; just an honest assessment.

  82. Marchand Jooste says:

    Really liking the new show!

  83. I am just learning DSLR video. What am I doing with them? A lot. Firstly, because every business that I have talked to has a company web site they are asking me to do segments of video for their companies on their web sites. Here is a list of the following projects that people are asking me for.

    Company introductions to new web site visitors

    Company product commercials and reviews of their own products for their web sites

    instructional infomercials style videos explaining how customers can use their products

    Videos for various advertisers on their site in addition to print advertizing being done on their magazines

    Promotional video segments for events that companies are either sponsoring or participating in

    Volunteer groups requesting documentaries to be made for them to be distributed on the web and dvd to get membership

    In essence people are requesting me to do all kinds of video for them. All of these projects are on the cheap of course, but the desire is there and once the companies realize the quality level and time involved they have a greater appreciation for the projects and are willing to pay more for them. They get the feeling of “Being a Director” and greatly enjoy getting involved in the projects. Once they realize that local talent can produce decent quality video segments for them for a value price they are fully committed and involved. Video is the kind of product that while everyone wants to see good work and appreciates the efficiency of the medium, they do not fully realize the value of producing video products until they give it a try.

    Once they do, they are hooked on it, and so are their customers. If watching good movies and video productions were a considered a drug almost everyone in the world would be considered heavy addicts.

  84. Great addition to the burgeoning Kelby Media empire. Thanks guys.

  85. David Rosas says:

    Wow ! This is a great Show lots of good stuff . Really enjoy you guys .Thank for doing it ,like the forum .

  86. Michael says:

    Great new show Guys!!

  87. Great new format! Enjoyed it very much.

  88. Interesting show! Talking about social media and tech in general made me think of (which would be way awesome to see you guys team up with!)

  89. jordon kelly says:

    I use the canon 60d to shoot interviews and music videos . The finished product I post on youtube and vimeo .

  90. brian says:


    I was expecting to learn something guys

    disappointed, sorry :(

  91. Lisa Autry says:

    Technology has made photography easier to get great shots. However, it is till just a tool. Its up to the photographer to capture the moment in a way no one else can.

    Jeremy~”Happy Accidents”…I love it.

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