Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Soft Light Blend Mode and Removing Unwanted Objects – Episode 349


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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On this week's episode, Matt shares a technique for dodging and burning by painting on a grey layer applied with soft light blend mode. Pete shows how he uses the combination of the spot healing brush, healing brush, and clone stamp tool to remove unwanted objects from his images. Jessica has a tip on using channels to make a selection of the shadows of an object.

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  1. henrik gurskov says:

    “Photoshop Girl” is so cute,;-)
    and what an awesome shadow tip…
    thx. U guys..

  2. Jim Simon says:

    Black and white layer for dodging and burning was slick

  3. On Pete’s tutorial I noticed the same issue I’ve been having where the cursor reverts to an arrow in PS and flickers rather than showing the tool’s specific icon. (Like the spot healing brush should be a circle not an arrow) Do you guys have any idea how to resolve this?

    By the way, I look forward to watching the weekly video!

  4. Tracy Huston says:

    Great show as always. Would love a ticket to PSW!

  5. C Mills says:

    Here is my one chance to win this week, Thanks.

  6. Joe McDonald says:

    I loved the tip Matt gave for dodge and burn with the B&W layer. I love to goto PS World. lol loved the rant too!!!

    Keep it up….

  7. Michael Manr says:

    Enoyed the tutorial on making selections with channels. I have never made selections with channels so this tutorial is informative.

    Michael from VA

  8. Don says:

    Good to see Matt and good tips as always. YouGuys/Gals are great.


  9. Joe says:

    Love the Tip on Dodging and Burning. I would love to see more like that.

  10. Great tips, you all are having to much fun, and it would be nice to win, maybe someday

  11. Ilian says:

    Thanks for shadow tip and great explanation from Pete for Healing brush, clone stamp tool and spot healing brush.

  12. Nice show!!

    Pete, I hope you enjoyed Germany!!

    Great tips!! Gotta watch the episode again :-)

  13. Peter Nord says:

    When dogging and burning, what does the 50% grey fill do? It seems to work just as well without filling with grey first.

  14. John Dewberry says:

    Great Episode! I would love to win a ticket to Photoshop World!

  15. James H Carey says:

    Nice seeing someone else cleaning up telephone wires besides me. Thank Pete

  16. Harry Hom says:

    Great shadow tutorial, thanks!

  17. Hayes says:

    Yeah, Great shadow tutorial! Thanks again for all you guys share. I always learn something.

  18. michelle says:

    The first tutorial was awesome. Even going though my old edited pictures I applied this effect and came out with great results. It’s so simple and effective. I take everything I learn and use the regular photoshop. It takes a lot of thinking but if you know the program well enough you can almost get there. It does take more time but most of it will get you close.

  19. Clive Davies says:

    Talking of surnames, Glyn Dewis doesn’t pronounce it correctly. It’s a Welsh word Dewis and his pronunciation of it is wrong…

  20. dave croft says:

    Pete….You are the perfect tutorialist. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly.

  21. John Maguire says:

    Love the show guys. Pete, have you ever tried using the pen tool to draw a line on the wire and then stroke it with a very small brush with Content aware. works wonders and very clean.

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