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The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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On this week's Spring season finale, RC explains how to use the sync feature to apply settings to multiple images in Photoshop and Lightroom, Pete challenges you to create your own "spot the difference" images, and Corey demonstrates animating nested smart objects to make an animated gif. And as a bonus, Glyn Dewis stops by with a quick tip on using layer styles to improve your composites.

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  1. JF Jacques says:

    Great Show, I will miss you guys… until the new season… bye!

  2. Corey congrats on your new website! Amazing work so far!

  3. John Content says:

    Another great show.
    Now let’s talk about your lighting of the set (again). Last show it was too dark in Pete’s corner, now it is too hot. I’ll be happy to donate a light meter if you’ll use it.

  4. Ant O. says:

    Good show guys!

  5. Michael Cox says:

    Enjoyed RC’s presentation.

  6. Bryce Mansfield says:

    Corey that was SICK….Pete I love the idea of the “find it” shots…RC…much love Bro! And yes ARGO was a GREAT Movie!

  7. Flavio says:

    Great season! Thanks for all!
    Greetings from Uruguay!

  8. jason davis says:

    Great show guys! As always love the tips. Hope I win the prize. thats the only one of Scott’s books I don’t have.

  9. Cheryl Chapman says:

    Amazing technique with video/animation and also the retouching of the ‘find what’s missing! Will share that with my college students for class this week.
    Great show!

  10. Gary Shaver says:

    How about some HDR realistic style photos? Thanks

  11. Chad says:

    Nice wrap to a great season. RC and Pete really got me motivated to take more pictures of and for my kids.

  12. Tom Hora says:

    Great show again, guys!

  13. Michael_L says:

    Why has Corey been hatin’ on Craig?

  14. Dennis Flemister says:

    nice video tip

  15. I love this show! Thank you for sharing and the retouching book is awesome!!

  16. Hannes says:

    Aalways enjoy your show!

  17. Glenn Hewitt says:

    I wish you guys didn’t take time off, I will miss you.

  18. David Groene says:

    Please pick me. Thanks for a great season and a ton of ideas.

  19. Chris Helms says:

    Holy Crap, Corey! That segment blew my mind!

    RC, I had no idea you can drag the drop shadow in the document to change it in the dialog!

    Great show with a ton of tips I had no idea about. What a way to end out the season! Happy travels and see you in the next season.

    I definitely would like to win the book, and I love how you keep clearing out old discontinued software (PhotoFrame, NIK Color Efex Pro 3, etc…).

    Much love!

  20. Tony Loi says:

    I hope Photoshop World will come to Australia in the near future. We have some great scenery and a generous amount of heat

  21. Denys says:

    I liked warping videos effect, I need to try some video editing in Photoshop some time.

    Have a good day,

  22. George Kwain says:

    Good Show – Have to wait now for warmer weather.

  23. Marcel B says:

    Great show guys, really loving all the video in PS tips. Pete I have to try making my kids on of those what’s missing pictures. Also loved the tip from RC.

  24. Attila Nagy says:

    Speaking of GIF files my favorite one is the elephant on a trampoline:
    Cracks me up everytime :-)

  25. Justin Roush says:

    I would love to win the portrait retouching book.

  26. Justin Roush says:

    I would love to win the portrait retouching book

  27. Now that I’ve upgraded from Elements to CS6, it is really nice to see tips on how to use it.

    It would be helpful to hear a few more mentions on what the differences are between Mac and PC though.

    Thank You!

  28. Rob Bring says:

    Good show. Have you thought about doing an astrophotography (landscape) episode?

  29. Kevin Metallic says:

    Love the show, lots of good into!

  30. My God, how I love these classes :)

  31. linda says:

    Pete needs to be reminded that his audience is not exclusively male… some. little wives might prefer photoshop world over babysitting at Disney

  32. Jane says:

    Loved Pete’s quote: “sometimes our best learning happens when we play”.

    Let the play begin!

  33. Ralph Pruitt says:

    What about a discount on NAPP membership for people residing outside the US? Seems unfair that they pay the same even though they don’t get the physical Photoshop User mag. On-line access is certainly not as enjoyable!
    Kind Regards, Ralph. Buckeye AZ. and Lawford UK.

  34. Peter harklau says:

    I love how all of you have such a fun time and making learning Photoshop fun! keep up the great work!

  35. Wayne Robinson says:

    Love the video tips. Another great show. Thanks guys!

  36. clive davies says:

    great show (again)
    Have a good break guys!

  37. Gary Elliott says:

    Great show and great season. Enjoy the break and bring back some more of those awesome techniques.

  38. Phil says:

    Hi. I enjoyed the show, as always.
    I have one comment- you probably already know this but just in case… In Camera Raw (at least in the version that shipped with CS 5) if you have multiple images selected in the thumbnails on the left, any change you make will be applied to them all. You can select by pressing the “Select All” button or by the usual methods- command + a to select all (provided the thumbnails area is the last place you clicked within Camera Raw), command + click to select specific thumbnails, or shift + click to select a series.
    Thanks again for a great show!

  39. Sandy says:

    THANKS RC just what I was looking for!

  40. Ron Elkins says:

    Great season. I can’t wait till may.

  41. Flora says:

    Great end of the season show.

  42. Jonas Owen says:

    Kick em’! Lets get out of here and win some prizes!

  43. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  44. Nice show … Corey really takes the thing to another level :-)

  45. Great show as always.

  46. Clairbear says:

    Argo Photoshop yourself. Another great show thanks for all you guys do for us all

  47. Kraut55 says:

    I hope the break won’t be too long!

  48. Nooooo!
    Hope the break won’t be too long! :(
    It’s been a great season folks.

  49. Danf says:

    Why are all screenshots in low res? I’m watching it on iPad.

  50. Richard Dean says:

    Great show. Will miss you over the next several weeks.

  51. Sherol Bose says:

    Thanks Gentlemen. Great tips, for the scrapbookers, RC. Thank you.

  52. Stig M. Thu says:

    Thank you guys for a great show filled with great tips. Looking forward to the next season.

  53. Shawn Ayerst says:

    Great episode guys can’t wait to make trick photos

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