Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Filing Metadata in Lightroom and Creating a 3D Makeup Bottle – Episode 336


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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This week on PhotoshopUser TV, RC shares a tip about file metadata in Lightroom and how to move settings from one computer to another. Pete then shares his 5 favorite apps for creativity along with some handy accessories for the iPad. Finally, Corey goes in depth in Photoshop to show how he created and textured a 3D makeup bottle from scratch.

Sensu Brush
Tether Tools iPad strap

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  1. Mike Kaylor says:

    RC, When converting to DNG, can you have it automatically delete the unneeded sidecar files?

  2. Warren Donowho says:

    Great show!

  3. Pedro Oliveira says:

    Great show guys.
    A question for RC, do you really use DNG or are you just pushing people to start using it? I know the advantages of DNG but people aren’t still convinced about it. I think it messes people’s minds knowing that it changes their “original” RAW picture. I gotta be honest, I’m still one of those people that fear that something bad might happen to this new file type and we might lose all of our images. But we really need a flexible RAW standard file type and from all that I’ve read.. DNG is the way to go. So yeah, the question is, do you guys really use it or are you just pushing people to start using it so it becomes more popular and then start to REALLY use it?

  4. Arch Baker says:

    Lightroom question:

    Once I’ve made a user preset folder, is it possible to move or copy presets from that folder to others, or from other folders to the new one?

  5. Lightroom is attracting more and more attention recently. Easy to see with the release of the Lightroom magazine.

    Since there are lot’s of questions around, I have one more.

    Is there a good way to work with images in disk and then transfer them to an external disk once you’re done with it and have this well organized in your catalog?


  6. JF Jacques says:

    Episode 336

    Love the show… Keep up the good work

  7. DNG rules! forget xmp files its just a mess.
    RC great tip. Corey as always doesn’t disappoint.

  8. Great show. Nice to figure out the sidecar thing.

  9. Dave Nunez says:

    Any chance you guys could go over some best practices for backing up the LR catalog? I have automatic cloud backups via but I’m pretty sure it’s just grabbing my .CR2 files… Is there a big performance hit in having LR write the sidecar files all the time?

    Also, the Roberto Valenzuela book looks awesome :)

  10. Johnson Kevin says:

    Loved the Show guys !
    Corey?…….Pete is “BOB ROSS”??? that was a good one 😛
    Pete? im also a big fan of the SENU brush ! Hi5 !

  11. Chris Helms says:

    Another great episode!

    Love the doodle apps mentioned by Pete, and Corey keeps making me want to dive into the deep end of 3D in Photoshop more and more (and someday I will!)


  12. Jeff Lazar says:

    Great show guys. Thanks.

  13. Thanks Guys as always
    see you in Orlando for sure


  14. Evan Rasmussen says:

    The info about transfering between computers will save me a bundle of time. I often come back from a trip with many, many photos–all of them from my laptop and none of them tweeked because I figured I would just lose it all during transfer. Now here’s another scenario–many photos instead of a few. Should I transfer everything as a catalog? …or stay with the saving metadata to the file for each photo?

  15. Tim Erskine says:

    Love the show. I enjoy learning what packages and plugins you guys use.

  16. PD Taylor says:

    Thanks for good info!

  17. Wil Lei says:

    What are some uses for puppet warp?

  18. W Patrick Clements says:

    Great SHOW!!!

  19. Wayne Robinson says:

    Great show. I use DNG all the time but copying metadata to files is something I rarely do. I store my catalogue on an external drive as I’m frequently switching between laptop & desktop. Great 3D tips. How’d you get a copy of Photoframe – great product but Onone discontinued it in their non-wisdom.

  20. Adzhar Kahar says:

    Hey guys, love the 3D. Wanna ask, how did you guys did the interface for the photoshop ? How do you open photoshop and still be able to see your desktop ?

  21. Guy Baker says:

    Great show. Going to try out some of those apps. Thanks Pete.

  22. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Thanks R.C.

  23. Pat Virgo says:

    Love the show, I always learn something.
    How long are your contests after show airing?
    I would like to enter but I cannot watch the show while it is airing. Also, where can I buy a copy of your OnOne photo frames disk? It is not for sale individually on their web page.


  24. Floyd F Sones says:

    Another great show! You guys rock!

  25. Richard Baker says:

    Great info from Pete about the ipad drawing apps. My artist friends and I are always asking each other what everyone is using. Will check out your favorites.

  26. Travis Smith says:

    I teach Photoshop to high school students and pass the knowledge I learn from you guys to them. Keep up the good work.

  27. Jackie says:

    I love your show guys!

    Cory, I always enjoy your 3D tips, thanks.

  28. Patrick aalmans says:

    I like to see how u can. Make godbeams coming from a window

  29. I loved todays show. Thanks for all your hard work. I loved Cory comment about light room:)

  30. John Havord says:

    Many thanks for another few very useful tips.

  31. Neil Tsubota says:

    If Cory had an image based light modifier, why didn’t he just take a photo of the bottle ?

    Just a question.

  32. Kevin McGrath says:

    great 3d tips

  33. Dana Stiefel says:

    Love the show guys.

  34. Thomas Bogan says:

    Enjoyed the part about the dng file, as I did not know about the side car issue with raw files.

  35. Gary Shaver says:

    Looking forward to see you at Photoshop World!

  36. RC – just what I needed to know!

    Corey – not into 3D – yet

    Pete – love ur new toys!

    Would love a prize!!

    Martin in Indiana and cyberspace

  37. carlos zaldivar says:

    photoshop user episode 336,

    Great show with Corey,pete and Rc. Great info on LR4 metadata and greta info on pscs6 3D. I would like to see more down and dirty tricks about Pscs6 and Lr 4. I would love to win the Onone photo frame software for mac or the picture perfect practice book.
    Carlos Zaldivar

  38. Gary Elliott says:

    Loved the Ipad info but do any of you use an Android tablet. I’ve been looking at the Samsung Note 10.1 for no other reason than it has a true stylus with an tip that’s actually usable for detail work. Gets away from the Ipad feel of writing on a small post-it with a magic marker. :-)


  39. Alex Barrett says:

    Love the 3D tips. I’m hoping it will eventually sink in. Gotta practice more.

  40. Johnson Kevin Rodgers says:

    Loved the video tip ! Used it in my recent project just a while ago ! thanks Mr.Corey !

  41. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Great show! Thanks for all the info. I love how much Photoshop has advanced in the 3D arena. Actually considering leaving C4D behind for the kind of work I do on it.

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