Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Shortcuts for Layer Masks and Cool Atmospheric Effects – Episode 335


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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On this episode, Dave Cross returns with some tips on using shortcuts for layer masks in Photoshop. Corey demonstrates another example of using channels to make selections to create a cool atmospheric effect. Then Pete gives some recommendations on simplifying your Lightroom workspace for faster photo retouching.

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  1. Bob says:

    Yes, me again. Not that i don’t enjoy pete and corey. But i think it would be cool to see the photoshop guys back again. Do you think that will ever happen.

  2. Peter Nord says:

    Great to see Dave back! Had begun to think some evil Photoshop guys gave him a ride in a cement boat.

  3. George Kwain says:

    Good show again. Liked Pete’s philosophy and Dave reminded me that I can personalize Photoshop.

  4. richard mak says:

    Dave, enjoyed watching the tips, not using masks I forget they are there for a good reason.
    Enjoyed the episode.

  5. Great to see Dave Cross again! Love the show, you guys rock!

  6. Paul miller says:

    Another awesome show guys.

  7. It was nice to see Dave back again.

    I sure could use the Perfect Resize software. :-)

  8. frank says:

    It was good to see Dave.

  9. Vicki Ardoin says:

    Another great episode. Really liked the channel-selection segment and the one shown last week.

  10. Tim Erskine says:

    Finally! Someone didn’t mention both Mac and Windows key sequence “control/command.” Thanks Corey for having faith that we could figure out the implied keystroke on our respective machine:)

    I’d like to encourage that in future tutorials since that difference is probably the first thing newbies learn.

    Even further yet, to be fair: use ‘control’ some times and ‘command’ others.

    Your team rocks!

  11. Nice show! Good to see Dave back :-)

    Good tips! Corey’s tutorials … at least this time you sounded human hehehe

    Up for the prizes!

  12. Dean Wittle says:

    Great show as always guys.

  13. Joel Nieto says:

    my first time to watch Photoshop User TV and it’s really cool… and I’m going to join NAPP very soon to learn more on Photoshop and Lightroom….

  14. Rich Stopa says:

    Great Show again again Books are good

  15. Al says:

    Spend to more time on masks tricks. Copying, inverting, moving etc.


  16. Mike Kaylor says:

    Great show. The State Fair pics gave a whole new insight to photo cleanup.

  17. clinton ferrara says:

    nice to see dave. been a while.

  18. JF Jacques says:

    episode 335 – Good thing Corey came back with that answer, I thought I was going to spend the hole day searching for the solution…lol

    Great Show!

  19. Melissa Grover says:

    Very cool show again, love how you’re beating using channels into my head. I need it XD
    Thank you once again, everyone!

  20. Rich E. says:

    Great show and tips by Pete

  21. Bill Benson says:

    Keep up the good work guys.
    Love to see even more layers work . I see the value of them but still very interested in becoming mre proficent using them.

    Thanks for listening Guys.

  22. Les Boucher says:

    Love the show. As a “advanced” amateur the way that the show is presented allows all of those watching to be able to “easily” pick up your tips and advance their photography.

  23. Justin Roush says:

    Another great show!

  24. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show have learned a lot

  25. Tom Williams says:

    Really liked Pete’s segment.

  26. Karl W Kochman says:

    Make me a winner, PLEASE

    Karl W Kochman
    3157 South First Street
    Springfield, IL 62703
    217 753-4157

  27. Kael Vanderkolk says:

    Love the show! It seems to be geared more toward artistic photography in general which is fun to see. Love to see an episode aimed at color corrections and curves. Thanks Guys!

  28. Larry Robinson says:

    Welcome back Dave Cross, love your short-cut tips.

  29. John Havord says:

    Great show as always. Enjoyed the LR segment. Good luck with the house building Dave.

  30. Hockey is back and so is Dave Cross? Odd.

    So Dave, are you using smart objects when building your home? :-)

    Corey Barker “messed up”? Can’t be true. ⌘-Z

    Thanks Pete for the tips.

  31. Chuck Sider says:

    Another great show.

  32. Guys
    maybe more tips about architecture 😉


  33. Ed Kennedy says:

    Solo mode in Lightroom…
    Bam! Knowledgebomb!!!
    Love it, cheers Pete!

  34. harjinder says:

    I love Karl’s comment…I guess you should make him a winner…..:-)

    Thanks PhotoshopUsers team….really appreciate your efforts.

    Regards, Harjinder

  35. Jane Hamilton says:

    beam me up, Corey

  36. Wayne Robinson says:

    Enjoyed the show. Great philosophy from Pete. I always wonder how far to go with removing distractions. Now I have a clearer idea.

  37. Luis Mazier says:

    Good show as always. nice to see David Cross again!

  38. Would like more channels edit stuff.

    The google book would be cool!

  39. Jen Brink says:

    Loved this show. Exactly what I would like to see in the future… fun tips that I can use!

  40. Gary Elliott says:

    Welcome back Dave.

    Pete, interesting take on the concept of artist vs journalist. I like it.


  41. Colin Allison says:

    Another great show, you are human after all!!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have the Hollow Man effect!!!!!!!

    Would love to know how to use Google+, registered use +1 button but have no idea what I am doing or can do with it :-(

  42. David White says:

    No wonder Dave hasn’t been throwing up challenges on Google+ He is there with you

  43. Ralph Woodard says:

    Of course another great show

  44. Bernard Calip says:

    Good to see Dave again.

    There are times when I miss something.
    Why can’t I go back and replay the portion I missed.
    My computer makes me see the whole thing again from star.
    What am I doing wrong, Thanks Bernard

  45. Monty says:

    I liked the section on “cleaning up” images. I

  46. Diane Schulman says:

    Great to see Dave back!!! Great show!!!

  47. Dave Croft says:

    The perfect team. Corey, Dave and Pete. Brilliant.

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