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The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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On this week's episode, Pete starts off by showing us how to remove distracting elements from your photos, like wrinkles on clothes, with a secret about the healing brush tool. Then, Corey demonstrates how to easily extract tricky elements from a background by using channel selections. And RC explains the benefit of using Bridge's Camera Raw instead of Photoshop's so that you can free up Photoshop for other work.

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  1. Frank says:

    Great show even Pete had soom good inputes.

  2. Awesome tips!

    OnOne book! That’s for me.


  3. Rodney Huckey says:

    Loved the water swirl tip!

  4. Great Show
    can’t wait for Orlando


  5. Rich Stopa says:

    Great Show
    How about a show about adding portfolos to the napp site

  6. Dean Wittle says:

    Good episode guys,
    the blackout bit was defiantly corny.

  7. Nick Spade says:

    The Sumo Shortcut spot is very funny, but hard to understand the short cuts being shared.

  8. Stan McQuown says:

    Video in Photoshop book giveaway would be nice, I also use OnOne software.
    Question, how do I get a job with you goofballs?

  9. Tony Blackwell says:

    Anything dealing with complex extractions is always good.

  10. Great show as always guys!! How come Coffee Guy doesn’t get a mention in the intro??

  11. Vicki Ardoin says:

    This was an eye-opening episode. I have been opening all my NEF files into Photoshop to batch process after editing in Camera Raw for Bridge, not knowing I could do it directly in Camera Raw with the Save Files feature. I also didn’t know about the healing brush feature that is ‘color-blind.’ I have used Channels for selections but learned more about that today as well. Thanks, guys!

  12. edward levy says:

    could you talk about the purchase & use of ball heads on tripods? thanks

  13. char Murray says:

    Enjoyed the show as always.

  14. Bob Reeves says:

    Thanks everyone. I really liked Corey’s extraction. It was kind of fast though. Never used that before. Pete and RC and mystery people of Barsoom, thanks again

  15. Larry Travis says:

    Great show but coret really added a great splash of color! Thanks

  16. Rob says:

    I need more explanation of Corey’s technique.

  17. PD Taylor says:

    Always amazed at what can be done in PS..


  18. Jane Hamilton says:

    more advanced selection tips

  19. Chuck Sider says:

    Great show.

  20. Doug Webb says:

    I know I’ve heard you guys talk about this before, but I can’t find it anymore. How do you turn a smart object back to just a regular layer? Thanks.

  21. Marc says:

    Great show, love it ‘!

  22. Janina Cleven says:

    Would love to see a show comparing the Nik and onOne plugins and the pros and cons of each.

  23. Thane Clark says:

    Corey, I don’t know how you do it. I was so inspired by your selection tip. That slashing dancer glow things was just amazing. Pete, I loved the tip. I never knew that. That tip seriously opened up so many different doors for me. Thank you so much Pete! RC, loved the Bridge and Photoshop tip. I never thought to work both programs like that before but I’m going to now because it’s going to save me so much time. Thanks for a great episode guys. Here is my question/something I would love to see on a future show… Do you guys have any tips for mimicking a design style? Let me explain, I recently saw a design that I just loved and I have racked my brain over how I might mimic something like it. When you guys see something you like, what approaches do you take to try and mimic that style or design? P.S. I just got Perfect Photo Suite 7 and would love that guide that you showed on the show today. I love you guys!!!

  24. Melissa Grover says:

    XD random bearded coffee guy appearing out of dark ftw!!
    Great show guys!
    and yes, Corey, you disgust us 😉

  25. Ray says:

    HI. love your shows all the different tips from all the software are amazingly usefull.

    I do have a question. there is an effect i have seen thats has been driving me crazy to figure out. Perhaps on of you guys can help.
    On the main page of Blizzards site they have a sliding graphic for each of their games. ( In each they have an effect that is driving me crazy to do. It looks like an infinite loop. But it is very smooth can that be done in Adobe edge or is it only achievable in flash.

    Thats my question would love to see you tackle it on the show. Any who keep up the good work.

  26. W Patrick Clements says:

    need to show why you use the Wacom tablet???????????

  27. Ken Toney says:

    I have a question: I have about 144 headshots that I want to equally spread out on a 30×40″ print with a different background (I want to put the headshots in a block with a stroke on top of a background). Any suggestions?

  28. Why didn’t you introduce the pretty young girl ?

  29. steve davis says:

    Loved corey’s water splash tip and pets tip also. I always learn something new.

  30. Frank Bramkamp says:

    Excellent show again. I think it is also a great idea to sometimes have guest tutorials, e.g. from Glyn Dewis, which always gives a different twist and view on techniques. Having fun and learning a lot. What else can you ask for ?! Frank.

  31. Colin Allison says:

    Hi Guy, Another great show, you rock!! Cory’s splash was magical :-)

    More good prizes, I use OnOne Perfect Suite so that book would be invaluable.

    Question: How do you remove the dummy (model) out of clothes to get the “Hollow Man” effect?

  32. Frank Eng says:

    nice show just keep it up I like the gook on video

  33. David Groene says:

    Working on swimmer project. I am trying to place a team logo into pictures of swimmers. I would like the logo to look like it is under the water shining up through the water in front of the approaching swimmer. Any ideas?

  34. Hey guys, great show!
    You always mention the advantages of being a NAPP Member but never mention the MASSIVE discount on Adobe Creative Cloud exclusive for NAPP Members for limited time only 😉
    Take care and keep up the great work

  35. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Nice Tip Pete

  36. JF Jacques says:

    Love the show…

  37. Very nice show!

    Corey, we hate you 😉 Really, I wish I had like 10% of your creativity!

    Fun to have spooky people appearing in the studio!!

    Up for prizes!!

  38. Floyd F Sones says:

    Great tips! I think you should include a Photoshop Girl in the future. She made a nice addition to the show!

  39. Daniel Dudovick says:

    One of the best shows I have watched, filled with useful tips.

    Can you all slow down a little so we don’t get lost in the details?

    Maybe it’s just me – now I download and repeat the techniques used.


  40. Bob Burns says:

    Corey is amazing!!

  41. Marie Sjoberg says:

    Great show, I would love to se some creative ways to use the filter gallery.

  42. al bryant says:

    Pete and Corey,
    Two outstanding tips
    Love the show

  43. Bonnie Fiser says:

    Great tips! I’d would love to win the Video in Photoshop. With the type in photoshop, how can you make a letter more swirly? I’ve seen where people have used a font, then select one letter to be more elaborate.

  44. Chris Barclay says:

    I really liked Corey’s explanation of how to use Channels, but I would ask that he slow down a little. I am a very new user so some things were too fast to understand.

    • Rick DeNatale says:


      Join NAPP if you haven’t the mini-tutorials there are a bit more leisurely, and they also have a great series of full courses on both Photoshop and Lightroom as part of the membership.

  45. jason biron says:

    awesome tuts guys …

  46. Rick DeNatale says:

    Great show, Corey won this round I think.

  47. clinton ferrara says:

    WoW pete, you have saved me hours on retouching with that tip.

  48. I loved your tips Cory! You guy do a great job. Who was the random guy in this episode?

  49. Matthew Mellen says:

    The Shortcut Sumo promo left me speechless!!

  50. Don Fahnestock says:

    These are the best shows. I, for one, would love to learn more about unlocking all the power of channels. (If I get picked, I’d be interested in the onOne book, since I use Suite 7. I don’t do video, so that book would be wasted, on me. Just saying.) Thanks to you guys.

  51. Paul Miller says:

    Awesome tips…did not know some of that stuff!

  52. Bill Benson says:

    Enjoy all the training given here .
    I was wondering if you could show us more about the way to send your photos to a service like blurb or Mix.
    So we may get the best photo we can.

  53. Farouk Joosab says:

    Hi Guys!
    Corey’s tutorial on channels was awesome

  54. Brian Walterich says:

    Was the Sumo Shortcut bit a website? The tips went by too quickly to keep track of…

  55. Robin Brown says:

    I have really learned a lot about photography from this site.

  56. Sterling says:

    Super question:

    How do you create a large curly brace that can span multiple lines? I’m trying to make custom stamps to use in Acrobat and I’m using inDesign (so fonts don’t blur when stamp is resized), but the interwebs tells me I need to create it in Photoshop, possibly through direct text selection. Tried that but result looks like ass. A fat one.

    Example of what I’m looking for: Except hopefully scalabe in height.


  57. Fritz says:

    Great tip on the healing brush! Thanks, Could have used that a long time ago.

  58. Ivan says:

    I just started watching these and they’re great. I loved the tip on using the channels to make a more accurate selection. Plus I’ve never looked forward to seeing promos, but the ones during the breaks on Kelby TV are awesome and always have me bookmarking other shows and websites. (:

  59. idebenone says:

    Zoom in on the wrinkles you want to remove by using the Zoom tool from the toolbox (it looks like a magnifying glass). I like to zoom in at 200 or 300 percent.

  60. Mike Kaylor says:

    Rocks as always!

  61. Jeff Giesegh says:

    Great show. What’s a good way of trying to place the dancer in the middle of the splash instead of over her?

  62. I love Onone products and would like to see some tips etc. using their plugin.

  63. Eugine says:

    :) love you guys … i newbie n photoshop and you help me a lot n you vids.. :) thanks.. :) Bless you always.. :)

  64. Gaston Chouinard says:

    I am looking forward to see all of your shows, learning photoshop, tips, all I saw already is phenomenal info for me.

  65. Richard Mak says:

    Love all the tips, compositing, plug-ins, RC noted CS 6 video as a great addition but nothing is ever discussed about adding audio to images and timelapse shoots. A short segment would be nice to list the many free sites that carry every genre of music and possibly put together a short piece on mics working at 48hz, 16hz and what is the best bit rate like 8 bit – 16 bit. Have a piece with enough general info the average (beginning) videogapher will feel comfortable to shoot a wedding without external mics laying all around. Good luck!

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