Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Holiday Gift Gear Guide and Creating Your Own Flare Brush – Episode 325


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Just in time for the holidays, the photoshop guys do a holiday gift gear guide on items to purchase this holiday season. They also add a couple of tutorials and Cyber Monday deals into the mix. Corey has a tutorial on how you can create your own flare brush. Pete has a quick tip on using the perspective crop tool.

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Links Mentioned in the Show

Tether Tools Look Lock
Really Right Stuff TQC14 with BH30 Head
HP Envy
Diskstation 1812
Gtech Mobile USB
Graid Thunderbolt
Canon Extender
Wacom Intuos5
Bamboo Stylus Duo
Joule Chroma iPad Stand
SpiderPro Camera System

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  1. Jeff McCollum says:

    I Love watching the show and learning so much… Plus I want to win the cool prizes… :-)

  2. Henrik says:

    I’m beginning to wonder why the show is called “photoshop user tv”ā€¦ and not
    “product endorsement tv”
    Guys, more Photoshop and less products would be nice. (and this goes for all your shows)

  3. Allen H says:

    So where has the Download button gone for Episode

  4. Mats jansson says:

    You should do more ear guides, not only before Christmas.

  5. Jerel Coles says:

    Once again great show Guys. I see allot of things I want for Christmas.

  6. David says:

    Perspective Crop Tool in CS5 isn’t under the crop tool but is an option AFTER you make the crop selection. There is a checkbox at the far right of the tool panel that says “Perspective.”

  7. Stan says:

    What happened to the download link for episode #325?

  8. Joseph Myers says:

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!!!

  9. Rc,
    What is the name and model number for the tripod you displayed? Does the head mount come separately?

  10. Great show, great gear tips for the holidays!!

    I’m actually about to get myself the flash gels (unless I get them from you … or maybe RC’s tripod fits better my carry on bag šŸ˜‰ ).

    Pete, thanks for the tip on the crop, I didn’t know about it and been looking for something like that last week!! Great tip!!!

  11. Wayne Clarke says:

    Sorry guys I wont be watching again, at firdt I thought this was the home shopping channel theres so much product placements.
    I remember when this show was about photoshop, now it’s 10 mins of advertising, 3 mins of photoshop etc.
    You’ve gone too far with the advertising/product placing now guy.

  12. John Content says:

    Get tips and gift ideas!

  13. fritz meyer says:

    All those gadgets and still so long til Santa comes.

  14. It’s episodes like these that make me miss Layers TV. RC and Cory are a great team that do things that really appeal to designers like me.

  15. Dan says:

    I hate you guys getting to play with all this cool stuff. I cant stop salivating. Now if I can just get my wife to agree to lopsided divorce settlement, I will be set.

  16. Miriam Rosenthal says:

    Thanks to Pete for that tip about the perspective crop tool. Just saved me a bunch of time! Already have the Rogue Flash tools and like them very much. Thinking the Ollo clips will make good gifts for my iPhone pals.

    Thanks to all.

  17. Kevin Smith says:

    Nice Ideas… Now I just have to figure out how to get my wife to watch!

  18. Could you talk a little about the new Wacom Bamboo series? I was thinking about getting one as a travel tablet to compliment my large Intuos 4. They look very portable, have a lot a real-estate and have pressure sensitivity.

  19. Ralf says:


    where is the download-button for episode 325?



  20. Larry Robinson says:

    Have you ever tried a Western Digital drives?

  21. David Vaught says:

    That Rouge flash bender really caught my attention, Thanks Great show

  22. Carlos Santana says:

    It isn’t no longer possible to download de photoshot user tv episodes? I’m a NAPP member N 1280256. Please advice.
    Thank you
    Carlos Santana

  23. Ralf Nagel says:

    Hello Matt,
    Why did you bought the D800 and not the D600 ā€“ any reasons fort hat?
    Because Scott for himself has recommended the D600 over the D800. Iā€™m still in the ā€œD600 or D800ā€ circle, so any reasons are interesting form me.
    from Berlin, Germany

  24. RON says:

    wheres the download button for this episode?

  25. Art Burrowes says:

    RC it a very time, how about a tip soon

  26. Tony says:

    Rick Flair!! Hilarious!

  27. Stan says:

    Link for download does not work

  28. RON says:


  29. Stan says:

    Episode 325 has a bad download link

  30. Chris Alley says:

    Spider holster. Santa please?

  31. dave croft says:

    You lost me RC after the fist 20 seconds on you back up advice, remember not everyone is as smart as you. I advise you to listen to Pete or Corey on how to explain things so the average person can understand.

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