Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Enhanced Beveling Effects and Separating Stock Image Backgrounds – Episode 323


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Corey shows viewers how to create enhanced beveling effects with Photoshop 3D tools. Dave has a tutorial on photo restoration using Camera Raw and smart objects. Pete demonstrates how to make an action that's good for separating stock images from their backgrounds.

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  1. Joseph Myers says:

    Hello, Good to see Dave again. Do you think a tutorial on scanning photos for restoration would be beneficial to your viewers? I do. The answer is copy via smart object.

  2. John Content says:

    another great bunch of tips, thanks

  3. Great tips, thanks for sharing

  4. Hey! Nice show!!

    Dave’s ACR tip comes in VERY handy! Just going through restoration processes now!

  5. John S Maguire says:

    Corey, you’re and artist with 3d. I was wondering if you’ve come across the bug in timeline. I’m thinking the last update caused it. Trouble is adobe is not even looking at my feeback. Bummer

  6. Lori Barrett says:

    Great show!

  7. Larry Robinson says:

    Good show this week guys.

  8. Randy Hanson says:

    good show

  9. don says:

    True with smart object layer unless you use “new layer via copy”.
    Good show as always.


  10. Mi says:

    Thanks for keeping my skills sharp! Love you guys! (Yes, even you Pete)

  11. It is great to see Dave.

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