Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Organizing Bracketed Exposures and Creating a Split-World Reflection – Episode 319


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Matt starts things off with a Lightroom tip on organizing bracketed exposures. Corey has a tutorial on creating a split-world reflection effect using layer masks. Dave shares a tip on tool settings for the content aware move and patch tools. Pete shows viewers how to create collage frame templates.

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  1. William Chinn says:

    Nice seeing that guy in the red Canada T again.

    Airbrush toggle for pc: Shift-Alt-P

    It would be most fortuitous to win the Illustrator book.

  2. Floyd F Sones says:

    Hey, Corey! It even works by inverting horizontal in the reply box. I have never heard of the WOW series but would love to win this prize. I don’t have CS6 yet so I don’t care what turns on the airbrush.

  3. Michael Whittaker says:

    Another great show…Keep ’em coming, Thanks

  4. Hello Guys, Great show and I’m sure I’ll be using the Corey tip. I’ve already used the Irradiated Pete tip. Matt…great tip about getting rid of the unwanted brackets. That was neat to know Dave, a lot less Ctrl,Alt,Z from now on. Not that I want the book on Illustrator (don’t have it and probably won’t get it) but the answer to the quiz is Shift,Alt,P. Even if that doesn’t help my chances another tip without being a real tip. I didn’t know it until I checked it out!!

  5. Chris says:

    I noticed Pete using a professional tablet for this workflow. What are the benefits of using a tablet in relation to just a mouse?

  6. Chuck Sider says:

    Great tips.

  7. Mike Damian says:

    I love these podcasts!!! I recently went back too Michigan for a wedding and these podcasts made time fly! I watched 6 of them on my way to my destination. I arrived in Michigan with a decent buzz (vodka tonics) and 7-8 techniques I wanted to try out!

  8. Nice show guys! Good to see Pete so … illuminated :-)

  9. photoshop lover says:

    that was epic!!!

  10. Gerardo Palermo says:

    I knew about those aligning things but I ALWAYS forget about them! Thanks Pete!

  11. David says:

    Thanks for yet another great show ;-P

  12. W. Kirk Crawford says:

    Love your tips.

    Wish you had a sound man that would adjust to sound levels.

    W. Kirk Crawford
    Tularosa, New Mexico

  13. Randy Hanson says:

    good to see Dave

  14. Shaun S. says:

    Another great show guys!

  15. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  16. David says:

    Shift Alt P
    Had to open Photoshop to find out, though. Never used the airbrush before.

  17. clive davies says:

    Great show and WOW what a prize… sorry couldn’t resist.

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