Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Adding a Weathered Look and Blending Two Photos Together – Episode 318


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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RC has a tutorial on adding a weathered look to photos using a texture pattern and blend modes. Pete shows viewers how to create repeating patterns using offset filters. Corey's tutorial is about blending two photos together into a composite using layer masks and blend modes.

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  1. Jesper Mathiesen says:

    Great show

  2. David says:

    Great tips all around!

  3. Anthony Corona says:

    Can’t wait to attend my first photowalk. Hope i get alot of inspiration to use in my projects in photoshop.

  4. maze says:

    Hey guy’s, episode 318, volume too low, could barely hear it on mobile device through youtube.

  5. John Content says:

    great tips today, can’t wait to try them myself!

  6. Nice tips guys!!

    The pattern thing was great and the composite was awesome!!!

  7. Rich Stopa says:

    Great show keep it up

  8. David Groene says:

    Great show Fun to watch all of your wheels spin!

  9. Flora says:

    Great show! There are times I have to edit pictures taken by others from a point and shoot camera or phone . Would be possible to show a tip on how to make the best of these type of pictures, when it comes on one’s way.
    Thank you.

  10. W. Kirk Crawford says:


    Love you shows and the tips you give.

    But would you up the volume? I have to turn up my speakers just a bit. I have iTuens turned up as high as it will go.

    Please keep up the good work.
    W. Kirk Crawford
    Tularosa, New Mexico

  11. Robert Schottenfeld says:

    Great tips!

  12. John Dabarno says:

    Awesome show guys. I would like to learn more about applying textures to photos, and when to use them, thanks.

  13. Jeff Giesegh says:

    Another excellent episode. With PS, what is the best way to help remove extra chins when the photo is taken from a straight on shot?

  14. Joseph Myers says:

    Thanks for the show again. I like Cory’s poster look. The prizes look great too.

  15. Len Provenzano says:

    Once again you give us the building blocks to make our own masterpieces.

    (Please enter me in the contest)

  16. Bob says:

    Would Pete’s tip work as well in Illustrator?

  17. Tsuriel says:


  18. Chuck Sider says:


  19. Dave Croft says:

    Brilliant..Brilliant…Brilliant. Thank you Guys.

  20. Chris says:

    Great show. I really liked Pete’s chain links texture tutorial

  21. Floyd Sones says:

    I really liked Pete’s tutorial on the offset filter. Another great show from all three of you!

  22. Ben says:

    I liked Pete’s 250 step tutorial.

  23. W Patrick Clements says:

    Great Great Show I will be back for the Next show Pat for Nova Scotia Canada

  24. Jerry Kolnick says:

    Hay Guys that was a great show. Thanks Cory I used your technique to bring three images of the moon over a building to create a really nice one.

    Thanks again all of you for a great show.


  25. That was a phenomenal episode guys! Great work as usually and I actually do use the default bubble pattern, not for bubbles but to make a cool effect. If you completely fill a layer with the bubbles pattern, then you add a spherize filter with -100 as the amount and repeat this a couple times. You create what I call the ridiculous speed effect(right before ludicrous speed, lol). I have used this effect many times and you can create it in a couple seconds.

  26. Dustin Ohman says:

    Great Show Guys! Thanks for the tips.

  27. John Havord says:

    Excellent show. Great tutorials, especially like Corey’s, so well done one and all.

  28. Carrie says:

    Great tips. Thank you.

  29. Richard Briggs says:

    Great show. Pete’s demo was very interesting.

  30. Marie Sjoberg says:

    Great tutorials this week.

  31. Dave Moore says:

    Cool pattern demonstration – thanks!

  32. Hello guys !!!

    Corey, when are you gonna make a book on 3D ???

  33. Larry Robinson says:

    My mind is spinning with Peat’s ideas. Thanks for the time you give each week.

  34. Great show – some more on DSLR video would be great in particular compatible hardware.

  35. Paul Costley says:

    Great tips today. Keep it going guys!

  36. Terry says:

    Great Show and Great Tips!

  37. Wil says:

    thanks for the show

  38. Suzanne says:

    Great show – You really should do the textures class for Kelby Training.

  39. Don Fahnestock says:

    Great show. I liked RC’s part on textures.

  40. Linda says:

    Thanks for alerting to offset possibilities .. Yes, photoshop is an endless playground

  41. Randy Hanson says:

    Nice Show

  42. Tom Housworth says:

    Really enjoyed Pete’s tutorial……very interesting!!

  43. Bernard Calip says:

    Thanks for a good show. I am always learning, Bernard

  44. Ryansweet says:

    The show was great, I really loved Cory’s tip, very helpful and cool

  45. Line Aubut says:

    Great show…love the pattern rings!

  46. Helen says:

    Thanks for an other great show.

  47. Linda says:

    Thanks for the tips, learned a lot

  48. Amanda Webster says:

    Hi, wish they had told me how to make that flare brush. Better still wish they would post brushes so you could just download them right into photoshop for us beginners.

  49. photoshop lover says:

    the best!!!

  50. Sveta says:

    Thank you Pete for the pattern tutorial! I was just trying to do this a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong in the offset filter.

  51. Tim says:

    excellent show…my second…and I’m hooked. now if I can just remember how that was done…loved the repeating patterns.

  52. Will Howard says:

    Another fine Kelby Media production. :-)

  53. jock Goodman says:

    I particularly liked today’s tips. Good tricks guys. When can we get a photoshop GAL in the weather center? A little glam might boost the Neilsen ratings. The set is begining to remind me of a man cave so give the girls a chance.

  54. Michael says:

    Thanks for the tips!

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