Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Mixer Brush Tutorial and Retouching with the Path Tool – Episode 316


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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In this season finale, Pete starts out with a tutorial about the mixer brush and experimenting with the tool settings. Tony Corbell talks about retouching with the path tool and Color Efex Pro 4. Corey shares a composite design where he uses layer masks, gradients, layer styles and text elements.

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  1. Floyd F Sones says:

    Where’s Dave? Atnoher great show with great tips!

  2. Roger Correia says:

    Great insight into mixer brushes and layer styles… good show!

  3. Libby says:

    Have a good break, guys, and a great time at Photoshop World! I look forward to Photoshop User TV’s return! Thanks, Pete, for the explanation of mixer brush function.

  4. Chris Brown says:

    The Last show for the season! Man O’ Man! Not sure I can handle it. Please enter me in the contest to win the book and software. I hope I didn’t miss out as I can only watch the video. I work when the live version goes on air. Have a nice time off and I look forward to the next new show….Chris

    Ps. No jokes here!

  5. Bernard Calip says:

    Loved the show, but finale?
    When are you going to start new season?
    What times do you air live?
    I always miss it?

  6. S. N. Johnson says:

    Enjoyed the tutorials. Thanks Pete for clearing up some of the mysteries of the mixer brush. I admit to having some frustrations when I tried it out, but a few simple tips solved the problem.

  7. Bryce Mansfield says:

    Hey Corey…You’ve got glitter on your cheek! It was lookin’ nice and shiny in the lights…

  8. Rich Stopa says:

    Great show see ya when you return

  9. John Dabarno says:

    Great composite Corey thanks guys.

  10. Marie Sjoberg says:

    Great show, looking forward to yo coming back

  11. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Thanks guys! Bring Photoshop World back to Miami!

  12. jason davis says:

    great season! can’t wait for the next one

  13. Flora says:

    Great tips on layer mask and brushes. If you could have more of these tips would be great.

  14. Paul Holbrook says:

    Next season I want to see Pete get his Centique out and do a Bob Ross digital painting!

  15. John Content says:

    Another great show, look forward to the next season.

  16. John Ballard says:

    Have a good time at photoshop world. Can’t what to see you next season.

  17. Chip Orr says:

    Thanks for yet another informative show – looking forward to next season!

  18. Ken Keith says:

    Have fun at Photoshop World! See you next season.

  19. Now I can’t wait for next season’s shows.

  20. Armando de la Torre

    wow, just a day ago I was talking about how I need a class about makeup because even if I have the skills to do makeup in Photoshop I wouldn’t know what to do with those skills because I’m a guy πŸ˜€

  21. End of Season! Oh no! What will I do?
    Love it Love it Love it

    FREE STUFF IS COOL. How nice of you.
    On One Resize would be neat.

    Martin in Indiana and cyberspace

  22. Jerry Kolnick says:

    Hay Cory thank you for tip on layering and using the gradient tool to blend in images into a collage. Now I have my master image for my e-Book. Thank you again.


    Thanks for the brush tip, I will experiment with it next.

    Jerry in Penang, Malaysia

  23. Robert Norris says:

    Great tips as usual. Didn’t even know some of that existed. Pete hope by now you’re feeling better. See y’all in Photoshop world. The y’all was for you Pete.

  24. Svetlana says:

    Thank you for another great season!

  25. Don Paszkiewicz says:

    Great season guys, have a great time in Vegas!!!

  26. Tomislav says:

    Hi guys, great show.
    I especially liked the part about layer styles :-)
    Can’t wait new season

  27. Nice show!

    Again, Bob Ross rox!!! It was a very painty episode! Gotta show it to my wife (she paints oil)! :-)

  28. I love watching your show wish i could be there.

  29. clinton ferrara says:

    poster tutorial rocks.

  30. Ron Ballard says:

    Good show

  31. Rick Spitzer says:

    Love the poster tip ! ! ! !

  32. Frank says:

    Great show, Pete , you are almost back.

  33. theo says:

    Great show as always. Maybe this my lucky day!

  34. Great show, if possible can we please have more on Digital SLR video and hardware requirements for speedy workflow in the editing

  35. Tsuriel says:


  36. John Havord says:

    Another excellent episode. I think I’ll call this one, the shakey right arm episode :)

  37. Gerry says:

    You did a great job of this episode.

  38. Dave Moore says:

    I think Pete needs a break!

  39. Mike D says:

    Great show guys!

  40. Chuck Neeley says:

    Thanks for the great year of tips! Would love Matt’s book on compositing, or any of the videos!

  41. Don Caga says:

    Thanks for the tips and tricks. You guys rock!! looking forward for more. More Power!! ^_^

  42. John Buono says:

    Great show. Really interesting on brushes.

  43. Glenn Hewitt says:

    I( hope the next season starts soon

  44. Rich E. says:

    Enjoyed all the tips and info

  45. Mike C says:

    Good stuff guys. Just a couple of possible ideas – How about a tutorial on custom vector shapes – examples: #1 Making several independent shapes (each having it’s own layer) and then bring them together to form 1 vector shape. #2 Taking a font (maybe one that has shapes in it) and then converting the font into a vector shape. After the font conversion you could also add a different vector custom shape into it as well (not making the layer flattened but still vector.). Maybe even convert the shape to a smart object for it’s benefits, and then add a filter that can’t normally be edited like blur, etc..

  46. Jan Winther says:

    Great season ending. Looking forward to the next one.

  47. Ken says:

    Hurry back with lots of ideas for a new season.

  48. Ken says:

    Hurry back with lots of ideas for a new season and thanks for all the great tips you have to share.

  49. George H. says:

    Great show and I’ve learned quite a bit from it. How about a few tutorials that can showcase Photoshop Touch a bit more?

  50. George H. says:

    Great show and I learn quite a bit from watching. How about a few tutorials showcasing Photoshop Touch?

  51. Gab B says:

    Fantastic tips! I especially liked the Corey’s tutorial as I was just working on a flyer and was stumped by blend modes in my composite. Thank you for coming to my rescue and for a great season!

  52. Kevin McGrath says:


  53. Ed Young says:

    Thanks for the tips

  54. Jeff Giesegh says:

    Nice job on layer masks! I’ve just found the site and I’m enjoying the webcasts.

  55. Robert Connell says:

    Thanks again guys! Love the painting and brush tips!

  56. Carrie says:

    Great show……can’t wait for the new season. Would love to see more beginner tips on using Photoshop.


  57. randy hanson says:

    watch you later.

  58. Larry Robinson says:

    Excellent show as always, to bad it’s the end of the season. I would love the book on composting.

  59. Brad Richter says:

    Good show guys. Looking forward to seeing you at Photoshop World in a few weeks. Corey I’m taking your power up session on Tuesday on Masking & Selections. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully getting a chance to meet you. I really enjoy your work and your books.

  60. JACEK says:

    Great season ,again …..Thank you.

  61. csace says:

    very cool collection of useful tips and tricks. As always

  62. fluffy white clouds. fluffy white clouds.

  63. Gary Elliott says:

    What???!!! Another break? But it’s only been, ah, oh, hmmm, guess it has been awhile. Never mind. Enjoy.

  64. jock Goodman says:

    Dang, end of season. I guess I’ll have to actually read some of my many PS books to get tips for a month. I never win anyting but will try anyway. Have fun for me since I can’t make it to PSW…..again.

  65. Paul says:

    Great season guys thanks for all the great tips

  66. Michael Cox says:

    Still very difficult to read settings whether in Falsh HD or quicktime.. Faces are fine, but menus, entries etc are hard to read. AskDave always good high res. Thx

  67. Wallace L. Ottersbach says:

    Thanks for tips.

  68. Darek says:

    Hey guys love your show but wanna really see more effects, more webdesign tips and tricks. Thanks for all your hard work for us all.

  69. Thanks for the great tips.

  70. Can’t wait to see the next season, but great job.

  71. Mike Umana says:

    Miss you guys already. See you soon

  72. Love your stuff. Been watching since about before hitting 100 episodes. πŸ˜€ Any newborn editing tips? It’s been very popular in my area. lol Or maybe it’s always been popular but I’ve recently been requested to do them. πŸ˜›

  73. Tsuriel says:

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Jim Prietsch says:

    Always great info & advice.

  75. Tynus says:

    Just love your show. Each time I’m stuck in one of the exercises of my PS Magazine tutorials…banging my head against the fridge… You guys always save my day by giving me some great cool tutorials…which I can do right away! With no headache! :)

  76. Kaycee Conrady says:

    I love you guys! I’m so glad you’re back!

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