Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Recreating Hollywood Movie Ads and Blur Gallery Tutorial – Episode 315


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Corey uses smart object and the step-and-repeat function to recreate a Hollywood movie ad. Travel photographer Trey Ratcliff sits down with Matt and talks about using the puppet warp tool on wide angle photos. Pete has a tutorial about the blur gallery in CS6 where he uses the tilt-shift blur to enhance a photograph.

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  1. Kojshia K. says:

    Hi Corey,

    Don’t laugh but besides your amazing tutorial I was looking at your amazing wallpaper too. Can you post a link to download it?

    Kojshia K.

  2. Ray Tinnin says:

    good show love the tips / nudge to try something different with the tools.

  3. John Dabarno says:

    Great show guys, hope you feel better Pete, I am to check out that tutorial on the step and repeat function over at NAPP, thanks.

  4. Marie Sjoberg says:

    Great show, hope Pete will be feeling better soon.

  5. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Great show! Learned a lot in just 30 min! Awesome tip by Trey. Keep it up guys!

  6. Earle Grossman says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. I found Trey Ratcliff’s tutorial very useful. Thanks to all the guys.

  7. frank says:

    great show I keep miss the live show,

  8. Andy Rhodes says:

    Ok have to know. Where did Pete´╗┐ score that Bob Ross shirt? I want one. Bob Ross is the King!

  9. Paul Costley says:

    Thanks for the great show guys. Loved the tips.

  10. Peter Nord says:

    Great faces on those elk. Next time just do elk faces.

  11. Debbie says:

    Love the tilt shift effect! The elk were awesome!

  12. Roger Correia says:

    Great show. Hope you get better soon Pete. Loved the tip on step & repeat Corey…

  13. RON COMSTOCK says:

    I like your tutorial Pete! I use an action I created that uses Lens Correction Filter to create a vignette and then use History brush to paint it out of where i don’t want it .

  14. Denys says:

    Really like the unusual use of the Puppet Tool.

    Just Found you on YouTube, will spend some time looking through your videos.


  15. Warren Donowho says:

    Yet another great show!

  16. Shawn says:

    Enjoyed the show! Keep up the great work!

  17. Jay Luptak says:

    Looking forward to the season finale. Thanks for all the tips

  18. Derek says:

    Great Show!

  19. Amazing as usual. My first PS effect was tilt lens.
    Would like to see DRAMATIC LIGHTING demo’d in CS6

    OnOne is great!

  20. John Content says:

    loved the show today! Keep them coming!

  21. Charles says:

    Fun show guys.

  22. Ron Ballard says:

    Another great show. Liked the segment on puppet warp in particular.

  23. Joe Young says:

    Appropriate tut by Pete using the blur tool following his bicycle wreck.

  24. Jane Hamilton says:

    loved the step and repeat!

  25. Lori Barrett says:

    Would love to see more info on the Adaptive Wide Angle filter in CS6. i.e. adding a lens profile

  26. Corey is simply the best ! And I am really sorry but I can stand Peter colins he is extremely annoying I thought I will get just to him but it aint going to happen.Could not understand why he become psguy and still can’t.

  27. Larry Travis says:

    Great prizes. I love the onOne suite

  28. Jerry Fowler says:

    You guys still rock! And I would love to get lucky with On-One

    Jerry Fowler
    23514 Whispering Maples Dr.
    Spring Texas

  29. Robert Norris says:

    Nice tip with the step and repeat. Saw you do that on the NAPP site. really cool and time saving. Glad Pete is OK after his ordeal. That was some vacation!! Nice shots of the Elk I’ve never seen that many in one spot. Got a chance to be about 20 feet from a few at the Grand Canyon. I think I got one good picture and several pre-blurred!

  30. Chuck Neeley says:

    Great blur tip! Thanks!

  31. Larry Nienkark says:

    Great show as norm! Is that onone perfect resize for male or female:)

  32. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  33. Pawel Folfasinski says:

    Because Corey asked what we would like to see on PSUserTV. I would like to see 3D pic of Pete in hospital.
    More serious, I’m glad that You are alive.
    Best Regards

  34. Thanks for another great show!

  35. Mike C says:

    Good stuff guys. I only wish these episodes were longer so I can get my fix of Photoshop bliss without going through withdrawals for a week before I see the next one. :^)

  36. Chris Sieritis says:

    Good job and info

  37. Mike Wootton says:

    Thanks, Guys, up to your usual high standard. Hope you feel better soon, Pete.

  38. Joe Young says:

    Do comments work? Can’t see any

  39. Mike Crone says:

    Another great show guys.
    Hope you are feeling better Pete.

  40. Floyd F Sones says:

    Great Tips as Usual.

  41. Larry Robinson says:

    Love terry’s puppet-warp tips, Thanks everone at NAPP.

  42. Randy says:

    Great show, sad the season is over but looking forward to the next one.

  43. tim church says:

    great show…love the puppet tool tip

  44. Joe Young says:

    Check – check. 1 -2 1 – 2

  45. John Havord says:

    Excellent show, particularly like the blur tutorial.
    Putting a note under my pillow for the prizes :)

  46. Michael Cox says:

    Liked the Puppet Warp demo on Landscapes

  47. John Buono says:

    Great show. Especially enjoyed Corey’s presentation on using rotation. That was a new one. Thanks.

  48. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show guys

  49. Manipal Singh says:

    Excellent tip by Trey and as usually corey that was what i call awesome.Fade blur,i always tend to forget it but thanks Pete for reminding of that!!
    Hope ya get well soon Pete.
    Best of recovery!!

  50. Great show perhaps some more on video in CS6 with guides to hardware spec to ensure speed

  51. David says:

    Thanks for another great episode!

  52. Nathan Gowan says:

    Great show guys, nice one

  53. Justin says:

    Great show guys! Could you maybe do some Photoshop Elements tutorials for those (like me) who don’t have Photoshop yet?

  54. Justin Roush says:

    Great episode guys. I hope you feel better Pete.

  55. Svetlana says:

    Bob Ross and his fluffy clouds…. I love that guy!!!

  56. clinton ferrara says:

    great tips guys. take care pete.

  57. THanks for the show! I always learn something! THe light hearted interplay between the hosts is wonderful!

    THanks Again

  58. Dave Moore says:

    Pete’s a trooper!

  59. Terry says:

    Here is my note under my pillow……….

  60. Chuck Sider says:

    More great tips . . . thanks.

  61. ismail behbehani says:

    Thanx guys for the Great information !

  62. Nice show!

    Tray is so calm when he speaks :-)

    Bob Ross rox!! hehehehe

  63. Martin Shipps says:

    Great show guys!

  64. michael says:

    Corey….at what point will you find the time to put together another “Down & Dirty Tricks Book for Designers”…???

  65. jock Goodman says:

    Pete, maybe now you will mount a GoProcam to your handlebars. If you gotta pay some pain dues, you should at least have video of your wreck.
    I never win so why try? thanks for the show.

  66. Greta Show Guys! For the record if i was drinking when I heard “just a wee bit of blur” I would have damaged my monitor with a spit take, lol that was hilarious!

  67. ian harber says:

    Corey, the movie poster tutorial was awsome, you make it look so easy, and the way you show us makes it easy for us to do as well.

    ps. hope Pete is feeling better

  68. William Chinn says:

    FYI: The webcast hit KelbyTV on 8/21. The Epson printer contest ended on 8/17

  69. William Chinn says:

    OK, Matt is printing B&W. You have mentioned the Epson printer contest. As a DIY how about telling us how to frame our prints, using some new products. I’ve never seen this mentioned on any Kelby media. No, it won’t impact Mpix sales, and we will probably appreciate them more.

  70. Anthony Corona says:

    very helpful tips!!!

  71. John Havord says:

    Happy days, putting the note under the pillow worked :)

  72. Dave Croft says:

    Who needs RC or Kelby. Well done guys, great show.

  73. Anthony Corona says:

    how do you create realistic barbed wire in photoshop?

  74. dario Ricardo says:

    Big fan since day one

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