Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Designing Bubbles with the Liquify Filter and Correcting Lens Distortion – Episode 314


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Pete has a tip on using the liquify filter to design bubbles. Travel photographer Trey Ratcliff is in the studio with a tutorial on correcting lens distortion with the warp tool. Matt shares a compositing tip about waiting to make a selection until your image is placed in the composite background.

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  1. Warren Donowho says:

    Great show!

  2. Jane Hamilton says:

    great tips, thanks!

  3. Nathan Gowan says:

    Hi, nice tips on the liquify filter.

  4. Rochelle Kay says:

    thanks for this great show! I always love watching you guys.

  5. kylemarko says:

    I love this show so many good tips. I wish I had those plug in those they would be fun to play with. Keep doing what you guys do best.

  6. Don Fahnestock says:

    Nice episode. I always enjoy them and the good tips. I particularly like Trey’s work and follow him on G+, as well as you guys. His tip was good, as I’ve been disappointed, sometimes, with lens correction, in PS. The liquefy tip was good, too.

  7. Paul Holbrook says:

    Was Mr Radcliffe in to do anything for Kelbytraining by any chance? :)

  8. Daniel Graham says:

    Great tips

  9. jan says:

    Great show again!

  10. Jake Curran says:

    I bought the Missing Manual book for Cs4 and loved it. Would be happy to check out the new one!

  11. jason davis says:

    Great show! You should do a show about using one one software

  12. Robert Connell says:

    Great hosts!! Good job! I’m always disappointed when it’s over! P.S. I sure could use that OnOne suite. (….just sayin’…) See you next week!

  13. Char Murray says:

    Enjoyed the show Matt and Pete. Thanks.

  14. Bernard Calip says:

    What time does Photoshop User TV start so I can watch it live. How does NIK compare to Perfect Photo Suite 6.

  15. Chris says:

    I use a lot of wide angle so Trey’s tip was excellent. Thank you!

  16. Chris says:

    I use a lot of wide angle. Trey’s tip was excellent.

    Thank you!

  17. Sandy says:

    Thanks more great tips!
    Really need CS6 book.

  18. Jerry Fowler says:

    Awesome show as I knew it would be. I have a question though. Can you guys cover the move of droping a photo into another photo sometime?

    It just eludes me! IE: Discribe it in detail for a dummy.

    Jerry Fowler
    23514 Whispering Maples Dr.
    Spring, Texas 77373 would love to read Lisa’s Book maybe it can answer my question.

  19. Robert Norris says:

    Great show as usual. I didn’t hear anything strange about spherical!! Thanks for the book and software it’s great. Oh wait I didn’t win yet, sorry. See you in Vegas…one month away, yeah!!

  20. Chuck Sider says:


  21. Floyd F Sones says:

    I can relate to your vocabulary, Pete! Keep talking iin simple terms and I can keep learning.
    Great show, guys!

  22. Ismail Norrzai says:

    Great show guys. And awesome easy liquify tip.

  23. Ismail Norrzai says:

    Great show guys. And awesome easy liquify tip. :)

  24. Maher Ali. says:

    Awesome awesome.
    You guys are awesome.
    Thank you for all the useful tips.

    Maher Ali

  25. Great tips… hey for beginners is the nikon d3100 good enough to follow some of the classes on im very on low end of budget i can barely afford anything expensive but trying to get by on learning and career in photography i hope.. anyways great show would love to hear from anyone about what cameras are good or not .. thanks

  26. Jason Thomas says:

    Great show. Enjoyed the wide angle tips. Thanks!

  27. gerry slater says:

    It might be helpful to remind people that if they have PS-CS6 and an integrated video card, the new liquefy filter may not work. It froze my Photoshop completely. I installed a stand-alone video card—$100.– and liquefy now purrs beautifully. PS ran fine with my integrated video cards beginnibg with PS4–not CS4—-but 4. Technology required an upgrade. Hope to see you in Vegas. You do a great job for us. Thanks.

  28. Joseph Myers says:

    Thanks for the liquify tip. I tended to stay away from the liquify filter but now I can fix all my bubble headed friends.

  29. David says:

    Thanks for another great episode : )

  30. Wayne Christensen says:

    You guys never cease to amaze us.

  31. Øystein Engan says:

    A quick tip for you. In NIK Color Efex Pro, try applying the ink filter to a photo and set the strength to 0. Works great if you need to correct contrast in an image. It also adds a slight warmth to the photo.

  32. Nice episode!

    Weird Al Yankovic rox :-)

    Nice chat with Trey, he’s always inspiring!!

  33. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Great tip on selections Matt

  34. Rich Stopa says:

    Great show as always

  35. John Content says:

    loved the show today, thanks

  36. Angela B says:

    I always enjoy every single tip. Thank you guys!

  37. Jack says:

    Terrific show, as usual with useful tips. Thanks.

  38. John Dabarno says:

    Great tip on selections, thanks.

  39. John Dabarno says:

    Great tip on making selections, thanks.

  40. Tim Tilden says:

    Met Trey on his visit to Oahu last March. He suddenly appeared at the Landing Zone my hang gliding and paragliding friends use. Tom Anderson was with him and a documentary video crew. They got me on video talking to Trey. I wonder if I ended up on the proverbial video room floor? 😉

  41. clinton ferrara says:

    good show guys

  42. Evan Rasmussen says:

    Nice show.

  43. Bob says:

    Thanks guys, great tips.

  44. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    Jam-packed show today. Thanks for all the tips and Trey Ratcliff (also with a tip)!

  45. Chuck Neeley says:

    The great tips continue. Thanks!

  46. Rigo says:

    Great show!!! I can’t stop watching these shows. Thanks again for all the great tips.

  47. RON COMSTOCK says:

    i WANT TO WIN!

  48. Carrie says:

    The tip on using liquify was good. Would love more tutorials on using that tool. I would like to put my name in the hat for the onOne suite software please and thank you.

  49. Jay Luptak says:

    Great show! Making the selection after moving seems so obvious in retrospect. Thanks for pointing out the need to always question our own workflows to verify that we actually are using our time as best we can.

  50. W Patrick Clements says:

    good words great show

  51. Great show guys.

    Would be very cool.

  52. I love matt’s tutorial on refine edge selection!! Actually my first time to use refine edge! 😀

  53. Roger Correia says:

    Good tip for creating composite images. I am assuming that it will work on CS5. Great to see Trey on the show.

  54. John Richardson says:

    Three great tips today!!!

    Wow I could use Lisa’s Book, I know she does great stuff.

  55. Larry Robinson says:

    Good show and great interview guys.

  56. Phil Burt says:

    Great show as always.
    The CS6 book would be great to win as I just purchased CS6.

  57. Mitch Axness says:

    Great tips as always!

  58. Ross says:

    Thanks for the shop. Nice liquify tip.

  59. Toni Vaughan says:

    great tips, love the show. See you in Vegas!

  60. Mitch Selznick says:

    I hope this is where you enter for the give aways,

  61. Rich E. says:

    Great show.

  62. I’ve been a student of you guys since December of 2007…… gets better each episode… thanks for sharing your (yall) vast knowledge with the world so to speak.

  63. John Havord says:

    Another excellent show. Some great tips within tips.

  64. Martin Shipps says:

    Another great show!

  65. Johnny Dao says:

    Great show! Good to see a tip from Trey. I’ve been using the transformation tool and pulling one of the corners to correct my perspectives. The warp is much more precise. Thanks!

  66. June says:

    Good tips you two.. thanks!

  67. Randy hanson says:

    nice show

  68. Rick Spitzer says:

    Good tips!

  69. Dave Moore says:

    Good compositing tip

  70. John B says:

    Great stuff, guys!!

  71. Jatin Lulla says:

    can you guys pls make a tutorial on how to use channel mixer in advance..

  72. Jatin Lulla says:

    how abt a advanced tutorial on channel mixer in photoshop cs6??

  73. Brad Richter says:

    Nice show guys. Looking forward to meeting you at Photoshop World in a few weeks.

  74. Wallace L. Ottersbach says:


  75. Anthony Corona says:

    I would like to know if there are any photoshop seminars planned in Milwaukee, WI yet?

  76. Kevin McGrath says:

    great tips

  77. Erland says:

    Love the shows ….and the humor

    But I think I would like the book (missing manual) more :-)

  78. Wil says:

    Thanks guys

  79. Cary Dudczak says:

    As always a great show. I’m always pleased to be reminded of PS capabilities that I’ve not used or don’t use enough. Liquify and warp were great topics covered in this episode. I’m going to go back and look for areas to enhance some of my earlier work.

  80. Dave Croft says:

    Great show. Well done Pete for keeping Matt in check, he does seem to be a little imature at times.

  81. Tim Erskine says:

    Great set of tips all around.
    Am I bad for using the center of the liquefy brush? I often don’t have room to smudge something without pulling something along… Thanks again!

  82. Katie Turner says:

    totally cool show guys.

  83. Bruce elder says:

    Nice show

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