Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Touching Up Textures with the Clone Tool and HDR Tutorial – Episode 313


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Pete has a tip on using the clone stamp tool to touch up textures and make them interact with the object they are being applied to. Matt has an HDR tutorial for those people who don't like HDR. Special guest Tony Corbell shares some tips about using Nik software plugins to retouch images.

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  1. Alex Corbett says:

    Hey i got a cool tip, for adding a painted look to your colorful images like flowers, check out my blog post titled creativity+ experimenting part 2.

  2. Michael Lee says:

    Really excited about the new addition to the team. Great episode

  3. alex corbett says:

    hey i got a tip for giving colorful images a painted look… check out my blog. Title of the post is Creativity+ Experimenting.

  4. Daniel Graham says:

    Great Show thanks for the hdr tip it may come in handy some day. Cheers!!!

  5. I loved this weeks tip with the 3 exposures.

  6. Cindi Poole says:

    Oh my goodnesssss, you are giving away Nik software- that is almost as awesome as your show was today.

  7. steven maybank says:

    fantastic tip for HDR

  8. Chris Brown says:

    Another great show. I loved the info on the 32bit tiff file and using RAW to change the exposure. thanks!

  9. steven maybank says:

    great tip on HDR

  10. Michael Cox says:

    Like seeing plug-in stuff you actually use. What about on-One? Do you use?

  11. Jay Sanders says:

    Nice tuts gentlemen, keep up the great work. Would love to get my hands on that HDR FxPro software, please consider me for that prize. Thanks.

  12. Speaking about PS crashing – how about some tips regarding what to do or what to avoid Ps crashing.
    And how to determine is it PS or computer fault.

  13. Kyle Jett says:

    Great show this week. I love the HDR-esque tutorial from Matt.

  14. Don says:

    Great show guys. I have watched every week for at least 3 years now. The 32 bit HDR seems really cool.


  15. Marie Sjoberg says:

    Great Tutorials, love the HDR

  16. Don says:

    Great show guys and sorry if this posts twice but sometimes it seems that this page won’t except my post so I am trying a new browser. I have watched every week for probably 3 years and I have learnd a lot from this show. The 32 bit HDR seems really cool.


  17. Paul Scott says:

    Thanks again for the great tips that make our jobs easier!

  18. Tony Torres says:

    Hey guys

  19. Andrew Macpherson says:

    How about a tip on processing a shot taken with an IR filter into pseudo colour? Does the tone mapping help?

  20. Jack says:

    As usual, excellent show. Looking forward to more from Tony Corbell.

  21. Carol Ashdown says:

    Just became a member! Can’t wait to learn from the pros! I love the vast information you so kindly gift to all of us!

  22. Carol Ashdown says:

    Great info! Can’t wait to put it to practice!

  23. Martin Shipps says:

    Great tip Matt!

  24. gizmo_bowen says:

    32-bit HDR demo was excellent.

    Despite the fact that I’m watching PSTV, I don’t actually own Photoshop.

    I do have Lightroom 4 and Elements 9. I also have Photomatix.

    My question is, can I create a 32 bit TIFF from multiple images with the software I have? If so a similar tutorial would be appreciated.

    Look forward to seeing Matt in Seattle for his LR4 class.

  25. Dave Lord says:

    Nice show.

  26. Wil says:

    Thanks for the tips. Love your show

  27. Thomas Martin says:

    I enjoy your shows watch every week

  28. Wallace L. Ottersbach says:

    HDR item useful for me.

  29. Tim says:

    Great show guys! Both tips were great!!

  30. Ron Blair says:

    Great show men. New use for HDR.

  31. Sam S. says:

    Great show!

  32. clinton ferrara says:

    love the 32 bit tiff.

  33. Larry Travis says:

    Good stuff on Nik software. I would like to see a guest fron OnOne too

  34. Jane Hamilton says:

    Gratitude, guys, gratitude. Thanks

  35. jason davis says:

    NIk hdr pro is a great prize! Cool show keep it up!

  36. Robert Norris says:

    Great tips and great…well…Pete’s deer in the headlight thing at the beginning was great I guess!! Don’t you hate when the machine locks up. Apple or PC it’s all the same. Don’t know why everyone fights about the best!! See ya in Vegas!

  37. Dan says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to say how much I enjoy the show and the mag. I just finished the ‘Down & Dirty Hunger Games’ tut. WOW! Thanks Felix. I just wish you had given us the Photoshop version instead. So, I have been trying to do my own. Problem is I can not find the font you used. Could you please let me know what it is. If you wanted to send me the file that would be okay. lol. @ Cory. That blue grunge background you have been using lately is just awesome any chance you could share it ?

  38. P D Taylor says:

    Great ideas..Thanks

  39. David says:

    Amazing HDR tip, Matt!! Thanks!

  40. gizmo says:

    Just wanted to follow-up with something I learned after making my comment
    Over at there is a post about using both Photshop and Photomatix to create 32 bit HDR images, like Matt showed in this episode.

    I have a dream that in the near future our cameras will output 32 bit images and we won’t have to shoot multiple exposures.

  41. Jason Thomas says:

    Awesome tips guys, thanks!

  42. Mats says:

    Love you<3

  43. David Groene says:

    I Always learn something.

  44. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Thanks for another great show

  45. Bonnie Fiser says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one that has computer freeze issue from time to time. 😉

  46. Rich Stopa says:

    Great show tips are great

  47. Mike Wootton says:

    Love the HDR tip, Matt! Please excuse me, I’m off to try it immediately!
    Thanks, Bye for now!

  48. Nice HDR non-HDR tip! :-)

    Have been doing a lot of bracketing lately and I’m not really sure I want to “HDR” them all, but is surely great to have more “range” to play with settings.

  49. EDWIN EVANS says:

    Great show guys, once again. Some very useful tips today. I’ve been looking into Nik Software here lately. I will definitely check out the videos on the site.

    NAPP rocks!!

  50. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Great tips guys! Thanks for all your work!

  51. Martin Boling says:

    Just watch 313. Greatest HDR tip yet!! Thanks

    The book or the software would be cool

  52. Tim says:

    PS Freezing up … say it ain’t so

  53. Evan Rasmussen says:

    Nice show

  54. Attila Nagy says:

    Excellent show. I liked the new Nik software’s stack-ability.

  55. Ken Keith says:

    Will look forward to seeing more of Tony!

  56. Chuck Sider says:

    Great again.

  57. Anthony Watson says:

    Nice show guys. Thanks for the tip on adjusting the texture on an extrusion – I’ve been struggling with that and didn’t realize the clone stamp could be used after the texture was applied.

    I agree that Bridge is not awesome in a photography workflow, but it is indispensable in a publishing workflow for organizing assets like photos, text files, vector illustrations, etc., so don’t completely knock it. Just add the caveat that it doesn’t have much role for photographers, and Lightroom is a better option.

    Looking forward to the next show and Photoshop World soon!

  58. steve maitland says:

    Loved the show, especially the expanded exposure range tip via HDR. Thank-you!!

  59. Kevin Cummings says:

    Great tip on HDR..

  60. Stuart Cattell says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great show. Is Pete Canadian?
    He’s so polite.

  61. Gary Elliott says:

    Great show. When does CS6 actually release to the public?

  62. Jay Luptak says:

    Great things come in small packages! Great show guys!

  63. Paul Holbrook says:

    Where did all the others go this week?

  64. Dave Moore says:

    Thanks! Great use of HDR!

  65. John Dabarno says:

    Wow that 32 bit trick in Photoshop, that’s cool, thanks guys.

  66. Rich E. says:

    Good show guys.

  67. Bill Guy says:

    Love the HDR tip

  68. Teresa R. Roberts says:

    Great stuff today from everyone. The prizes are also great. Thanks, guys.

  69. Flora says:

    Great HDR tip, Matt.thanks.

  70. Hugh Roberts says:

    Matt – you need a shave!

  71. Chuck Neeley says:

    Sure is nice to learn things every time I watch a new episode! Thanks!

  72. Enjoyed your show as usual -the tip on HDR was of particular interest.

  73. Randy hanson says:

    great show

  74. Larry Robinson says:

    Good show: especially the HDR tips, thanks Matt.

  75. Marvin Foster says:

    Great tips

  76. Floyd F Sones says:

    I loved both of the tips. Thanks!

  77. Bruce Reigner says:

    Enjoy the program

  78. miriam Rosenthal says:

    Great tip on HDR, I’m just beginning to play with it.

  79. Tony White says:

    Thanks for a great show guys, I really love the Nik software, I just wish I could go from Lightroom to them as smart objects. Nothing worse then finding upon review that need to back off a little bit of the effect, but as not a smart object have to scrap it and start again.

    Saw that HDR stuff I think from RC the other week and was very impressed, that is my kind of HDR. Got RC’s book on HDR for christmas last year, unfortunately it still remains closed :( been busy with lots of other projects. I still take images for later processing but never seem to tackle it.


  80. Jock Goodman says:

    Thanks Tony and PS guys. I just bookmarked Nik website.
    Once again, I can’t pull off a visit to PSW due to the economy. My retail shop is about to belly up. Am I alone???
    PEOPLE !!! Get out there and SPEND or your local merchants might not be there next time you go by. Support your local small businesses, the backbone of American economy.

  81. Chris says:

    Thanks guys! and Matt , great tip on the tiff file to get more exposure range.

  82. Steve W. says:

    Great show, hope I win!

  83. Kevin McGrath says:

    love your show, i have seen every one

  84. Terry says:

    Bridge does suck……….

  85. I absolutely love photoshop user TV. I use your techniques every day! Thanks a bunch!

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