Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Faking Wheel Spin and Adding Layer Styles to Groups of Objects – Episode 312


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Pete has a tutorial on faking wheel spin in pictures of cars. Dave shares a tip on adding layer styles to an entire group of objects, as well as the step-and-repeat process. Corey ends things with a tutorial on combining 3D with video for a creative blend.

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  1. jason davis says:

    Great show. would love to see more on post effects to add drama to portraits. Smoke, lighting ,ect…

  2. gizmo says:

    Thanks Pete for the spinning wheels tip. Shot some autocross this weekend and had the shutter speed to high for some shots. Would be nice to go in and get some wheel spin to improve the shots.

  3. Warren Donowho says:

    Yet another great show! And, yes, I want to win!!

  4. Roger Correia says:

    Cool tip on adding drop shadows to objects. Great for logos…

  5. Rene Smulders says:

    great show

  6. Michael Cox says:

    Liked clarifications when Dave was asked questions.

  7. Rich Stopa says:

    Great Show evein with switching seets

    The scott Kelby book would be great

  8. Mats says:

    could you give a tutorial on making stuff with vector shapes?? :D<3

  9. Tony Torres says:

    Hope to see a tutorial on how to create the rain from the new Dark Knight Rises poster

  10. Clair Staples says:

    Love the 3d tutorial
    as always a great show
    Wish I could afford PS world

  11. Ray Labbe says:

    Could you get into making complex actions?
    and how to add stops.

  12. Gaston Bessette says:

    Does Quebecers or Canadians could be qualified winner in your contests?

  13. David Edwards says:

    Nice episode. Thanks

  14. Sam S. says:

    Great show. Thanks!

  15. Michael Umana says:

    Great show. Anyway you can make it at least an hour show?

  16. Gary Shaver says:

    Great show!

  17. Chuck Neeley says:

    Tremendous tips this week. Thanks.

    Interested in Picture Perfect book, or CS6 book.

  18. Robert Norris says:

    That was a very interesting ending!! The keyboard shortcut tips are always useful and just starting out with CS6 they come in really handy. The radial blur tip was good also. I knew right where you were headed with that Pete and now I know why some of mine don’t look so good. The item isn’t quite round and you get funky results. Got it now!! Thanks to all of you!!

  19. Chad McCormick says:

    Does Pete’s computer have more vram or more ram in general to get Corey’s tutorial to work? I suspect CS6 extended works best with 16gb ram and 1gb vram or greater?

  20. ochki says:

    Great show !

  21. Bonnie Fiser says:

    Good show. Would love to win!!!!

  22. Mike Wootton says:

    Great show as always! I found Pete’s questions especially useful as I was about to roll back and watch again when he read my mind! Well done Pete.

  23. Kris says:

    Great show guys!
    I love to see a tutorial on how to correct eyelashes please. I photographed a women and when editing her images I found that one side was very curled and the other wasn’t, so it became an editing nightmare. Any tips would be great.
    BTW if I’m in line for a prize, put me down for Roberto’s book please 😉

  24. JasonChart says:

    Break pads spinnig!

    awesome tutorial though, keep it up!

  25. Glen Saville says:

    Great show guys, especially the 3D Video bit!

    How about a tutorial on importing third party 3D like Poser models?

    Cheers :)

  26. Nice show!

    Pete’s spinning wheels were great! I was wondering an easy and “parametric” way of making it be oval again, for more extreme perspectives …

    Also the keyboard shortcuts, always useful!

    Up for the prizes!! Scott’s book would be great 😉

  27. David Groeme says:

    Could we add some smoke to those spinning wheels?

  28. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Great show

  29. Cindi Poole says:

    Great show.
    How about showing us how to make photos look dreamy like a lot of photographers are doing now.

  30. Rich E. says:

    Enjoyed the show. Would love to get Scott’s new book

  31. Jack says:

    Fabulous show with excellent Q&A between Pete and Dave, which proved helpful in understanding the tip/s. The show always benefits from Dave’s presence.

  32. Skip Wolff says:

    What about giving Pete slow computer away?

  33. Skip Wolff says:

    What about giving Pete’s slow computer away?

  34. Daniel Graham says:

    Cool Show

    Very Inspirational and Informative stuff

  35. every time I watch your shows I get more excited to play with photoshop

  36. Michael Burks says:

    Great show

  37. Ted Batty says:

    Dave Cross is the most professional and consistent Photoshop Guy who always has a wealth of PS info at hand. He never fails to inform and his dry wit is appreciated.

  38. Marie Sjoberg says:

    Great tips, loved Corey’s 3D tutorial

  39. don says:

    Great show guys. I love the transform tip. I think the first time i learned and used that I was amazed at what you could do with Photoshop.


  40. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Great show! Loved the “side tip” from Dave about duplicating the last action you took. I had no idea that existed!

  41. Dave Moore says:

    How about a tutorial on when and how to use the Blend If sliders?

  42. Connie Blue says:

    Appreciated the questions during tutorial; always enjoy learning the “why” along with the “how.”

  43. Bill Guy says:

    I will be teaching a new class on CS 6 this fall and would like Scott’s Book to show the class.

  44. Trevor Hasenkamp says:

    We need more smart-filters Dave!!

  45. Robin Ashdown says:

    another great show!

  46. Bruce Reigner says:

    Like the show

  47. Chuck Sider says:

    Another good one.

  48. Angie B says:

    Your tips are very useful. Thanks!

  49. Chris Alley says:

    I love the new second drop shadow option.

  50. Jane Hamilton says:

    great time saving tips, thanks!

  51. J. Ruhsenberger says:

    great tips, thanks!

  52. Skip Hamilton says:

    really liked the spinning wheels!

  53. Jane Rooper says:

    loved the spinning wheels

  54. Flora says:

    Great show. Thanks for going over your tip twice , Dave.

  55. Jason Cakebread says:

    As usual, Great SHOW! Always pick up great tips!

  56. Greg Baker says:

    I want to win! I never do, but I’m probably too late.

    oh well.

    still another great informative episode!

    I’ve bought most of the previous CS for digital photographers by scott kelby and they pretty much become my bible for a while. hahah

  57. Don McKay says:

    Thanks to Pete for asking the extra questions on the tutorial, do it more.

  58. John Dabarno says:

    I love those tips that Dave did today, more of these would be appreciated

  59. Good show guys. I was wondering if you had any suggestions about blurring a background when the background and subject are on the same layer rather than separate layers. Because when you blur the single layer there is always alot of spill blur of the subject into the background. Is there any way to minimize this?

  60. P D Taylor says:

    More great ideas..Thanks

    Still trying to figure out how to organize the added brushes and other added capabilities.

  61. miriam Rosenthal says:

    Good tips, I was wondering how to do wheel spin a couple of years ago…now I know. And I know I’ll use Dave’s tip too.

    See you guys in Vegas…baby!

  62. maurice says:

    Like to see a hdr tutorial

  63. Doug Dillon says:

    Great show guys!! Good tips, as always!!!

  64. Evan Rasmussen says:

    IDEA: Popular shortcut show that features the handfull of shortcuts that everyone should learn and use.

  65. Laudan Batino says:

    Great show. Thanks.

  66. jerry Fowler says:

    you guys still rock! Any yes I would love to win someday (soon). Lottery still not paying off either.


  67. Dave Croft says:

    Just love your questions Pete. Awsome. keep them coming, there just the sort of things we would ask.

  68. dan says:

    Very polished show today. Corey, I wanted to see the final video.

  69. jose renteria says:

    Love the show! i was thinking on a tutorial on making macro images standout, such as jewelry. thanks and again, great show. p.s. would like to win the book by velanzuela. thanks!

  70. Neeshu P Srivastava says:

    I loved the show, I was surfing in the past videos for some tutorials on gradients.
    I am into website designing and its hard to make glossy web buttons if you can teach us how to make glossy web buttons using gradients or some other way, it will be really helpful.

  71. Floyd F Sones says:

    Great show as usual. I loved Dave’s shortcut tip. I tend to forget about it too, Pete.

  72. Robert Schottenfeld says:

    Great show. Could you explain bit depth in a future show.

  73. Darren House says:

    Loving the show and the 3D video in Photoshop :)

  74. Dirk Koenig says:

    great show !

  75. Duncan says:

    Great show as always, but there was a slight problem with the wheel blur. You have blurred everything INSIDE the wheel as well. The brake disc and calliper do not move, therefore wouldn’t be blurred.

  76. Shaun white says:

    Very cool show.
    Pete asked Dave some very cool question that I have to go back over again.
    Thanks guys for another great show.
    Picture Perfect would be lovely.

  77. John Stine says:

    I always enjoy the show.

    I would like to see a tutorial on the Calculations command in Photoshop

  78. Phil Burt says:

    Always good tips for using PS. Would love to win Scott’s CS6 book seeing I just purchased it.

  79. randy hanson says:

    Great show start with Dave

  80. John Havord says:

    Some excellent tutorials. Thanks.

  81. robin ashdown says:

    great show guys!

  82. Larry Robinson says:

    Thanks Dave, I also keep forgitting the keys to hold in step and repeat .

  83. Jatin Lulla says:

    i have started watching ur shows frm few months… & i think u r really awesome..
    I have 1 quest,, hope u can solve it… how to use bokeh in the new blur gallery??
    once i like the look of the bokeh that i create just aft releasing the mouse it does some weird things on its own… any tip to get it correct..

  84. steven maybank says:

    fantastic show

  85. Michael Lee says:

    Phenomenal episode. This episode was great. I’m really intrigued by video in photoshop. Hope you show more about it in the future.

  86. Linda says:

    Please remember that some of us use CS5 . Can’t afford to upgrade the whole suite and adobe will not upgrade just photoshop alone . So some segments we can use will keep us watching

  87. ARKreations says:

    Great show and even greater prizes!

  88. Lonnie Fluty says:

    This tutorial is a prime example of my frustration with many of these examples.

    You address a very important topic to automotive photogs in the spinning wheel example… but you do such a Jr varsity way of doing it.

    What about the spinning brake rotors?

    and you cant just copy and paste a back tire and warp it to fit… the back tire has its own shadows and angles.

    You ever notice that front tires are turning when going around a corner and the back tire is still straight?????

    You can cut and paste that!

    I have the same complaints about the Tim Wallace series on kelby training… it goes over the basics.. but where is the professional touches, tips and things to separate your work?

    thanks for reading this and I hope to see some tuts that really takes things beyond level 5

  89. Andy says:

    great show

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