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The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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putv03062012 Corey shares a couple tips for using the pen tool to edit paths. Dave is back in the studio with a tutorial on using Refine Edge to create border effects. Pete has a tutorial on image compositing.

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  1. Michael says:

    Great show guys. Good to see Dave back with a great tip!

  2. tommie from chicago says:

    im a dj from chicago that has pushed the dj part of my life to the side to become a graphic design guy .. thank you doin what u do for us … u guys are AWESOME !!!

  3. Wouter says:

    A the rule of 3 is being applied well!!
    Good show, almost reaching 300, :O , im looking forward to it.

  4. Gerardo Palermo says:

    Thanks for another great show guys. Welcome back Dave! We missed you!

  5. Joe Young says:

    Photoshop world vegas please. Thank you. Love to see the Bob Ross (Happy Accident) tips like Dave’s refine edge tip. More of those would be “epic”!

  6. Awesome show!
    You guys are the best!
    oh and please enter me in the givaway

  7. Sandy says:

    Thanks Dave for that awesome tip! That looks like fun to play with!!
    I would love to win On One software!

  8. Marty Husband says:

    Loved the composite portion the most. You photoshop guys are awesome.

  9. Shaun S says:

    Go Canada!

  10. Robin says:

    I really enjoyed this weeks episode. Keep them coming.

  11. Joseph Myers says:

    Hi I like this show. Thanks.

  12. Don says:

    Great show.

  13. Luis says:

    As usual, awesome show!

  14. Wil says:

    Thanks Guys

  15. Warren Donowho says:

    Cool show!

  16. Glenn Hewitt says:

    Pete, I like your idea of the composite challenge.

  17. Gene Kimball says:

    So true regarding not working enough with experimentation in Photoshop. I spend a lot of time on tutorials [and I have learned a lot] but I need to spend more time having fun.

  18. Brad Richter says:

    Good episode guys. I really liked Dave’s idea on expanding the realm of Refine Edge.

    For a future episode, I’d like to see a good explanation of why and how blend modes are grouped the way they are. Maybe a list of the top 5 that you guys use most often and is it worth remembering all those shortcut for each blend mode?

    Thanks guys!

    – Brad Richter

  19. jason davis says:

    Great show as always!

  20. Tsuriel says:

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Scott says:

    Pick me!

  22. Bonnie Fiser says:

    Loved the refine edge tip Dave.

  23. John Reece says:

    I have a question for the Photoshop Guys: If one wants to create top-notch HDR images, do programs such as Photomatix Pro and HDR Efex Pro offer advantages that Photoshop CS5 Extended does not? What programs (or combinations of programs) do the pros use to get that special look?

  24. Brian Walterich says:

    Great show, Thank you.

  25. Dave Moore says:

    Great show as always! Have you done a tutorial on the ‘blend if’ sliders and when you would use them?

  26. ray says:

    Nice to see Dave back again. For future show, why not on ‘color settings’, in particular re assign cf convert.

    Best Wishes,


  27. Jayson Sanders says:

    Excellent show gentlemen. Go Canada!

  28. Martin Shipps says:

    Love the tip on refine mask. How about more tips on Smart Objects?

  29. Michal says:

    OK, so I say: HI :)

  30. Greg Jones says:

    As always, so much great information! Thank you!

  31. Mary P says:

    Another great show! Love the quick edge effect using Refine Edge. Thanks!

  32. Another fun one gang. It’s great to see Dave stop in. My interests lean toward compositing, and I really appreciate the inspiration/motivation offered here. One thing I enjoy that you guys may want to touch on in the future is cutting bits and pieces from several images and warping/reshaping them to use in a composite. All the Best.

  33. John B says:

    Great stuff, guys!!!

  34. Thanks for another great show. See you at PSW

  35. Great to see Dave back.

    Nice tips. Liked the one about paths, specially!

  36. Tom Goow says:

    Tutorial request,
    Could you do a tutorial on creating realistic Graffiti or painted ads on like a brick wall?
    I just can’t seem to make it look right, like getting opacity and colors right so it actually looks like it is on the wall not just applied over a picture.

    Pete needs a raise!

  37. Randy Hanson says:

    great show

  38. Don Schierer says:

    Thanks for another great show guys. All of the tips were on ther right track for me, and I will be using or playing around with them all. Good luck at PS World.

  39. Matt Sanchez says:

    Really liked Dave’s tutorial this week. I subtracted a little bit from the selection and it gave the border a little more of a straight edge, but still maintained the nice effect.

    Gotta try Pete’s tip next!

  40. David McCracken says:

    A great point about experimentation! Creativity often reaches its fulfillment when we test the boundaries. Great show.

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