Photoshop User TV: PhotoshopUserTV: Creating Depth of Field and Realistic Skin Texture – Episode 283


The weekly Photoshop TV show featuring "The Photoshop Guys" Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Pete Collins, and RC Concepcion. Presented by KelbyOne.
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Garrulous Episode

putv10112011 Corey shows viewers how to use Photoshop's 3D tools to create depth of field in a 3D object. Pete has a tutorial on creating realistic skin texture. Matt shares a Lightroom tip on printing templates. Dave has some tips on how to use Mask Edge options.

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  1. diko p says:

    great show guys 😀

  2. Don Hull says:

    Loved your latest episode, especially the bit on Smart Objects. Obviously I have to do a bit more learning.

  3. Bryan says:

    Just ordered Scotts book with the worlds longest title, really looking forward to having a good look

  4. Baz says:

    enjoyable show guys

  5. Ivan Nicolau says:

    Checked out the 3D photos. Awesomeness. Now we need a tutorial on how to do it. I’m going to start looking. First comment above too. More awesomeness.

  6. Luke says:

    Matt, Dave, Corey and Pete,

    Another great episode! Dave, that masking tips was really helpful. So helpful in fact it reminded me that I need to get my version of Photoshop upgraded to CS5! Still in CS3 unfortunately.

    I’ve been using refine edge a lot recently in a couple of headshots I had to take for our Director, so this kind of tip would definitely help in future shots, especially with the same background (which I had no say in!).

    Anyway, thanks again to all of you (including Scott and RC) for sharing your wealth of knowledge.


  7. Joseph Myers says:

    Great show. I think I need CS5.

  8. Greg Stevenson says:

    Go Canada!

  9. Jessica says:

    Hi Photoshop guys.. you rock!

  10. Nelson Clark says:

    Love the DOF tip, might come in handy some day!

  11. Albert says:

    It’s another great episode. I really like the mask edge refinement, will save me a lot of time in my compositing process.

  12. Rob Pullen says:

    Hello guys, loved the show as always. Loved Dave’s tip with the photo of the wall and the masking of the sky to enable you to fix the exposure problems a bit like a hdr type thing. Keep up the good work !!

  13. Paul Van Vleet says:

    Was that frog barf?

  14. ChaseC says:

    Been quite a while since I watched Photoshop User TV….. really enjoyed watching this episode

  15. Linda says:

    I like show better without personal attacks. Rude, not funny and a waste of my time. Save it for yourselves please. Missed Dave.

  16. Ron Moore, says:

    Don’t forget about the outtakes!!! Bring back a little of the lighthearted stuff like you did before you changed the format. Lighten up a little and and enjoy yourself.

    BTW. RC, your tutorial was fine.

  17. Great show as always. Look forward to getting Matt’s newest book.

  18. Joshua Wing says:

    Hey love the show!!!

  19. Kevin McGrath says:

    great show

  20. I love the new worlds and opportunities that freelancing brings me every day. I love interacting with other designers, clients, businesses, etc.

    Mostly, I love PhotoshopTV.

    Long live PSD!

  21. Daniel Fritz says:

    You guys are my favorite nerds. And I really want free things. So give it up.

  22. luba citrin says:

    Love your show! Going now to play with 3d!

  23. Lucky says:

    “everywhere I go it rains on me”…brighten my day and make me a winner! : )

  24. Scott Eckley says:

    First time watcher. . . You guys make it fun to learn – gregariously. Thanks. You gotta a new fan.

  25. Rick Floyd says:


  26. Dave Croft says:

    You guys are really buzzing together now as a team. Well done.
    PS keep out Kelby….

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